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Meet Kristine Steiner, Fashion Illustrator

Spending an afternoon with Kristine Steiner reminds us of the best parts of chasing after our dreams. Drawing since she was a kid, she studied fashion design at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her charming creations bring fashion vignettes to life with beautifully exaggerated extremities adorned with vibrant colors—and not to mention bring absolute delight to our Insta feeds! Kristine started to share her whimsical sketches on social media about a year ago, and to no surprise, people started to fall in love with them. “The most exciting thing has been the interaction with designers through Instagram,” Kristine says. “These are the talented people I’m often inspired by and the fact that they take the time to even acknowledge or comment is a little bit surreal and makes them all the more impressive.” We love her ability to transform anyone into a stylish sketch you imagine lingering on the drawing tables of any major fashion house. Her advice to burgeoning artists? Do what you love and keep creating the feel good fashion illustrator.