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Top Chef: Jean-Georges Vongerichten

We’re taking over the Pump Room at The Public Chicago, and dining with the famous visionary behind the menu, Jean-Georges Vongerichten. We sat down with the famous chef for a tête-à-tête about the food industry, growing up eating farm-to-table and the forgotten veggies—we’re talking about you celery hearts! Jean-Georges even delves into his sensorial experience visiting Thailand, and how whiffs of lemongrass and bursts of chile changed his cuisine forever. His love for exotic and aromatic spices of the East has become his signature within traditional dishes, redefining industry standards and revolutionizing the way we eat. Perched in a booth at the ever-so-picturesque Pump Room, Jean-Georges serves us a smorgasbord of favorites. Not only a chef, see this down-to-earth restaurateur share why it’s so important to love every bite you eat. Warning: this video will make you hungry!