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G&F Travel: Yoho Clam Chowder

We rolled up our pant legs for some good ol’ fashioned clam digging with the Chowder King—admittedly without a crown—who’s serving up the freshest shellfish on Nantucket. Brian Cullen turned his love of cooking and hanging out on the beach into a full-fledged biz named The Yoho Raw Bar—serving up chowder, clam bakes, boils and frys for events across the island. And his outings all come with the same salty charm that has become synonymous with the business. “I enjoy sharing what I know with people to give them a glimpse of coastal living that they otherwise would not see,” Brian says. And thus, we witnessed the no-frills whipping up of a batch of Brian’s generation-old clam chowder recipe. Watch below to learn the art of his very tasty craft and try it yourself for a little taste of New England in your own kitchen.