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G&F loves Sara Gasbarra

As a self proclaimed garden girl, Sara Gasbarra lends a helping hand—or green thumbs rather—to restaurants around the city in building and maintaining vegetable gardens. From the Hilton Chicago to Nellcôte, this jolly green goddess knows a thing or two about having some good thymes. (If you liked what we did there, just wait until you check out the puns in our video below). Sara turned her love of gardening into a full functioning urban garden consulting biz where she can implement sustainable and organic practices in unconventional spaces. And for the layman, we love her advice for experimenting with herbs in your own space. In between getting her hands dirty, she snaps beautiful greenery on her inspiring instagram account. In the spirit of G&F, things get a little punny as Sara walks us through a super simple DIY of chive blossom vinegar and a handy field guide to having fun with herbs.