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Name That Tune with DJ Jena Nixon

This fall, we’re celebrating your inner rockstar, so when we met DJ Jena Nixon we had to shine our spotlight on this local music maker. Jena has been playing tunes and making people bust a move for 10 years, and channeled her edgy charm into her own DJ Company, Gold Noise. Gold Noise is all about curating the perfect playlist for weddings and events, and spinning tracks that are universally likable but still have some edge—and never ever giving into the cheesy cliches. Catch Jena playing tracks at all the Chicago hot spots like Soho House, Pump Room and The Bedford. You can even cycle to her beats at the Chicago Athletic Clubs during her Live DJ Spin program. And when it comes to Jena’s sartorial spirit, we can only think of a common phrase that goes something like this: Money can buy you all the fashion in the world, but it can't buy you style.