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G&F loves Pine & Plastic

For fashion lover Andrew Wayne, the phrase 'If you dream it, you can do it,' has never been more real. Case and Point: The Chicago-based designer had a dream one night of walking through a pine forest and uncovered plexiglass boxes of painted canvas bags. Freaky? Yes. Unbelievable? No. Pine + Plastic was born from one quick REM cycle. Featuring hand-painted designs, Andrew has developed totes and travel pouches with panache—and a little more staying power than the handful of others we have recently retired (read: thrown away because they get too dirty). These sturdy bags feature high-grade canvas and are all fully lined with with two side pockets. And the handy Passenger Pouches are the perfect catch-all for daily necessities. We catch up with Andrew in his Andersonville studio to walk us through the making of a bag. While we dip our toes in the creative design pool, we're happy to shop the styles on site that are already prepped, printed and ready to tote.