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THE G&F Halloween Issue!

Last minute costume needed? Not to fret. We’re teaching you how to give some serious sugar skull face with our favorite makeup expert and fellow Halloween-enthusiast, Shannon O’Brien. Inspired by the Mexican sugar skulls of the Day of the Dead celebrations, Shannon takes a step-by-step to create this colorful look and how to add your personal touch to the design. And this chic shapeshifter knows a thing or two about creating the ultimate Halloween costume with the help of some strategically placed makeup: last year her deer tutorial on her blog Cheap Frills and Thrills went oh-so viral and this year’s tutorials are bound to follow suit! We hung out at Moe’s Cantina for an unbeatable combo of makeup and margs, all in the name of Halloween. Ditch your broomsticks and fangs this Halloween for a new twist on an old classic.