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Getting Loopy with Kraeo

With the weather being like it is, we're suffering from a serious case of loopiness. But this is just the daily grind for Kristin Oldach of Kraeo Handmade Knits. Her wish-she-would-have-thought-about-it-for-a-bit-longer namesake line might just be our only luxury during this dreadfully long winter. And like anything—when you can't beat 'em, join 'em. So we stop over her home studio for a quick crocheting lesson. The result? She's much better than us. But crochet away, Kristin! We want as many of her chunky, funky knits that she can churn out. Watch the exclusive G&F Interview—because after all, the issue is titled “It’s Still Winter” but we hope that it’s only for a little while longer. Can we get an Amen?