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G&F Travel: Wellfleet Oysters

Across the bay lies a goldmine of properly produced bivalves. So bright and briny are touted Wellfleet Oysters that they are often considered the best of the breed. A mighty high rank for an area of the country that produces so many oysters. So forgive us while we take a reprieve from Nantucket to exercise a lesson in slurping the arguable best. But what makes them so good? We could recite very well-respected shellfisherman Richard Blakeley about the cold waters of Wellfleet’s estuaries. Or the really fast moving tides or high salinity that contribute to the distinctive flavor. He spouts off all sorts of marine biology type facts with ease. But there’s something about seeing the “mayor of South Wellfleet” Richard who has been farming for shellfish for over twenty years talk about the fruits de mer with such passion and joy that makes the oysters taste that much better. Just watch—you’ll see what we mean.