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G&F Travel: Jewelry artist Gomeo Bobelu

Born into the Badger Clan and Child of the Corn Clan, GOMEO BOBELU crafts his art through the lens of his Zuni Native American heritage. Gomeo’s life as a silversmith has been experimental and transcendent. Using materials like shells, fossilized ivory, ironwood and other natural stones, his jewelry embodies themes of spirituality, survival and healing. We stumbled upon Gomeo’s work at KESHI THE ZUNI CONNECTION, a Santa Fe boutique that houses arts and crafts from people of the Zuni Pueblo. The tiny Pueblo-style shop is a welcome haven for the amateur art collector to the serious wheelers and dealers. Amid hundreds of Zuni fetishes and kachinas, Gomeo's work calls your name. Keshi owner Bronwyn Fox-Bern describes his work as the physical manifestation of Spirit.