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G&F Halloween: Madonna Makeover

We’re transforming into the Queen of Pop with one of Chicago’s very own Queens as part of the Totally ‘80s Glossed and Found Halloween special. Miss BEVERLY LATELY invited us into her personal dressing room to take us step by step through a Madonna metamorphosis. Although there are many faces of Madonna over the decades, Beverly is channeling Blonde Ambition Madonna—think classic Marilyn and that iconic Jean Paul Gaultier cone bra. Beverly Lately’s big drag inspiration comes from the women of Russ Meyer films, most with hyper feminine statures, big busts, cinched waists, curvy hips and that tough edge. So naturally, Beverly has always been drawn to Madonna’s ability to really command a stage with imbued sexuality and bad girl antics. What would the 1980’s been without Madonna’s devotion to redefine what’s expected of women? Beverly gives us tricks and treats to get into the groove this Halloween by giving major Madonna face.