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It’s the Best of 2016!

How do you spell Glossed & Found? F-U-N. That's how. We're looking back on a whole year of good times, great people and undeniable G&F style to boot. With a nod to Josephine Baker in our Spring fashion feature to the groovy beats of the British Invasion for Fall, our fashion sets this year were a playground for uber-creatives. Mix this with wacky and touching interviews from all across the city, and you've got yourself a formula for curing what ails you. And G&F travel, too! From a trip to tropical Charleston, mystic New Mexico and the indestructible Detroit, we've scoured the U.S for the most authentic people to share through the G&F lens. 2016, we had one hell of a ride with you. But all good things must come to an end. Enjoy a look back at our favorite moments of an epic year. And do not fret—we've got another year of classic G&F style, fun and savoir-faire waiting for you in 2017. Lead Photo: Jennifer Avello / Thumbnail Photo: Brit Wollard