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G&F Halloween: Boy George Makeover

As if we needed an excuse to play dress up, we’re welcoming another spooktacular Glossed & Found Halloween edition! And this year we’re making it a throwback to the oh so colorful era of the ‘80s. We enlisted the help of our favorite makeup artist and fellow Halloween-enthusiast SHANNON O’BRIEN, teaching us not what makes a man, but what makes a boy—Boy George that is! Inspired by the brightly beated visage of the English singer, including those idiosyncratic brows and rainbow lids, Shannon takes a step-by-step to create this colorful tribute to the ‘80s legend. Don’t forget your perfectly placed bowler and about a dozen hair wraps to complete this androgynous look. Oh, and a quick trip to the thrift store will reveal ‘80s patterned shirts aplenty. Just remember that more is more in creating this ‘80s punk pop style!