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From A to The Venus Effect

Talk about a dynamic duo! Sisters Cecil Booth and Dr. Rebecca Booth, through years of development, have released a revolutionary product line that has taken the G&F staff by storm. Meet VENeffect, the sister’s brand of anti-aging skincare solutions to reverse the signs of hormonal aging. And this isn’t anti-aging just for those chasing the fountain of youth, the properties of VENeffect are universal—producing an undeniable glow and restoring skin to its peak (read: your early twenties). It’s all in maxing The Venus Effect, Rebecca and Cecil’s tagline referring to all the feminine wiles provided by estrogen. When estrogen begins to fluctuate later in life, VENeffect steps in to replicate the properties with its natural plant-based complex—and we thank them for it! We sit down with the sisters to talk phytoestrogens (we knew you had to read that word twice), bad hair days and more in this week’s G&F Spotlight.