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Sister Act: Drag Beauty!

With eyes to kill and powerful pouts, we’re tossing around Yas Queen-ing with rising stars in the drag circuit to reimagine the season’s best beauty. Cue our Spring muses: Shea Couleé and Beverly Lately. We knew the best way to channel our inner confidence and unique style this season was to take some pointers from the boldest and most brazen divas of Chicago. While Shea is equal parts bourgie and banjee—i.e. Your neighborhood girl hanging on the front stoop with polished opulence—Beverly Lately calls on the inspiration of Russ Meye’s films, donning hyper-feminine statures with big busts, cinched waists and curvy hips. From the iconic ‘60s lashes of Twiggy to the grungy haze of Shirley Manson, these two Queens are putting a spin on our favorite Spring beauty trends. Get ready for some tenacity and spunk, because we’re learning to work all the angles, slay the art of presentation and ditch demure with some of the best Queens in town.