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G&F Travel: Cru Cocktail Recipe

We’re serving up a cocktail straight from ACK’s hottest hangout, Cru. The cedar shake oyster bar sits atop a pier—the perfect vantage point for watching the bobbing boats in the harbor and neighborhood regulars. We picked the brain of Cru Cocktail Director Kat Dunn for her favorite local watering holes, some island etiquette and a drink we can whip up right at home. When Kat isn’t concocting recipes from locally-sourced ingredients around the island, you can find her sipping on a can of sake at Nautilus or at The Proprietors drinking a wet Plymouth gin martini. And words of advice for summertime travelers? “Be friendly, be nice, be courteous,” explains Kat. “Your bartenders can be your concierge, your ally, your fun, but not if you don’t treat them right.” Her gin cocktail—coined the “Lady JuJu’—features a little lemon, a dash of Nantucket honey, and well, you get the idea. Watch the video below to get the full recipe, and shake up a glass of Nantucket charm for yourself tonight.