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Wow-e-wow-e, What a Year!

We're suckers for capital F-U-N. We're totally, absolutely, undeniably mad for the stuff. Wherever we find it, we take it—or perhaps it finds us? Either way, we're looking back on an entire year of it in the form of inspired travel, fantastic fashion and lots of signature G&F laughs. What's your fave moment? Was it divine Halloween drag or twin Elvis Presleys? G&F Travel specials in Nantucket or Miami Beach? Maybe it's the pastie-making DIY with a favorite Burlesque star in town? All of the above, please! Whatever situation we find ourselves in, one thing's for sure: we're never going to take ourselves too seriously. And that, dear G&F fans, is the secret to happiness. What will 2016 bring? Who the heck knows. But one thing's for certain: we sure had a helluvalotta fun in 2015. See you next year!