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Saved by the Max Malt Recipe

Saved by the Bell marked the end of ‘80s, and we would be doing our Totally ‘80s Glossed & Found Halloween a disservice without giving a shout out to Bayside High’s favorite hangout spot, The Max. SAVED BY THE MAX diner in Wicker Park is showing us how to whip up an All in the Malt cocktail. This spiked shake may look complicated, but the recipe is definitely more treat than trick. With a little chocolate ice cream and a splash of espresso liqueur, Saved by the Max is taking your Halloween sweets to the next level this year. Follow along with the video below to make your own All in the Malt. Just garnish the rim of a glass with chocolate syrup—sprinkled malt-powder on top optional!—then mix together 1.5 oz. almond-infused Jameson Whisky, 0.5 oz. Avion Espresso and 2 scoops chocolate ice cream.