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G&F Fun—From A to Z!

G&F Fun—From A to Z!

So you may be asking yourself just exactly what makes G&F, well, G&F? Our answer: It's the way we've been doing it for the last ten years—celebrating FUN. And in the process of searching for stylish jubilation, we meet the most interesting people along the way. From the far reaches of our G&F Travel features to Chicago heroes, who we cover share their diverse stories and distinct personalities with us creating G&F's multicultural platform that aims to uplift and inspire. Oh, and make 'em laugh, too. We walk through the ABC's of G&F for you—classic Glossed & Found fun, from A to Z!

  • Summer is in full bloom—finally!—and we're celebrating the season with bold, colorful blossoms and an extra dose of gratitude. Let's face it—with the hectic hustle to stay afloat these days, indulging in the most simple pleasures helps to keep you healthy, balanced and happy. We start by celebrating the things that make us happy. Celebrate Everything. Our Summer Fashion story is a celebration of all good things. Good style. Good friends. and Good food. And our Summer Beauty story allows the Queen in us all the shine bright. Plus, on The G&F blog, try the ancient practice of Qi Gong, meet country music's budding star Raelynn, channel Jackson Pollack and more. Celebrate Everything.

  • Our new favorite West Loop haunt, Eden, embodies all the feelings of Summer in one ridiculously chic restaurant. As an ode to the new season, we tapped into the Eden menu to bring you the perfect summer recipe, Ahi Tuna Crudo, courtesy of chef Devon Quinn. And we love this rustic, airy restaurant so much, we made it the backdrop for the G&F Summer Fashion Issue, which celebrated, well, celebrations. Celebrating for celebration's sake—because why not?

    Meet Eden's most instagrammable dish

  • We went Full Bloom in our Summer Beauty shoot to celebrate the rebirth of the season—you know, since we rarely get Spring in Chicago, it's all about Summertime Chi. Our beauty shoot included dreamy butterflies and romantic flora galore, and one of our favorite accoutrements were pretty PRESSED FLOWER tattoos. Inspired by this nostalgic summer accessory, we asked CHRISTINE NOELLE of namesake Christine Noelle Design to teach us how to transform precious petals and blooms into a mandala masterpiece that can be framed into forever art.

    Go full bloom with this Flower Pressing DIY

  • Experiment with bold color and graphic shapes for a Summer Beauty trend that is sure to turn heads.

    Be Bold and Graphic this summer with The Neon Eye

  • Summer is in full bloom and we're celebrating the season with bold, colorful blossoms and an extra dose of gratitude. Let's face it—with the hectic hustle to stay afloat, indulging in some simple pleasures helps to keep you healthy, balanced and happy. We start by celebrating. Everything. Our Summer Fashion story is a celebration of all good things. Good style. Good friends. and Good food. And our Summer Beauty story allows the Queen in us all the shine bright. Plus, on The G&F blog, try out Qi Gong, meet country music's budding star and more.

    Celebrate Everything in our Summer Fashion film!

  • This season, we're crazy about the Two-Toned Lip. See some expert tips on this fun trend.

    Learn this playful Summer Beauty Trend: The Two-Toned Lip

  • Energy is sometimes hard to imagine, hard to quantify and even harder to make tangible. But our Summer Issue is all about what you can do for your spiritual wellness to send positive vibes to yourself and the world around you. We met up with YOLY ROJAS of MARGRAUX ARTISAN TERRARIUMS  to create a tiny terrarium (a.k.a your energy orb). Yoly walks us through the process of building a terrarium by adding crystals to help cleanse energy and making a space that fosters creative and emotional growth.

    We're creating good energy with Margraux Terrariums

  • Most of the time, being happy is easier said than done. That’s why our Summer Issue is all about spreading positivity and kindness through different movements, meditations and even some crafty DIYs that are simple to do. For this topic, we had to enlist the help of G&F’s favorite magazine-editor-turned-health-guru GISELLE WASFIE. We spent an afternoon with Giselle learning the ancient art of QI GONG—a meditation practice that’s like smiling to your organs. With a combo of sounds and movement, Giselle led us through the process of clearing out negativity stored in our vital organs to be able to usher in positivity, growth and goodness.

    Find Health and Happiness with Qi Gong

  • We visited our favorite vintage studio in Chicago, THE SAVOY FLEA, to take antique granny goods from frump to fabulous. Owner and proprietress MARIANNE DE LEY takes us step-by-step—and sip-by-sip!—through an easy Jackson Pollock-esque painting DIY with an antique frame finish. Just relax, have fun and pour a little glass of something to loosen up and start splattering.

    The Savoy Flea takes granny goods from Frump to Fabulous

  • Just in time for our good vibes Summer Issue, we hung out with budding country music star—and serious ray of sunshine!—RAELYNN. The Texas-born, Nashville-based spitfire made a quick pit stop while on her RaVe tour to chat about her rise to fame, country roots and how giving back is the best way to spread positivity. And to make this Texan feel at home, we brought in some bright blooms to create good ol’ fashioned daisy chains.

    Meet RaeLynn, Country Music's budding star

  • Viva the All-Inclusive! We packed our bags and hopped the proverbial wall to visit our friendly neighbors in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Staking claim at the uber-lush Sandos Caracol Eco Resort, we unpacked our bags, throwing ourselves head-first into fun in the sun. Speaking for the jet-set, 'grammin' travelers out there, many people feel trapped at the all-inclusive resorts, but Sandos Caracol is a getaway into the local culture of Playa and beyond. From eco-minded grounds home to wild and rescue animals to countless activities, Sandos' offers a little something for everyone. Oh, and super fun, too! And that's kind of what an all-inclusive is all about. It's a reminder that sometimes just showing up with a try-anything attitude can be the most rewarding getaway.

    We're south of the border and taking in all that Sandos Caracol Eco Resort has to offer

  • We’re making a case for the all-inclusive resort this G&F Travel Issue. We headed south to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico where we shacked up at the Sandos Caracol Eco Resort for some serious fun in the sun. At Sandos Caracol, they’re all about putting their own spin on things. Cue the Burrito Loco. A redux of a traditional Mexican cocktail named Jarrito Loco, this sweet and tangy drink gets a fun makeover with the literal translation carved into fruit. Follow along with this wacky drink recipe and get a little cheesy with us at this all-inclusive gem.

    Embrace the All-Inclusive fun! Learn how to make the wacky Burrito Loco!

  • Buffet no more at this all-inclusive! You can see and feel the commitment to nature all around you at Sandos Caracol. And you can even taste it. While there are plenty of menu options for every palette, we fell in love with one in particular. Salvia provides oceanfront views with food rooted in sustainability for healthy eats without the sneeze guard. Chef Carlos Carrion Garcia—affectionately known as Chef Charly—of Salvia, the only vegetarian restaurant on the property, takes us shopping at a local market in Playa del Carmen to procure the region’s finest harvest. His favorite? Guaya. Once a butcher, Chef Charly explains plant-based cuisine is all about balance, spiritual healing and inner peace—and maybe a bit of plant whispering, too.

    Get a taste of local Yucatán flavor with renowned Chef Charly

  • Corn, also known as maize, is a staple in Mexican cuisine. Its use beckons all the way back to ancient Mayan times where prayers were cast to Aluxes—supernatural beings—to protect their corn fields and help crops grow. And a modern take on tortillas incorporates natural coloring and flavors to turn them into a vibrant fiesta. Forget your grocery store fare, at Sandos, green tortillas are made from nopales, prepared pads of prickly-pear cactus, and beets give tortillas a perfectly unexpected red hue.  Try all varieties—you won't be disappointed.

    At Sandos Caracol, we jump in to lend a hand at their homemade Tortillas

  • A bottomless bar is a glorious perk of many all-inclusive resorts. But instead of the cliche coladas and daiquiris, we’re mixing up a drink that’s as vibrant and flavorful as the Mexican culture. Embellished with kiwis, pineapple, watermelon and more, this edible rainbow gives you a taste of the tropics with a relaxing buzz. Bring a little bit of the Yucatan Peninsula home with this boozy drink that gives fruit cocktail a whole new meaning.

    A refreshing—and delicious!—Fruit Cocktail is a favorite Caribbean treat

  • Sandos Caracol even brings their sustainable philosophy to life through art—and souvenirs! Their promise to work alongside the Mayan community to celebrate traditions and support their towns is how José Luis de la Cruz Hernández gets to share his art with the world. José is a wood and stone carving artist on site at Sandos Caracol, chipping away to create beautiful Mayan stories to adorn the resort. And if you're lucky, you may be able to score an original piece to take home as a momento of your time south of the border. José explains that each piece he creates has a part of himself in it, creating a cyclical harmony that truly embodies the Mayan culture.

    Want an authentic souvenir? Woodcarver José from Sandos Caracol has you covered.

  • We’re taking back the often neglected all-inclusive resort this G&F Travel Issue south of the border. We landed in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico at the Sandos Caracol Eco Resort where our relaxing getaway was woven in with Mayan and Mexican culture. This sustainably-driven resort promises to work alongside the Mayan community to celebrate traditions and support their towns. The resort grants space to Maya artists free of charge to sell their crafts to guests. Sandos Caracol is committed to this initiative which benefits the communities and promotes a direct relationship with the people and culture of this region of the world. And that's how we found a Mexican staple and beloved souvenir. Augustin creates textiles using traditional looming techniques on site at Sandos Caracol. We got a behind the seams look into the heart and soul of the vibrant textiles of the region.

    Arts and Crafts Time! Learn the art of the colorful Mexican Loom

  • To celebrate the history and heritage of the region, Sandos Caracol Eco Experience Resort created the Xcalacoco Experience, which allows guests to learn about Mayan and Mexican culture with different interactive activities each day. We visited the Xcalacoco Experience to take part in an immersive experience honoring the nature around us and paying respect to our earth. After a quick spiritual cleanse, we suited up in traditional attire for some ancient Mayan dancing channeling the spirit of the jaguar.

    We suit up with The Xcalacoco Experience to learn Mayan culture

  • We couldn’t help but feel totally adventurous among the natural habitat, so we enlisted the help of Alltournative Ecoarcheological Adventures to gives us the best tour of the jungle we could find. This Jungle Maya excursion focuses on activities that honor the four elements of life—earth, water, fire and air—to create a connection with the Maya culture and gods. Our earth element included a rambunctious ride through the jungle, leading us to repel down into a cenote to snorkel and get in touch with the water element. We were lead through a traditional Maya purification ceremony and blessing with fire, and we flew through the air over the jungle foliage via exhilarating zipline.

    We're getting wild in the Mayan jungle with Alltournative Tours

  • It’s the season of L-O-V-E! And here at G&F, we believe the best way to celebrate your sweetheart—or sweethearts!—is with some scrumptious sweets. We enlisted the help of the Nicole Triebe, a.k.a the WINDY CITY DINNER FAIRY, to bake up some magic and transform a basic batch of cupcakes into a work of heart for Valentine’s Day. Instead of over-the-top kitsch, Nicole teaches us a little bit of cake art with a beautiful hydrangea cupcake bouquet.

    We're getting sweet with the Windy City Dinner Fairy with a cupcake bouquet

  • Anything is possible this year. And here at G&F we’re all about having fun and spreading fun, so when Haley Stone told us all about her fitness brand that’s all about dancing away calories to music, we had to give it a spin! We met up with the irresistibly charming Haley, founder and CEO of WERQ, to see if our workout woes could be transformed to delicious dance moves. Launched in 2011, WERQ is an über fun cardio dance class featuring sweat-inducing choreography to top 40 pop music. Haley explains the mission of WERQ is really all about empowering people through movement. And whether your goals are related to fitness or not, Haley believes in the positive power of dance to achieve what makes you happy.

    We're getting our Cardio Dance on with Haley Stone of WERQ Fitness.

  • How do you spell Glossed & Found? F-U-N. That's how. We're looking back on a whole year of good times, great people and undeniable G&F style to boot. With a nod to Josephine Baker in our Spring fashion feature to the groovy beats of the British Invasion for Fall, our fashion sets this year were a playground for uber-creatives. Mix this with wacky and touching interviews from all across the city, and you've got yourself a formula for curing what ails you. And G&F travel, too! From a trip to tropical Charleston, mystic New Mexico and the indestructible Detroit, we've scoured the U.S for the most authentic people to share through the G&F lens. 2016, we had one hell of a ride with you. But all good things must come to an end. Enjoy a look back at our favorite moments of an epic year. And do not fret—we've got another year of classic G&F style, fun and savoir-faire waiting for you in 2017. Lead Photo: Jennifer Avello / Thumbnail Photo: Brit Wollard

    It's the Best of 2016!. We're looking back to our most fun moments of one great year.

  • Ditch the stress and the anxiety of the Holiday season and opt for a more playful attitude—after all, the Holidays only come once a year and we need a little frivolity and fun to close out 2016. From a brand new Nutcracker by the Joffrey Ballet to stealing kisses under the mistletoe while baking the perfect pie, we're celebrating the season in high style—literally! Our Babe in Toyland wears bold holiday red with aplomb—and she adorns her eyes in deep, bright evergreens and metallics that sparkle and shine. But don't be fooled. Her best accessory by far is her attitude. Merry, bright and a wink for all.

    Meet G&F's Babe in Toyland. She's unashamed of loving the Holidays—and chic to boot!

  • It’s the most wonderful—and scrumptious!—time of the year. And we’re making it even sweeter with the help of JUSTICE OF THE PIES' Maya-Camille Broussard, a woman who fulfills over 200 pie orders per holiday. That's a lot of pie. We couldn’t help but share Maya’s love of pies with all of you to help make the holidays a little more merry and bright. Follow along with this holiday pie special for a mistletoe-filled baking tutorial, along with a basic pie crust recipe and expert tips for any pie enthusiast.

    The perfect pie is just a sniff away! We're getting the sweet skinny from the Justice of the Pies

  • This year the Joffrey Ballet will transport audiences to a magical moment in the city’s history. Their holiday classic, The Nutcracker, will be set at Chicago’s 1893 World’s Fair. Although we can’t wait to see new talent emerge on stage, we’re just as excited about the magic that happens behind the scenes. Follow us on an enchanting journey through the Joffrey Ballet costume shop and see what creations await in the wings.  The anticipated production of The Nutcracker features the vision of Costume Designer Julian Crouch. Originally from the UK, Julian is a Brooklyn-based theatre practitioner, artist, and musician, known for his groundbreaking production of Shockheaded Peter, Satyagraha at the Met Opera, and the Tony-nominated set of Hedwig and The Angry Inch. Julian’s costume and set designs are known for larger-than-life props and landscapes. And what really tickles our funny bone: Integration of live animation.

    We go behind the seams at The Joffrey Ballet costume shop to talk the brand new The Nutcracker

  • Wow your guests with a cocktail that not only tastes amazing, but looks amazing. The ombré spritz features muddled berries, lemon juice, prosecco and Cocchi Americano. Don't know the last ingredient? You should. A delicious aperitif wine that's perfect on ice—and has the perfect holiday color to boot! Then just add larger than life garnish! Sans spice and cream, this blackberry spritz is a refreshing take on a holiday cocktail. Ditch the egg nog this year, and opt for a lighter—but not less festive!—option.

    The Ombré Spritz will be the only cocktail recipe you'll need for your Holiday party circuit—just add friends!

  • How do you capture the spirit of the holidays? In a cozy terrarium centerpiece, of course! This DIY is the easiest to make your own and to add your essence of holiday nostalgia. Use a wood plaque as the base, then adorn with loose cotton batting, oh-so-easy sparkly paper trees and glittered succulents. Take it from us—you'll want to glitter every succulent you see after seeing how simple it is to up the style-quotient for your potted friends. For some extra polish, add a glass cloche, which can be purchased at home goods stores like World Market or Pier 1. Whether you're bringing as a housewarming gift or keeping for your own home, each design will capture the imagination of a perfectly snowy Holiday landscape.

    A perfect gift or the perfect centerpiece? This Holiday Cloche is both

  • Peace! Merry! Joy! Transform standard papier maché, wooden or cardboard letters from the craft store into a stylish holiday mantra. We’re staying true to the classic crimson roots of the season with a bold red paint paired with an iridescent sparkle. Place these painted and glittered letters atop your bar cart for added joy to all—plus a perfect roadmap for guests to find their way to the bubbles. Be it

    Whatever your sentiment, this Glittered Bar Sign will surely be a Holiday hit

  • Before Santa and his reindeers, the magical imagery surrounding the holidays beckoned from the stage. THE NUTCRACKER with is unforgettable Tchaikovsky score has and will always be a holiday mainstay. Countless ballet companies have reimagined the battle of gingerbread soldiers with sinister mice, the enchantment of the sugar plum fairies and elegance of pirouetting snowflakes. And this year, the JOFFREY BALLET will transport audiences to a magical moment in the city’s history—The Nutcracker set at Chicago’s 1893 World’s Fair. It's an enchanting—and unprecedented!—undertaking headlined by acclaimed choreographer Christopher Wheeldon. The two-act ballet will feature six new dancers to the prestigious ballet company; Aaron Renteria, Riley Horton, Chloe Sherman, Lucia Connolly, Yumi Kanazawa, Olivia Tang-Mifsud and Alonso Tepetzi. Ranging in age from 19 to 25, many of these young dancers have dreamed of being part of The Nutcracker since the first time they put on their slippers. And their undeniable freedom and fervor on the stage makes this show so much more magical.

    Meet the new company members with The Joffrey Ballet. Ready! Set! Pas de Bourrees!

  • Makeup extraordinaire ANDREA SAMUELS is our go-to gal to have on the Glossed & found set. Straight from our holiday editorial, Andrea is helping us achieve an uber festive and chic beauty look with a two-toned eye tutorial. This gilded pop of color is the perfect accessory for all your holiday festivities to keep you looking merry and bright—with plenty of time to snag a cocktail with friends before that holiday dinner. And of course, we couldn’t resist asking Andrea about all the other seasonally-approved beauty trends to rock this winter. Follow along with this simple two-toned eye tutorial—including a step-by-step guide with everything you’ll need to complete this glossy look!—and other stylish tips straight from the beauty expert.

    Get festive this season! Makeup artist Andrea Samuels shares a how-to on The Perfect Holiday Eye

  • he holidays are all about feasting and indulging with the ones you love, so we’re giving you an authentically decadent recipe inspired by the Italian-American Christmas tradition of the Feast of the Seven Fishes. We enlisted the help of the husband-wife team behind PISOLINO—our new favorite Italian hideaway in Avondale. Follow along to learn how to craft the most delectable Clams Casino, which is definitely a feast you’ll want to share with friends and family.

    Pisolino wants you to have strong pre-Holiday dinner game. Meet their Clams Casino.

  • Saved by the Bell marked the end of ‘80s, and we would be doing our Totally ‘80s Glossed & Found Halloween a disservice without giving a shout out to Bayside High’s favorite hangout spot, The Max. SAVED BY THE MAX diner in Wicker Park is showing us how to whip up an All in the Malt cocktail. This spiked shake may look complicated, but the recipe is definitely more treat than trick. With a little chocolate ice cream and a splash of espresso liqueur, Saved by the Max is taking your Halloween sweets to the next level this year.  Follow along with the video below to make your own All in the Malt. Just garnish the rim of a  glass with chocolate syrup—sprinkled malt-powder on top optional!—then mix together 1.5 oz. almond-infused Jameson Whisky, 0.5 oz. Avion Espresso and 2 scoops chocolate ice cream.

    Go Bayside! We're mixing up a Saved by the Max speciality

  • As if we needed an excuse to play dress up, we’re welcoming another spooktacular Glossed & Found Halloween edition! And this year we’re making it a throwback to the oh so colorful era of the ‘80s. We enlisted the help of our favorite makeup artist and fellow Halloween-enthusiast SHANNON O’BRIEN, teaching us not what makes a man, but what makes a boy—Boy George that is! Inspired by the brightly beated visage of the English singer, including those idiosyncratic brows and rainbow lids, Shannon takes a step-by-step to create this colorful tribute to the ‘80s legend.  Don’t forget your perfectly placed bowler and about a dozen hair wraps to complete this androgynous look. Oh, and a quick trip to the thrift store will reveal ‘80s patterned shirts aplenty. Just remember that more is more in creating this ‘80s punk pop style!

    Makeup artist Shannon O'Brien beats a colorful face to channel our inner Boy George

  • Last minute costume needed? We’re bringing you another episode of our Totally ‘80s Glossed and Found Halloween with an easy DIY dedicated to our one and only Lucky Star. Madonna’s most beloved accessory, without a doubt, is the Jean Paul Gaultier cone bra. We asked designer Nicole Marét of THE ORDER to help us get into the groove recreating Madge’s iconic-shaped lingerie. Pull on some fingerless gloves and dot on that beauty mark as we unveil our inner material girls at Nicole’s studio.  This no-sew project only requires only a handful of items from your local craft store. Make sure to pick up adhesive paper, hot glue and ribbons of your choice—black tooth paint optional. Follow along in the video for a step-by-step in creating Madonna’s cone bra and maybe even learn a move or two.

    The Iconic Madonna Cone Bra gets a no-sew DIY thanks to The Order

  • What would Halloween be without the treat? For our Totally ‘80s Glossed & Found Halloween special we’re paying homage to the 1984 classic Ghostbusters with baking extraordinaire Emily Nejad of BON VIVANT CAKES. We’re creating a paranormal-themed cake with all sort of goodies, including green slime ganache and ghostly-looking meringue. With proton packs in tow, Emily gives us some great kitchen tips on baking techniques to elevate our own baking chops—but sometimes you just have to call in the professionals! Watch along as we gear up for some ghostbustin’ bakin’ fun, and we even get a surprise visit from Chicago’s own Parapsychologists

    Who you gonna call? Ghostbakers! We do more treats than tricks with Bon Vivant Cakes

  • We’re transforming into the Queen of Pop with one of Chicago’s very own Queens as part of the Totally ‘80s Glossed and Found Halloween special. Miss BEVERLY LATELY invited us into her personal dressing room to take us step by step through a Madonna metamorphosis. Although there are many faces of Madonna over the decades, Beverly is channeling Blonde Ambition Madonna—think classic Marilyn and that iconic Jean Paul Gaultier cone bra.  Beverly Lately’s big drag inspiration comes from the women of Russ Meyer films, most with hyper feminine statures, big busts, cinched waists, curvy hips and that tough edge. So naturally, Beverly has always been drawn to Madonna’s ability to really command a stage with imbued sexuality and bad girl antics. What would the 1980’s been without Madonna’s devotion to redefine what’s expected of women? Beverly gives us tricks and treats to get into the groove this Halloween by giving major Madonna face.

    Our Lucky Star? Drag Queen Beverly Lately gets into the groove!

  • Cliff Bell’s is a portal into another dimension. The historic Detroit jazz club on Park Avenue is adorned with a mahogany and brass facade that transcends its 1935 opening. As one of the oldest clubs in Detroit, Cliff Bell’s features Art Deco decor, mirrored walls, vaulted ceilings and perfect mood lighting for the most authentic speakeasy vibes you can get. Their cocktail menu boasts an impressive list of shaken and stirred cocktails that pay homage to the history of Cliff Bell’s and celebrate the city of Detroit. We’re getting into the spirit of the Motor City with a gin-cocktail recipe reminiscent of the prohibition era.

    Mix up a Jazz Inspired cocktail from Detroit institution Cliff Bell's.

  • Chef Brion Wong humbling declares he’s only cooking, but his Chinese-American comfort food is rekindling a forgotten historical district in Detroit. The Peterboro opened its door for business this past spring at the corner of Cass and Peterboro, which marks the heart of Detroit’s long-gone Chinatown. We’re giving you a peek inside the kitchen as Brion prepares a house favorite that you can only find at this newly seasoned Detroit jaunt.

    Chef Brion Wong of Detroit's The Peterboro is brining back Chinatown

  • Roslyn Karamoko is bringing a new mantra to the Motor City: DÉTROIT IS THE NEW BLACK. And she wants you to wear it with pride! Roslyn’s locally-made clothing line Détroit is the New Black (DITNB) is all about capturing facets of the history and the modern renaissance happening within Detroit. After several years as a retail buyer, Roslyn founded her line to bring a localized, high end retail experience to a predominantly commercial retail district—and to more importantly start a conversation. Her brick-and-mortar location puts a spin on a traditional retail environment, featuring a gallery and event space that allows the community to interact with the locale. It's a cooperative concept that can be seen spreading throughout the city.

    Roslyn Karamoko's motto? Détroit is the New Black. We couldn't agree more.

  • It's a classic American city. Outsiders often come to Detroit in awe of the ruin and decay. Visitors and urban explorers can’t help but photograph what’s left of a once booming industrial and cultural epicenter. It’s a city that’s so beautiful and vulnerable at the same time. But what we uncovered in Detroit was a thriving community. A community that upholds a value system synonymous with the true American Dream—Support Your Neighbors! Live Creatively! Uphold Kindness! We celebrate these unique cultural values as we meet the makers who make Detroit a national gem worth exploring.

    Meet Detroit. We travel around Motor City to meet the makers of this vibrant community

  • Ever thought you’d get a chance to throw an axe? Had the thought of ever throwing an axe even crossed your mind until this very moment? Thanks to West Loop’s newest recreational curiosity BAD AXE THROWING, you can make your wildest lumberjack—or lumberjill!—dreams come true for some serious thrill and unconventional fun at Chicago’s very first Axe Throwing Club.

    We kick some axe with the brand new Bad Axe Throwing club

  • If you would have asked a young Angie Banicki if she would grow up to be a celebrity tarot card reader, she just might have said yes. After all, it takes a certain level of psychic ability to master the art of the tarot. Master it she did—and then some! And quite by accident, too. A natural born explorer, Angie traversed the globe in search of adventure. When her travel check-list was nearly checked, she turned inward on a more spiritual journey to center herself and find her next path. After casually reading cards for friends and family and leading each to a level of discovery and knowledge unbeknownst to them, Angie found a serious calling. And now, Angie finds herself reading cards for a very impressive clientele. From Nintendo to Usher and Budweiser to Gwyneth—yes, that Gwyneth—Angie offers the A-list a unique life map guided by her trusted tarot and a seriously tuned-in music set. With a shuffling playlist of 1,600 songs, Angie asks the powers that be to offer up guidance and direction for those who are open to receive. Between her cards and a divinely led Spotify, Angie delivers a whole bunch of information that is totally out of this world. Add her readings to a new practice of mixing yoga and tarot and Angie's holistic approach to incorporating the cards in your life is awe-inspiring.

    We get (tarot) carded with celeb reader Angie Banicki

  • This fall, we’re celebrating your inner rockstar, so when we met DJ Jena Nixon we had to shine our spotlight on this local music maker. Jena has been playing tunes and making people bust a move for 10 years, and channeled her edgy charm into her own DJ Company, Gold Noise. Gold Noise is all about curating the perfect playlist for weddings and events, and spinning tracks that are universally likable but still have some edge—and never ever giving into the cheesy cliches. Catch Jena playing tracks at all the Chicago hot spots like Soho House, Pump Room and The Bedford. You can even cycle to her beats at the Chicago Athletic Clubs during her Live DJ Spin program. And when it comes to Jena’s sartorial spirit, we can only think of a common phrase that goes something like this: Money can buy you all the fashion in the world, but it can't buy you style.

    We put mixmaster DJ Jena Nixon to the Name That Tune test. The result? She's good.

  • As we unwillingly escort summer out of lives, we’re slowly getting excited for a new sartorial season. We teamed up with Mario Tricoci to spotlight five local designers and five fresh faces to inspire your fall looks. For these five determined designers, fashion goes beyond each piece they create. Their experiences and ideologies manifest through every detail and miniscule process--creating designs that embody their perspective of the world around them.

    Meet The Design Five: Five emerging talents that are redefining your style

  • London is calling! And this Fall, we're answering. Armed with five fresh faces of the Mario Tricoci Mario, Make Me A Model competition, we're featuring some of our favorite Fall looks. Meet

    The Mario, Make Me A Model Finalists strut their stuff in our Fall Fashion feature: Rock City!

  • In the adventurous spirit of our Fall Fashion Issue, we’re getting inspired by a gang of rollerskating babes that have the best puns in the city. You could say the WINDY CITY ROLLERS march—well, roll—to the beat of their own drum, but we’re going out on a limb to say this group of edgy ladies are skating to their own bad ass tune—and kicking butt and taking names! We went behind the scenes with Windy City Rollers to learn more about the hard-hitting sport of roller derby and get a one-on-one lesson with WCR all-star player Ashley Perrin who is better known by her rink-name: Killa Nois.  The Windy City Rollers have been Chicago’s premier women’s flat track roller derby league for over a decade. WCR features four home teams: the Double Crossers, The Fury, Hell’s Belles, and Manic Attackers. Besides their love for name puns—think names like Mary Poppin’ Caps and Suga Smaxxx—these roller women exude extraordinary confidence and a tenacious spirit that is oh so punk rock, and truly inspiring to all.

    We're Rollin' deep with Windy City Rollers for a crash-course in the sport

  • NAKIA WIGFALL’s family has been hand-crafting sweetgrass baskets for over 300 years. As a 5th Generational basket maker, Nakia uses the art of weaving as a way to to teach the history and ancestry of West African slaves. We’re in awe by the stories she tells, using the art as a form of living history. In a city as diverse as Charleston, preserving the past is as important as holding steadfast for the future. Nakia’s drive to keep her family’s tradition moving forward is a testament to the strength of a community once divided by slavery.

    Nakia Wigfall is a 5th generation Sweetgrass Basket weaver. Hear her story

  • Located in a crimson sided-home within historic Charleston, Hominy Grill is all about blending the traditional low country food of the south with a modern way of eating. James Beard Award-winning CHEF ROBERT STEHLING explains that super fresh product and seasonal cooking are modern ideals that are also deeply rooted in Charleston’s cultural history. And the thing most people misunderstand about the southern diet? There’s more to it than pork and deep fried things. Chef Robert is sharing a taste of Charleston with us as we whip up a southern classic: Shrimp and grits. A secret ingredient? Bacon! Reserve some bacon fat for pan frying the shrimp for an extra rich flavor. Follow along and bring a little southern cooking into your dinner plans. For optimum authenticity serve with a side of southern hospitality.

    Satisfy your Low Country cravings with Hominy Grill's Shrimp and Grits recipe

  • As if Charleston wasn’t charming enough, we rented a couple complimentary bicycles at Zero George for some sight seeing at a different perspective. We went on a cruise with Photographer Kirk Chambers who gave us a scenic bike tour of Charleston, and showed us how to work the camera to capture all of Charleston’s right angles. You can actually book Kirk’s services through Zero George’s Photography Package, which gives you a choice between a 3 or 5-hour session to explore the city like a local--and give you Instagram feed some major street cred.

    We tour Charleston in style—on Zero George Bikes! The charming city comes to life.

  • We visited sister property to Zero George, CANNON GREEN for a lesson in cocktails and socializing southern style. Old and new are seamlessly interwoven at Cannon Green, not only in the food, but in its physical space. With a hospitable modern vibe, the Restaurant is actually built around the facade of an 1840’s historic home. Cue the Tuscan Smash cocktail. This refreshing gin cocktail plays with basil, tomatoes and lemons for a glass of happiness with a nod to Charleston’s affinity for garden freshness.

    Want a Southern Cocktail recipe stat? Snag Cannon Green's Tuscan Smash

  • Over a century ago, jeweler and hand engraver William Joseph Croghan opened the doors of his namesake shop in Charleston. Now, CROGHAN’S JEWEL BOX is the oldest family-owned jewelry store in Charleston featuring fine jewels, custom designs, estate treasures and antiques. Four generations later, William Croghan’s granddaughter MINI HAY is creating her very own line and legacy paved in all its gilded glory.  Mini’s Goldbug Jewelry pays homage to Charleston’s unofficial mascot: the cockroach. Cockroaches may still evoke terror in the squeamish, but Mini’s gold dipped insects feel nostalgic and chic. The giddy Mini explains even the most beautiful, historic homes in Charleston are home to cockroaches, and the pests’ mainstay should serve as a reminder of all the memories and happiness within the city.

    Mini Hay of Croghan's Jewel Box celebrates Charleston's most annoying critter

  • We met up on the docks with South Carolina’s most-loved fishmonger and veteran of the sea, MARK MARHEFKA. Mark heads up Abundant Seafood, a purveying company that supplies Charleston’s best restaurants with the freshest catch of the day. Mark also brings the freshest fish to the masses through his dockside Community Sustained Fishery (CSF). We unloaded some fish on the Geechie Dock in Mount Pleasant to figure out exactly what to do when life hands you a freshly caught fish. Mark gives us tips and trick on how to precisely cut, gut and clean a fish to prepare it for optimal feasting.

    We're sitting on the dock of the bay with Abundant Seafood

  • For superstar chef Johanna M. Cook, who lovingly goes by stage name Momma Cuisine, prepping delish meals in a jiff is her middle name. And it was born out of necessity. With a growing food empire which includes a popular digital cookbook, numerous national appearances and streaming content on ROKU, Momma can’t afford to be slow in the kitchen. Not to mention she’s got three charming children who are hooked on her high class but low maintenance meals, too! We invited the lovable foodie over—for a second time on G&F!—and put her to the ultimate test: can Momma whip up a simple, delicious and stylish meal in under 15 minutes? (The answer: Yes).

    We're cooking up Mojo tacos—and lots of fun—with Momma Cuisine!

  • Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? A catch phrase as iconic as this is scarcely found outside of your TV set during Nickelodeon’s late 90’s cult classic cartoon SpongeBob Squarepants. But the contagiously silly sea sponge is swimming from small screen to the Great White Way—and making quite the splash along the way! The unapologetic musical spectacle takes center stage with a pre-Broadway engagement in Chicago this summer. THE SPONGEBOB MUSICAL celebrates friendship and determination, and along the way, theater goers are treated to a show of epic proportions. And a whole lot of spongey sweet heart.  Leading the all-star team to really great depths is co-conceiver and director Tina Landau, the acclaimed Steppenwolf ensemble member whose enigmatic work is touted for its brave and bold explorations of large-scale musical pieces. The SpongeBob Musical is a brilliant peacock feather for her cap—or in this case, maybe something more akin to a parrot fish.

    Director Tina Landau goes to great depths for The SpongeBob Musical

  • Style is internal. And no one knew that better than cabaret icon Josephine Baker. The song-and-dance temptress finessed her style through a narrow lens, allowing the song in her heart to shine through the medium with which she called home: the stage. We're celebrating a brand new season of style by tipping our top hat to the entertainer who inspires us to shake what our momma's gave us with unabashed pride. Regardless of what our muse wears in this headlining feature to our Unique Voices issue—and she wears some good stuff!—we're toasting to the newsmakers and do-gooders who are reinterpreting the status quo and providing an alternate perspective on which to ponder. Do you have a Unique Voice? To whichever drum you march—make it count!

    We're hitting center stage for a peek behind the curtain in our Starlette! fashion feature

  • With eyes to kill and powerful pouts, we’re tossing around Yas Queen-ing with rising stars in the drag circuit to reimagine the season’s best beauty. Cue our Spring muses: Shea Couleé and Beverly Lately. We knew the best way to channel our inner confidence and unique style this season was to take some pointers from the boldest and most brazen divas of Chicago. While Shea is equal parts bourgie and banjee—i.e. Your neighborhood girl hanging on the front stoop with polished opulence—Beverly Lately calls on the inspiration of Russ Meye’s films, donning hyper-feminine statures with big busts, cinched waists and curvy hips.  From the iconic ‘60s lashes of Twiggy to the grungy haze of Shirley Manson, these two Queens are putting a spin on our favorite Spring beauty trends. Get ready for some tenacity and spunk, because we’re learning to work all the angles, slay the art of presentation and ditch demure with some of the best Queens in town.

    Shea Coulee and Beverly Lately star in our Sister Act Drag Beauty feature—You Better Work!

  • Our Spring Fashion Issue got some extra love with the help of collage artist James Ewert. To bring semblance to our Josephine Baker-inspired shoot, James used his craft to bring the atmosphere of a modern Bronze Venus to life. James’ intricate process of bibliographic foraging, dissection and sticky imposition gives us a whole new appreciation to the art of photomontage.

    We're getting handsy with collage artist James Ewert. We're peeking behind the scenes of his work

  • We enlisted the help of our favorite Wicker Park jaunt to whip up a cocktail perfect for Spring. Nestled on Damen Ave, Presidio boasts a moody, dimly-lit space ideal for sipping crafted cocktails and lounging away the night—or day. They're teaching us how to shake up a gin-based cocktail that pays homage to the prohibition era, and with flavor profiles that give a nod to our Josephine Baker-inspired Spring fashion shoot. From stage right enters: The Flash in the Pan.

    We're making some serious giggle juice with Presidio. Learn how-to master the Flash in the Pan

  • We’re kicking off a new season featuring 10 unique movers & shakers that are shaping their respective industries in inspiring ways. Unique may not even begin to describe this super group, but each of these dudes are diving head first into their particular passions and making their voices heard. Their innovative and tactful approach to daily mantras and business endeavors—and everything in between!—truly represent how creativity and business are never mutually exclusive. They remind us that success is not necessarily an end goal, but a shape-shifting way of life.

    10 guys sound off to the secret of happiness and success in this Man Up! film.

  • Nothing pleases us more at G&F than a good ol’ fashion do-it-yourself project. There’s something empowering about gathering up inspiration and creatively crafting—because you never know what it may actually turn into. We looked to stylist and wardrobe extraordinaire Whitney Middleton to serve up the best Spring accessories that we can craft ourselves. Whitney takes us through the inspiring runways of Christopher Kane all the way to Lanvin for 3 levels of DIYs—easy, medium and hard. And did we mention that they’re all under $15? Because everyone can buy expensive fashion, but it really takes a unique perspective to have style.

    Whitney Middleton gives us the scoop on Three Spring DIY's that you have to try—Now!

  • We’re getting topsy-turvy with fitness prowess Cat Aldana. And since we’re focusing on finding balance and creating our inner conviction this Spring, who better to inspire than someone who gets all tangled up to achieve stability. Cat is a queen of the silks at AIR Aerial Fitness. AIR combines elements of yoga, ballet and pilates on aerial silk hammocks to strengthen, lengthen and tone. This full body workout kicks your abs into gear while toning and sculpting all those little muscles your forgot you had—and boy, does she make it look easy!

    We get hung up with the latest in wacky fitness phenom: Air.

  • We’re ushering in a new season of style with blossoming individuals who are making their unique voices heard. Say hello to Bridget Chambers. We love this certified life coach—slash writer, speaker and ray of sunshine—because she’s all about being your true authentic self. And in a world of inscenscent #selfies and digital likes, Bridget is reconnecting the tapped-out generation. It should be noted that reflection, awareness and mindfulness of one’s life doesn’t come easy. Bridget’s down-to-earth mantras and approachability makes seemingly scary introspection into not-so-scary attainability. “Growth comes in acknowledging that something isn’t right, or that something is missing, or that something needs to change,” explains Bridget.   And getting through life’s frustrating moments is sometimes as simple as 1, 2, 3. She explains, first stop. Take a minute to review what made you upset and why. Second, write it down. “Getting something out of your mind and onto paper is so powerful,” says Bridget. “It’s like gossiping with yourself. Try it. it will blow your mind!” And third, always listen and remember the lesson.

    Life coach Bridget Chambers wants you to be your authentic self—we concur!

  • Noodle crazy? Look no further than the newest outpost of Chinese cool: Imperial Lamian. And forget the ramen craze—we've got a new noodle in town that definitely should be on your food radar. Lamian—which literally means

    We're using our noodles with Imperial Lamian. The result? We'll keep our day jobs.

  • Spending an afternoon with Kristine Steiner reminds us of the best parts of chasing after our dreams. Drawing since she was a kid, she studied fashion design at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her charming creations bring fashion vignettes to life with beautifully exaggerated extremities adorned with vibrant colors—and not to mention bring absolute delight to our Insta feeds! Kristine started to share her whimsical sketches on social media about a year ago, and to no surprise, people started to fall in love with them. “The most exciting thing has been the interaction with designers through Instagram,” Kristine says. “These are the talented people I’m often inspired by and the fact that they take the time to even acknowledge or comment is a little bit surreal and makes them all the more impressive.” We love her ability to transform anyone into a stylish sketch you imagine lingering on the drawing tables of any major fashion house. Her advice to burgeoning artists? Do what you love and keep creating the feel good fashion illustrator.

    It's a Draw! We're walking the line with Fashion Illustrator Kristine Steiner.

  • It’s finally the season of love here at G&F and we’re totally falling for a punchy cocktail that gets us into the Valentine’s Day spirit. We stopped by Wicker Park’s newest southern-themed hangout, Buck’s, to create the perfect punch bowl for any V-day plans you may have. Buck’s Beverage Director Steve Fauser teaches us how to swizzle up a house favorite—The Birthday Suit—punch bowl style.

    We're falling in Punch Drunk Love with Buck's. Snag this VDay themed Punch recipe

  • Did we mention Los Poblanos is surrounded by acres and acres of LAVENDER fields? 13,000 plants to be exact. Aimee Conlee and Jason Bean run this smell good operation on the property—harvesting, propagating, pruning and loving each plant by hand. And then, of course, finding it’s way into the Los Poblanos Apothecary products at the Farm Shop which sits in a perky little schoolhouse-esque building on property. Oh, and you can order anything you need on-line, too.

    Albuquerque's hidden gem? Sprawling fields of Los Poblanos Lavender. This is wonderland redefined

  • JAMES WEST sees beyond a ball of clay. Before he throws a shapeless mass onto a wheel, he envisions a functional piece of art: something that the user can enjoy, marvel at and actually use everyday. Cue Hanselmann Pottery. As master potter—a title which James bashfully denies—he transforms New Mexico clay into functional, durable stoneware for the home and table. And did we mention that the finished product is not only functional? It's downright chic offering up earth tones in all their speckled glory.  This comes as no surprise as the neutral and raw color palette of the pieces mimic the region from where they came.

    Function and form reign supreme for New Mexico-based Hanselmann Pottery

  • Born into the Badger Clan and Child of the Corn Clan, GOMEO BOBELU crafts his art through the lens of his Zuni Native American heritage. Gomeo’s life as a silversmith has been experimental and transcendent. Using materials like shells, fossilized ivory, ironwood and other natural stones, his jewelry embodies themes of spirituality, survival and healing. We stumbled upon Gomeo’s work at KESHI THE ZUNI CONNECTION, a Santa Fe boutique that houses arts and crafts from people of the Zuni Pueblo. The tiny Pueblo-style shop is a welcome haven for the amateur art collector to the serious wheelers and dealers. Amid hundreds of Zuni fetishes and kachinas, Gomeo's work calls your name. Keshi owner Bronwyn Fox-Bern describes his work as the physical manifestation of Spirit.

    The jewelry work of Gomeo Bobelu inspires the heart, mind and spirit

  • We went behind the scenes with award-winning impressionist painter RAYMOND NORDWALL to see him in action. Raymond put his brush to canvas creating a traditional Native American dancer and capturing the seemingly intangible: pride and grace. Raymond brings to life Native American imagery through vivid color palettes and his experiences growing up in Pawnee and Ojibwe traditions. He often travels to homelands of various tribes for inspiration, and even paints on location to capture color studies.

    Santa Fe's Raymond Nordwall finds his color inspiration all around him—Long Live New Mexico!

  • Growing up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, John Rivera Sedlar had his first taste of Latin cooking in the kitchens of his mother, aunts and beloved Grandma Eloisa. After many years gaining national attention in Los Angeles as a prominent chef, John opened ELOISA in Santa Fe: a tribute to his grandmother’s down-to-earth cooking and celebration of all Southwestern women.

    Chef John Rivera Sedlar celebrates strong women in his Santa Fe-based Eloisa restaurant

  • We're all about the Southwest this issue and while we love long hikes and breathtaking sunsets, we have a soft spot for enigmatic Southwest Style. We previewed some of our favorite spring accessories and topped each with a handmade paper cactus.  Want to learn how to make your own little desk cactus? We thought so.

    Channel your inner Southwesterner and make the cutest paper cactus

  • We're suckers for capital F-U-N. We're totally, absolutely, undeniably mad for the stuff. Wherever we find it, we take it—or perhaps it finds us? Either way, we're looking back on an entire year of it in the form of inspired travel, fantastic fashion and lots of signature G&F laughs. What's your fave moment? Was it divine Halloween drag or twin Elvis Presleys? G&F Travel specials in Nantucket or Miami Beach? Maybe it's the pastie-making DIY with a favorite Burlesque star in town? All of the above, please! Whatever situation we find ourselves in, one thing's for sure: we're never going to take ourselves too seriously. And that, dear G&F fans, is the secret to happiness. What will 2016 bring? Who the heck knows. But one thing's for certain: we sure had a helluvalotta fun in 2015. See you next year!

    Hello Fun! It's the Best of 2015!. From Drag Queens to Oyster Farms, we've got lots of laughs for you!

  • Want to see the magic of the Holidays come to life on the Drury Lane stage? Enter Irving Berlin’s White Christmas. Directed by Drury Lane’s Artistic Director William Osetek and choreographed by Matt Crowle, this holiday mainstay follows two former Army buddies turned Broadway stars who follow a pair of starlet sisters all the way to a Vermont inn, where they’re set  to perform. From scenic design to creative costumes to explosive song and dance, Drury Lane’s White Christmas will engulf you in this timeless holiday tale.  But behind all the sequins and falling snow—Yes! Lots of falling snow!—there’s a whole lot more to this joyful production. Christmas nostalgia abounds with a stacked line-up of unforgettable tunes like Blue Skies, Count Your Blessings and, of course, White Christmas. And with every number, a more impressive and show-stopping dance comes with. We chatted with choreographer Matt Crowle about taking on this special production.

    We're getting slap tappy on set with Drury Lane's White Christmas

  • We're celebrating a snow white holiday this season—All hail winter whites galore! But these aren't your ordinary bundle-up fashions. Mixing and matching comfy and cozy knits from the Aran islands with delicate, hand-crafted laces, our style icon this season reigns supreme with whatever Mother Nature throws her way. And contrary to the jingle bells ringing bright and metallic bows abounding, celebrating a festive season of style isn't always about bringing the bling. With tailored pieces and textured separates, we've created a style guide to deck your own halls with the most coveted pieces of the season for the coziest Holiday vibe. Let it snow, we say!

    We're serving Snow Queen Realness in this G&F Holiday Fashion Film

  • What better way to spread holiday cheer than with a delicious dish that’s easy to prep and totally shareable—and did we mention delicious?! We rustled through the recipe box of Chef Devon Quinn, the talented tastebuds behind Paramount Events, for a one-plate wonder perfect for holiday festivities. The result? Serrano ham wrapped pork tenderloin atop whipped mashed potatoes and sprinkled with brightly colored seasonal vegetables. We knew you’d like that.

    Chef Devon Quinn preps The Perfect Holiday Meal for a shareable, festive night

  • With the Holiday Hustle in full effect, being festive 24/7 is a full-time job. But with a few fun tricks up your sleeve, spreading Holiday cheer will be your middle name. Meet The Perfect Holiday Eye. This romantic and cheery look gives a golden glow to the lids and provides just the right amount of sparkle to be dressed down for the day and up for the night.

    Gold Dust Woman! We're dissecting The Perfect Holiday Eye in this Beauty tutorial

  • It’s that time of year again to welcome another edition of Glossed & Found’s Halloween specials. This year we’re paying homage to the King of Rock ‘n Roll. We’re hip swingin’, lip curlin’ and hubba hubba-in’ over three easy DIY’s that razzle dazzle. With the help of floral designer supreme Christine Noelle, we’re upgrading your standard succulents into 1950’s Graceland-inspired plants, transforming basic sunnies into sparkling superstars and mixing up a Hunka Hunka Burning Love Margarita.These Elvis-inspired pieces are perfect for any spooktacular event—or just a darn good excuse to have some glitter-filled fun

    G&F Halloween: We don our favorite bejeweled jumpsuits with Christine Noelle for some seasonal fun

  • It’s that time of year again to welcome another edition of Glossed & Found’s Halloween specials. This year we’re paying homage to the King of Rock ‘n Roll. We’re hip swingin’, lip curlin’ and hubba hubba-in’ over three easy DIY’s that razzle dazzle. With the help of floral designer supreme Christine Noelle, we’re upgrading your standard succulents into 1950’s Graceland-inspired plants, transforming basic sunnies into sparkling superstars and mixing up a Hunka Hunka Burning Love Margarita.These Elvis-inspired pieces are perfect for any spooktacular event—or just a darn good excuse to have some glitter-filled fun.

    G&F Halloween: We're bedazzling + boozin'for some more Elvis-inspired fun!

  • For Valentine Addams, the term “beauty regimen” takes a whole new meaning. The Chicago-based drag queen is a self-proclaimed boy crazy, anime-inspired, love-’em-or-leave-’em kinda gal whose makeup artistry is spot on and dramatic. Basically, she’s a bombshell with an equal mix of feminine guile, serious cosmic star power and bangin’ set of brows. Now fully realized and performing gigs in Boystown bars like Berlin and Scarlett, Valentine’s rise to drag reality was a healthy dose of fantasy and imagination as a young child. And because Halloween is always a favorite time of year on G&F—ahem, did you see our Elvis-inspired shoot recently?—we invited the seductress Valentine over to partake in some makeup fun to gear up for October 31st eve.

    G&F HALLOWEEN: Divine-inspired Makeup Tutorial with drag queen Valentine Addams

  • This season, we're ushering in a new season of style for the guys. Our favorite Fall vibe? Rock n' roll style served straight up. Channeling the uber-effortless chic that is Mick Jagger and other 1970's music greats, our G&F gents dig into flared collars, statement trousers and geo-patterns that are a nod to good nights gone by. And the background of The Freehand Chicago with it's undeniably unpretentious and earthy designs pair perfectly with unadulterated—and dare we say mischievous?!—fun fueled by the spark of creativity and a damn good drink. Grab your spirit of choice, warm up your vocal chords and set out for an unforgettable night with your best buds. This is G&F's Fall men's issue—Rock On!

    Fall's vibe? Rock N' Roll style served Straight up—Meet G&F Men's Fall Fashion

  • The son of a cobbler, Oak Street Bootmakers founder and design director George Vlagos is keeping Chicago fresh with handcrafted shoes and boots. In an industry where fast fashion is faster than ever, George preserves the fine art of shoemaking with traditional leather processes and designs that are built for a lifetime—with all parts American-made. For example: twenty-eight days and 89 separate processes later, Oak Street’s Chromexcel leather turns into soft, supple and durable leather that are transformed into George’s thoughtful designs.   Growing up around his father’s shop, George learned the craft of shoemaking at a very young age and later became an apprentice to further perfect his skills. Watch as George talks about training with his father and keeping the heritage of fine shoemaking alive.

    We do some soul searching with Oak Street Bootmakers

  • We asked nightlife and mixology guru Benjamin Newby to mix up some fun for us. The result? Three classic cocktails that every sophisticated gent should not only know—but can shake and stir under the gun.  Five ingredients, one flaming hot orange peel and a minute later? An American single malt that is dressed to impress. “The quality of products you use is the essential feature of all these cocktails,” says Benjamin. “And quality doesn’t mean expensive. Keep it craft, keep it local and keep it real!”

    Quick Mix! Wanna spruce up your bar skillz? Try your hand at The Old Fashioned

  • We asked nightlife and mixology guru Benjamin Newby to mix up some fun for us. The result? Three classic cocktails that every sophisticated gent should not only know—but can shake and stir under the gun.  Coming in at 58 seconds (yes, 58!), Benjamin swizzles up one handsome martini. “If I am discovering a new gin, the first thing I do is make a martini with it to bring out the subtlety of the botanicals,” Benjamin explains. Although a lavender-forward gin may be the key to a classic martini, he says the most important thing is to have fun and don't be afraid make mistakes.

    Quick Mix! We mix up a classic Gin Martini—under one minute!

  • We asked nightlife and mixology guru Benjamin Newby to mix up some fun for us. The result? Three classic cocktails that every sophisticated gent should not only know—but can shake and stir under the gun.  Surprise and delight guests with a perfectly balanced White Russian. It's not too creamy, not too sweet—and just dying to be sipped alongside Big Lebowski quotables. “Shake with passion and vigor,” Benjamin recommends. Once you have a handle on the basics, Benjamin suggests going off the rails: “Don’t be afraid to throw the rulebook out and start playing with different liquors, quantities and ingredients.”

    Quick Mix! The White Russian comes in under one minute!

  • Channel your inner factory girl with a graphic eye that's a traffic stopper. Simple, clean lines in bold strokes dominated the runways and now you can recreate the catwalk look for your own Fall seasonal saunter.

    Fall Beauty How-To: Graphic Eye

  • Smokey eye? Forget it. We're dusting off our color theory books and bringing you one of our favorite looks of the season: the glossy red eye. Donned in deep crimson hues, the secret to this look is the application of lipgloss to the lid. Go ahead: get glossed.

    Fall Beauty How-To: Glossy Eye

  • Weary of the end of summer? Transition to Fall with a palette of warm colors worthy of the most epic August sunset. And cue the collective sigh for the passing of yet another sunny season. Yellow, mangos and pinky peaches reign supreme for this easy look that's as refreshing as the final days of al fresco dining.

    Fall Beauty How-To: Sunset Cheeks

  • Yelena Noah turned her passion for art and symbolism into a business—crafting jewelry with a narrative. Continually inspired by Buddhist mandalas and West African symbols, most of Yelena’s designs begin with a center expanding out into four cardinal directions. The focal point represents ourselves, while the four opposing directions symbolize the need for inner balance within the dualities of life. The depth put into each design embodies a story, and a celebration of diversity and individuality. Not only is this former model putting forth compassion and understanding through her jewelry, but Yelena also serves on the board of her brother’s foundation: the Noah’s Arc Foundation. (And yes, her brother is Chicago Bulls player Joakim Noah!) She hosts writing workshops with the kids, encouraging them to express through journal entries, poems and rap songs. One thing is certain, Yelena exudes an undeniable aura of compassion and consciousness that takes shape in everything she creates.

    It's all in the cards! Jewelry designer Yelena Noah stops by for divine inspiration

  • It seems only in a land of make-believe one could enjoy an endless indulgence of crafted cocktails without ever producing a hangover. But, Danielle Martin is bringing us one step closer to this fictitious circumstance. Danielle owns Soap Distillery, a Chicago-based Etsy shop devoted to handmade bath and body products inspired by cocktails. And we promise these suds, scrubs and bubbles will never leave you smelling like a hipster barback with an affinity for Bourbon, but instead indulging your body in the sensorial experience—think vanilla, vetiver and clove.

    We're getting tipsy with Soap Distillery. Cocktailing and soap making? Sign us up!

  • With a new season at our heels, we teamed up with Mario Tricoci to spotlight five local designers and five beautiful burgeoning faces to inspire your fall aesthetic. For these style stars, fashion is so much more than the patterned pieces and fastidious silhouettes they create—this group of talented designers see far beyond the world of fast fashion and trends, creating garments that embody a personal philosophy and a culture they strive for.  And what’s a designer without a muse? Mario Tricoci’s annual MARIO, MAKE ME A MODEL modeling competition lends five fresh faces to bring these designers’ pieces to life. You’ll also see them sporting these designers’ goods on September 25th at the Elements of Style runway show to announce the grand prize winner of the competition.

    Step behind the lens of our Mario, Make Me A Model Fall Fashion shoot

  • Inspired by modern architecture and geometrical shapes, ELENA BOBYSHEVA’s budding namesake label is all about reinventing luxury rooted in sustainability and animal welfare. Elena’s pieces emphasize a feminine silhouette, while experimenting with juxtaposing lines and textures. She explains her hand-crafted designs as deceptive simplicity, and often discovers her best designs from dreams—the deepest, most pure part of her imagination. Even though Elena pays little attention to trends, we asked her about the perfect fall beauty look to pair with her collection. The result? “A dark, bold lip with bare lashes and a very messy knot with loose strands that frame the face.” Now that’s an image getting us giddy for fall fashion!

    Meet Elena Bobysheva. We're in love with her edgy, flirty design

  • As a young girl, SAHAR DADA remembers watching her mother design and run a traditional Pakistani womenswear brand. She recalls spending summers abroad and navigating chaotic markets, helping her mom pick out the ornate trimmings and luxurious fabrics that would soon be given life into a garment. Sahar’s memories and South Asian roots shape her namesake label, materializing through hand-embellished details, antique gold thread and vibrant silks. Continually inspired by new memories, the Kylie dress design was influenced by an ornate door Sahar came across at Jemaa el Fna Square market in Marrakech. And when she’s not creating playful designs and crafting the perfect embellished details, you can find Sahar relaxing on the Soho rooftop, or binge watching documentaries. For the fashion junkie, she recommends The True Cost.

    Meet Sahar Dada. Her south Asian roots influence her designs.

  • MARIE WHITNEY believes in the perfect blazer. She also believes in educating girls around the world. Marie’s passions manifest in a collection of classic tailored jackets with a modern twist—think leather lapels or asymmetrical hems. But her sense of modernity truly comes to life with her “buy one, give one” business model rooted in overcoming poverty with access to education. With every TWO PENNY BLUE jacket purchased, a school uniform is donated to a girl in need in Africa, which opens the door to education, self-esteem and a brighter future. Marie’s line is crafted with sophistication and elegance, and redefines style as a platform to empower and educate. And if social change isn’t inspiring enough, Marie’s creative process always brings together her love of travel, art and music to each collection. Say hello to ladylike cool, effortless chic and versatility in every piece.

    Meet Two Penny Blue . A line of sophisticated elevated staples. 'Nuff said.

  • River North just got a chic new nomad hotspot. We perused the newest stomping—and sleeping—grounds in search for some serious summer fun. The simple and chic Freehand Chicago Hotel boasts the tiki-inspired bar, The Broken Shaker, and the too-cool-for-school coffee lounge, Cafe Integral. We found a cocktail perfect for summertime sipping concocted by the duo behind Freehand’s enticing new cocktail program. Gabriel Orta of The Broken Shaker and César Vega of Café Integral team up to create delectable drinks that mix coffee and liquor just right. Hint: it’s not your typically cup of of joe.

    Need a pick-me-up? The Freehand Chicago mixes a coffee cocktail

  • Summertime fun—and then some! We board the Odyssey Chicago to experience high fashion at the high sea. With Lake Michigan and the chic black-and-white striped Odyssey as our backdrop, we're making a splash with the season's latest—and saltiest!—swimwear. From Karla Colletto's sporty zipper-detailed diver to Kate Spade's fresh beach stripe bralette, our red-haired siren beauty wears summer's swim with a confidence akin to a sure-footed boat captain. Full speed ahead! This is one swim story worthy of you land lovers, too.

    Water Babies, Rejoice! We're going behind the scenes of our Summer Swim shoot

  • We’re serving up a cocktail straight from ACK’s hottest hangout, Cru. The cedar shake oyster bar sits atop a pier—the perfect vantage point for watching the bobbing boats in the harbor and neighborhood regulars. We picked the brain of Cru Cocktail Director Kat Dunn for her favorite local watering holes, some island etiquette and a drink we can whip up right at home. When Kat isn’t concocting recipes from locally-sourced ingredients around the island, you can find her sipping on a can of sake at Nautilus or at The Proprietors drinking a wet Plymouth gin martini. And words of advice for summertime travelers? “Be friendly, be nice, be courteous,” explains Kat. “Your bartenders can be your concierge, your ally, your fun, but not if you don’t treat them right.”  Her gin cocktail—coined the “Lady JuJu’—features a little lemon, a dash of Nantucket honey, and well, you get the idea. Watch the video below to get the full recipe, and shake up a glass of Nantucket charm for yourself tonight.

    Wanna mix like a Nantucket local? CRU's Kat Dunn shows us how

  • Isobel + Cleo is not your grandma’s knitwear. Founder Charlotte Hess weaves together cozy luxuries with the most innovative, unique and tactile yarns—think alpaca! Silk! Chiffon! Conceived in Glasgow, Scotland, Charlotte now knits up her worldly-influenced designs at her bright and airy Nantucket studio. Her knitted garments lay among a curated collection of ethically-responsible, independent designers, which affirms the community and creative spirit of the island.  “When people say ‘It takes a village’ to accomplish something special,” says Charlotte, “No where is this more true than Nantucket—we all help and want each other to succeed.” Watch below as we dish with Charlotte on island life and entrepreneurship, and don’t miss the cameos by her mischievous Great Dane pup Frankie.

    Charlotte Hess of Isobel & Cleo is Nantucket's sweetest knit wit

  • We practiced our perfect lobsta accent all weekend, and now we’re putting it to use at Nantucket’s culinary stomping ground The Proprietor’s Bar + Table. The menu stays true to Nantucket flavors, but draws global inspiration while sourcing local ingredients. We got a behind-the-scene look—and recipe!—with Executive Chef Tom Berry’s island famous lobster roll.  His signature roll all started with his food truck Blue Bellies, and now gets dished out on the reg at the newest addition to ACK’s cuisine scene. The mouth-watering recipe adds a kick of Asian flair, but still keeps the flavor of the lobster as the star. And how could we forget about that buttered bun. We’ll take about five more lobsta rolls, please!

    Great catch! You're going to want to snag this New England Lobster Roll Recipe.

  • Across the bay lies a goldmine of properly produced bivalves. So bright and briny are touted Wellfleet Oysters that they are often considered the best of the breed. A mighty high rank for an area of the country that produces so many oysters. So forgive us while we take a reprieve from Nantucket to exercise a lesson in slurping the arguable best.  But what makes them so good? We could recite very well-respected shellfisherman Richard Blakeley about the cold waters of Wellfleet’s estuaries. Or the really fast moving tides or high salinity that contribute to the distinctive flavor. He spouts off all sorts of marine biology type facts with ease. But there’s something about seeing the “mayor of South Wellfleet” Richard who has been farming for shellfish for over twenty years talk about the fruits de mer with such passion and joy that makes the oysters taste that much better. Just watch—you’ll see what we mean.

    They're touted as the best—we're down on an Wellfleet Oyster farm.

  • The Nantucket Pasty Company bakes up traditional English pies—not to mention the most delicious, too!—all from scratch at it’s charming island storefront. Owner Nathan Coe isn’t only dishing out these portable pies to the seafaring culture, but boasts the freshest selection of Nantucket cold pressed juices. Nathan’s favorite? The Sconset Loop made of orange, grapefruit, lemon, ginger and cayenne, named after the beautiful Sconset Bluff walking trail that features gorgeous homes and beaches. Sold!

    Nathan Coe of Nantucket Pasty Co. is changing the grab-and-go concept

  • Souvenirs come in all shapes and sizes, but Jobi Pottery brings a delightful story to travel treasures. Founded in 1953, Jobi Pottery keeps it local and handmade—each piece is created on the premises, painted freehand and fired in their pottery barn. We took a studio tour and talked all things pottery with owner Susan Kurtzman.

    Hot Pottery! We're uncovering a gem on Cape Cod: Jobi Potter

  • After nine years of bartending wild summers on the island, Holly Finigan realized her patrons kept consulting her for the best places and faces to see in Nantucket. With some liquid confidence, Holly began jotting down the notes she passed out as well as the gossip she spied—The Nantucket BlACKbook was born! Holly brings her concierge service to life online as a go-to resource for all things fresh and happening on the rock.

    We're telling ACK secrets with Nantucket Blackbook

  • We rolled up our pant legs for some good ol’ fashioned clam digging with the Chowder King—admittedly without a crown—who’s serving up the freshest shellfish on Nantucket. Brian Cullen turned his love of cooking and hanging out on the beach into a full-fledged biz named The Yoho Raw Bar—serving up chowder, clam bakes, boils and frys for events across the island. And his outings all come with the same salty charm that has become synonymous with the business.  “I enjoy sharing what I know with people to give them a glimpse of coastal living that they otherwise would not see,” Brian says. And thus, we witnessed the no-frills whipping up of a batch of Brian’s generation-old clam chowder recipe. Watch below to learn the art of his very tasty craft and try it yourself for a little taste of New England in your own kitchen.

    Wam! Bam! Thank you clam! We're cooking with Yoho Raw Bar

  • Summertime brings on three things: unfortunate tan lines, way too many white wine spritzers, and inspired road trips. Lucky for you, our next trip is all about the latter. We teamed up with Mr & Mrs Smith again—remember our last fun romp in Miami's new buzzing Mid-Beach area?—to bring you a travel issue with a lot of east coast style.   From learning all about oysters—and slurping down too many to even recall!—to the stylish haunts of the area's best and brightest, we're sharing a road map to all things cool on the fabled Nantucket and Cape Cod.

    It's summer travel season! And we're taking you to Nantucket and Cape Cod, Mass.

  • Hello, young lovers! The Chicago Shakespeare Theatre is all about romance this month as they debut a world premiere musical based off of Jane Austen’s intimate love story Sense and Sensibility. And at the heart of the sweet story—don’t worry, we won’t judge you if you’ve only pretended to read the book—are veteran actresses Megan McGinnis and Sharon Rietkerk.  Megan’s portrayl of the hopeless romantic Marianne and Sharon’s more straight-laced Elinor give composer Paul Gordon’s stunning score life and lyricism—and chemistry to boot! Playing the opposites-attract Dashwood sisters as they navigate the throes of love (and passion!) in the show has been an easy transformation as the two actresses have shared the stage as siblings in the past. “It’s easy playing the sister to this one,” Sharon says of working with Megan, ”And the best part? There’s no drama!”

    Backstage with the Dashwood sisters of Chicago Shakes' Sense and Sensibility

  • We're continuing Spring Fashion month on G&F and it's the dawning of the age of aquarius, too. From colorful mules and bell bottom denim to all-over floral, we're channeling our inner flower child to celebrate the 70's style movement this season. And what's more? We shot this live with fashion photograph Kirsten Miccoli—totally groovy, man. The event? To bring like-minded creatives together to take a peek behind the sartorial curtain. The result? A 70's inspired shoot starring three long haired beauties dreaming of Studio 54 in their bedroom. From here, a suite of dreamy, listless looks inspired a color palette of super 70's cool.

    Step behind the scenes of our 1970's inspired Spring Fashion shoot

  • Here at G&F, we’re always scouting for the latest and greatest in all things style—so when we met Alexis Nido-Russo, Founder of Local Eclectic, we knew we had met our match. Alexis is the beauty and brains behind the e-commerce site, which features under-the-radar, independent designers from across the country. Local Eclectic gives the shopper a more intimate look into the designers’ creative process with behind the scenes interviews and photo editorials. And besides discovering fresh talent, Alexis helps pair together like-minded creatives for limited edition collections. The latest inception? Celebrity nail artist Astrowifey and jewelry designer Cities in Dust collaborated on a bad ass bronze ring that accents the nail. That’s why we love Local Eclectic, they bring artists together and let them do what they do best—bringing beautiful things to you from inspiring, honest work.

    We're getting silly with the founder of the uber-cool Local Eclectic

  • We're kicking off our Spring Fashion issues—yes, multiple issues!—with a nod to the bombshells of days gone by. We're featuring Spring's white hot looks fit for the modern day movie star. Think crisp white linen shirts à la Elaine Stritch. Playful fringe skirts like Marilyn Monroe. And scene stealing separates of Madonna variety. But forget the pomp and circumstance of style, the most stunning trend of the moment? Self Confidence. It's undeniably chic. Come channel your inner icon and celebrate G&F's Spring Fashion issue. We're ready for your close up.

    Strike a Pose! We're channeling our inner icon in our Spring Fashion kick-off

  • Watch out Tim Gunn, we might just have found your next Project Runway star. Chicago History Museum's sixth annual fashion design contest brings ten teams of aspiring designers from Chicago area high schools together and were challenged to create a garment inspired by Chicago Styled: Fashioning The Magnificent Mile. With the help of a mentor from the fashion community, each team has been working together over the past few months to debut their piece at the FashioNext Finale. See who takes the gold—the suspense is killing us!—on Thursday, April 30, for a night of music, mocktails and Chicago fashion. Vote for you favorite look and celebrate with the aspiring designers. The event concludes with one of our favorite Chicago designers, Azeeza Khan, announcing the winner of FashioNext.

    Project Runway's Next Designer Star? FashioNext is bound to have them.

  • Inspired by an English garden, this look features flushed cheeks, “just bitten” lips, and all things rose and blush pink on the face. To top it off? A whimsy updo topped with a floral crown (this one done up right by Dilly Lily). For the bohemian bride or the hopeless romantic, the makeup focuses on softening the face and opening up the eyes.

    Bridal Beauty How-To #1: The Storybook Bride

  • Crimson lips with a soft smokey eye and a faux bob create a sweet and sultry look for the big day. The bold lips and eyes can be made more dramatic depending on your personality. When doing eye makeup, there’s always a little “fall out”—so remember to apply the foundation after eyes. And to add more drama to the hair, opt for a deeper side part.

    Bridal Beauty How-To #2: The Romantic Interest

  • This bronzed beauty look features gold lids, happy cheeks and a graphic braid updo. The color palette remains neutral, while the updo gives a fresh take on the traditional braid. Remember to start with moisturized skin, and to use appropriate brushes for each step—stiffer brushes applies more pigment, softer ones apply less.

    Bridal Beauty How-To #3: The Golden Goddess

  • KATE PANKOKE started designing at the age of 14, and has seen her passion evolve from reality show appearances all the way to her ready-to-wear collection debut last year at New York Fashion Week. This Project Runway veteran describes her design aesthetic as artful femininity, believing all women are princesses at heart. Her most recent collection for ELAYA VAUGHN BY KATE PANKOKE? Inspired by growing vines and gold, Kate incorporated asymmetrical elements to ensure each gown was interesting from every angle. Always inspired by the ‘50s, she has an undeniable love for Hitchcock’s leading ladies. She says, there is something so powerful about a woman dressed impeccably who acts like it is effortless.

    Project Runway alum Kate Pankoke knows a thing or two about feminine beauty.

  • This season, SAMANTHA SLEEPER is inspired by modern women, flowers in bloom and images of the transition from night to morning, when light begins to illuminate the edges of all forms. The Chicago-born, NYC-based designer and alum-turned-faculty member at the Parsons School of Design has appeared on the covers of WWD, German Vogue and more. We love this seasoned designer’s quirks—often setting the mood in her studio with candles burning, Frank Ocean playing through the speakers and always a ton of blooming flowers. Her overfilled mood board is described as an ode to all things that fill the heart, like snapshots of family, torn pages capturing calligraphy and drawings with particularly touching line qualities and swatches in blushes, ivories and pops of greens and blues.

    Bridal designer Samantha Sleeper is inspired by florals—and lots of them!

  • After working under CFDA award-winning designers such as 3.1 Phillip Lim and Robert Geller, GRACE LEE launched her eponymous bridal line in Chicago last year. LEE-LIM is at once structured and dreamy. She credits her continuous love of moody and ethereal colors from the Romanticism period as her main source of inspiration. Her gowns often feature minimal cuts with exceptional details and draping inspired by designers like Ricardo Tisci, and the nostalgia we feel for the 20’s. From afar Grace’s gowns may look simple, but up close intricate layers of different silks, laces, and tulle are pieced together to give each piece movement and life. For Grace’s upcoming collection, she looked to rocker babe PJ Harvey as inspiration and her album “Is This Desire?” Rock on, indeed.

    Grace Lee's Lee-Lim bridal line is edgy and dreamy. A perfect combo.

  • Our favorite watering hole in Miami was a twofer—sips and a dip! We sipped poolside treats at the Thompson Hotel, the perfect place to relax and enjoy the sun-drenched locale. We had mixmaster Diego teach us how to whip up a mean Mai Tai that paired perfectly with the steamy ambiance. Watch along to learn how you can drink up a little bit of paradise—and save the recipe to mix up celebrating the first balmy temps!

    G&F Miami Getaway: We're mixing up The Thompson Miami Beach Mai Tai

  • Next to the striped umbrellas and the great big blue, we’re doing it downward dog style on The Thompson Hotel beach with yoga instructor Dawn Bianca Feinberg. We’re balancing through poses and soaking up rays to get grounded and meditated first thing in the AM. Dawn B Yoga incorporates inspiration from a blend of the breath based essence of ashtanga and the evolving freedom of Jivamukti Yoga–topped with her signature sense of humor. And after your toes grip the sand and you chaturanga into the Miami sun, Dawn gives us three post-yoga jaunts.

    G&F Miami Getaway: We downward dog with Dawn B. Yoga

  • Born and raised in Miami, Aileen Quintana still finds inspiration all around in her sunny hometown. From sunsets to live music, she’s always creating concepts and ideas for larger-than-life beauty. A sought-after talent in beauty and fashion, Aileen has worked with Fendi, YSL Cosmetics, Vogue, Elle, Soho House, Ultra Music Festival and more! Aileen serves up a beauty tutorial inspired by the deep aquas of Miami beaches. The end result? Galactic Mermaid. This flawless look is fit for a day enjoying Aileen’s favorite things Miami has to offer, from strolling around Wynwood to a late night snack at Gigi in Midtown.

    G&F Miami Getaway: Aileen Quintana shows us how to get the Miami look

  • We laced up some rollerskates and hit the boardwalk with designer Jasmine Dearden for a creative way to enjoy the shoreline and the sun—and our sun-deprived selves had way too much fun doing it! We rolled through this interview to learn about Jasmines’s multidimensional designs from fashion design, graphic design and graffiti. Her various mediums all pay homage to her Miami roots and embody a laid back urban style. We especially love Jasmine’s Nine Design graphic bombers that elevate basic streetwear, and for the woman who loves fashion with comfort.

    G&F Miami Getaway: Jasmine Dearden laces up and hits the boardwalk with us.

  • We invited street artist Homero Ganem to our suite at the Thompson to paint and bring to life one of his creations. After a knee injury left Homero unable to play professional soccer in his native Colombia, he began to paint leaving his work for the masses to consume. Also working with mixed media on canvas, Homero’s style is reminiscent of ’60s pop art and the cartoons he grew up watching with a signature addition of metallic paint. And Homero’s Miami must-see? “The Fountainbleu. You have everything in one place. Various restaurants to pick from, great views, big pools, beach access and, of course, LIV night club. A must while in Miami.”

    G&F Miami Getaway: Homero Ganem talks street art and city style.

  • This pasta is so quick and easy that it’s literally named the “whore pasta” since prostitutes could make it in between clients! And some tips for the perfect pot of al dente spaghetti: Use 1 gallon of water to every pound of pasta to ensure it doesn’t stick together and always salt the water the pasta is being cooked in, never add oil.

    Cat De Orio cooks Dinner: Pasta Puttanesca

  • Our midday main event? Cat let’s us in on all the amazing munchies you can pair with her Perfect Pesto! Swipe some on a sandwich, or even stir into greek yogurt as a dip with crudite. Take your standard vegetable or minestrone soup to the next level by stirring in a teaspoon of pesto. Add it to your morning eggs, or serve with steak. Maybe even baste shrimp or chicken with pesto before grilling. Swap out your traditional tomato sauce base for a pesto base on a pizza. Create your pesto creations—the options are endless. And Cat lends her expertise on the perfect pesto no matter what time of year.

    Cat De Orio cooks Lunch: The Perfect Pesto

  • We’re excited to welcome this asparagus and egg combo to our next brunch feast. Cat lets us in on the expert secrets to perfectly poached eggs every time.  First, crack an egg into a small ramekin or prep bowl. Fill a small saucepan about an inch deep with water and bring to a boil. Add 2 teaspoons of white vinegar and 1 teaspoon salt. Stir quickly! Gently slide egg into the center of the saucepan, remove from heat and cover for 4 minutes. Use a slotted to spoon to remove your poached egg from the pan. And if you’re not serving the egg immediately? Plunge egg into an ice bath to stop from cooking, and remove when you’re ready to serve. Bon appetit!

    Cat De Orio cooks Brunch: Asparagus Salad + Poached Egg

  • We’re taking over the Pump Room at The Public Chicago, and dining with the famous visionary behind the menu, Jean-Georges Vongerichten. We sat down with the famous chef for a tête-à-tête about the food industry, growing up eating farm-to-table and the forgotten veggies—we’re talking about you celery hearts! Jean-Georges even delves into his sensorial experience visiting Thailand, and how whiffs of lemongrass and bursts of chile changed his cuisine forever. His love for exotic and aromatic spices of the East has become his signature within traditional dishes, redefining industry standards and revolutionizing the way we eat. Perched in a booth at the ever-so-picturesque Pump Room, Jean-Georges serves us a smorgasbord of favorites. Not only a chef, see this down-to-earth restaurateur share why it’s so important to love every bite you eat. Warning: this video will make you hungry!

    We're in the Pump Room with chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Who's hungry?!

  • Even though Valentine’s Day is over, we’re still celebrating Love Month on G&F! And what better way to spread the L-O-V-E than to invite a new friend over to our house and take our tops off. Literally. We’re learning all about the tantalizing art of burlesque pastie making in this fun and flirty DIY. Miss Frenchie Kiss aka The Temptress of Twirl takes us step-by-step on how to make the sassy and brassy accoutrement. This Burlesque Hall of Famer knows a thing or two about Oh La La’s, so she’s giving serious pointers on how to be a whirling showstopper. And according to Frechie, the only rule of burlesque pastie making is more sequins! You still might be thinking you read pastry, but drop the r—and your top!—for our most cheeky DIY video yet! Watch the video and follow the instructions below to tease and titillate like you’ve never done before.

    We're taking our tops off to DIY pasties with Frenchie Kiss

  • Valentine's Day comes once a year. And while most prep for a romantic night out with their lover, our take is a little more all-encompassing. On a cold Thursday before VDay, we invited some of our girl crushes to Fig & Olive to meet the Topshop Personal Styling team and take a peek at some sweet fashions that are currently in store. The well-heeled crowd brought secret Valentine's for each other, inciting an extend meet and greet that was filled with L-O-V-E.

    Love is good! We spread it like butter at our #GFxTOPSHOP Valentine's Day Luncheon

  • Six women across the country were chosen by retail powerhouse Neiman Marcus to appear in their Faces of Beauty spring campaign. The result? A dynamic group of gorgeous individuals who are celebrated for their beauty inside and out. And one of the lucky chosen ones is G&F creative director's mother Mary Kostic. While we try to be journalistically unbiased at, we couldn't help but fête this 63-year-old bombshell. Teaming up with Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue, we invited Mary's closest family and friends to toast the cover girl. Hiding with champagne in hand, fifty fans shocked Mary with their attendance. Once inside, guests were treated to beauty touch-ups, light bites and even a few dance moves compliments of Mary's grandchildren. Michael Larys, beauty department manager of Neiman Marcus Northbrook and who accompanied Mary to Dallas for the Faces of Beauty shoot, was also in attendance and gleaming proudly.

    A hometown cover girl gets a big surprise for her Neiman Marcus Faces of beauty debut

  • The cat's pajamas! We're upping the ante with loungewear this season with a PJ + Sleepwear editorial that will surely put a pep in your step. From bold prints and delicious color combinations, we're debuting one of our largest—and most bouncy!—shoots to date. Come check out what we're loving in the land of nod these days, or try your hand at G&F's oversized twister board for fun. Oh, and by the way: no models were harmed in the making of this shoot. Celebrate the sleepover! So click forth, young lovers, and get ready to jump for joy!

    Celebrate the sleepover! We're sharing our favorite sleepwear in The Pajama

  • A Very Lovely How-To: Cupid's Elixir

  • There’s something so romantic about macarons. Maybe it’s the charming color scheme or maybe it’s every dreamy bite of meringue. One thing is certain, we’re falling head over heels for the newest West Town jaunt, Bon Macaron. We’re not the only ones enchanted by the little French pastry, Bon Macaron owner Catherine Cooper has been obsessed since she started making them in culinary school at Ecole Ferrandi Paris. She’s the real deal, folks. Right in time for Valentine’s day, Catherine is telling us about the greatest result of adoration: imitation. “The history of the macaron is part of the charm for me,” says Catherine. “The beautiful colors and flavors, history and skill involved. It takes hard work, determination and practice.” Catherine opened her shop in 2013 and knew she wanted to recreate the European macaron stateside. Traditionally macarons are gluten free—made with almond meal and no flour. Due to demand, Catherine runs a strict gluten free kicthen, one of the only ones in the city.

    Oh la la! We're getting our mac on with Bon Macaron

  • A Very Lovely How-To: Glittered Gift Box

  • A Very Lovely How-To: A Lover's Trifle

  • Headquarters Beercade knows a thing or two about creating the perfect pair—home of the delightful hybrid of an arcade + a  bar = beercade! And since it’s Valentine’s Day, we’re all imbibing with a little romance. We enlisted the help of head mixologist at HQ, Tim Williams, to shake us up a pair of cocktails suitable for modern day lovers. And what’s so special about these delectable drinks? Like any romantic chemistry, there are plenty of ways to mix a similar drink. So Tim took the same ingredients, changed the liquor base then created two like-minded cocktails that are perfect pairs of each other.  Inspired by Hearts Day, we’re showing you how to serve up a couples cocktails with two recipes that complement each other perfectly. Watch above to see how Tim shakes and stirs these star-crossed spirits into perfection. For his and hers. Or hers and hers. Or his and his. Or his and his and hers. And snag the recipes below to try at home.

    Star Crossed Spirits! We couples cocktail at Headquarters Beercade

  • The namesake house cocktail of the new Chicago-based tiki outpost Lost Lake is fruity mix of aged rum, passionfruit and campari. While the drink is sure-I'll-have-another good, our favorite part is the three pounds of tropical garnish that accompanies the signature glass—pure instagram gold. The amount of Lost Lake drinks served in the first week and a half? 788. Snag the recipe in the video above for your own Hawaiian getaway in the comfort of your own home.

    In the Tiki room! We're mixing up the namesake cocktail at Lost Lake tiki bar.

  • Our Healthy Beauty issue wouldn’t be complete without an ode to coconut oil. Recently coined a miracle cure-all by any and every beauty editor, coconut oil is definitely having a moment. But way before the magazine hype, Rikita Kapadia grew up coveting all the health and beauty benefits of this super oil. Always listening to her wrinkleless Grandmother—known as Bhabhi to Rikita—for beauty advice, and now, she’s sharing her family’s beauty remedies with her own beauty brand, Cocovit. The tradition of using coconut oil, originated in India over 5,000 years ago. Inspired by her Indian heritage, Rikita wanted to create a multi-purpose beauty and skin product that had the power to naturally nurture skin, hair and health. Cocovit products are made of 100% certified organic, virgin coconut oil harvested in South India. A few out of hundreds—yes, hundreds!—of benefits of coconut oil include antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties for your body, inside and out.

    Meet Cocovit. Winter cure-all? You better believe it.

  • The winter months can be brutal. But that doesn't mean you have to be totally, utterly miserable. Fight that urge and start running your tub. Yes. Turn off whatever you're not finding on Netflix and go take a bath. At least that's what lifestyle and health expert Giselle Wasfie of REMIX Acupuncture says. And when Giselle talks, we listen. The Chicago-based integrated health brand is all about healthy, balanced living and her approach is at once familiar, easy and always practical. We invite Giselle over to make a spot of Bath Tea with us. From stabilizing your pH with baking soda to releasing tension with coarse sea salt, Giselle fills us in on this relaxing recipe that will surely be your newest BFF this winter season.

    Remix Acupuncture makes a spot of Bath Tea for a perfect winter getaway.

  • After gracing the stage of the New York City Ballet for 30 years, Wendy Whelan curtsied into retirement last October at age 46. Never a stranger to the stage and always eager for more, Wendy launched the Wendy Whelan New Works Initiative to commission and tour, you guessed it, new work. Her first project from the Initiative is “Restless Creature,” a traveling performance of duets by four male choreographers.  Whelan is set to perform Wednesday at the Harris Theater to a sold out house, so we had to meet up with the Prima Ballerina to learn about life after three decades at the New York City Ballet. We chat Harris Theater stageside before Wendy warms up on how she continues to embody beauty from the inside out and how that first step onto the Nutcracker stage when she was eight sealed the deal.

    Dance Dance Revolution! Meet Wendy Whelan

  • Let's face it: there are a lot of juice recipe combos out there. If you can find that prized recipe, your juicing street cred gets knocked up a few notches. You know the recipe we're talking about. Just the right amount of kale. Not too much lemon. Maybe a handful of mint. But finding time to perfect your favorite juice is not very realistic. Until then, we're adding four more juices to tack on to your rotation. Trust us: these ones are delicious.

    Let's Get Juiced Recipe #1: The Tropical Kick

  • Let's face it: there are a lot of juice recipe combos out there. If you can find that prized recipe, your juicing street cred gets knocked up a few notches. You know the recipe we're talking about. Just the right amount of kale. Not too much lemon. Maybe a handful of mint. But finding time to perfect your favorite juice is not very realistic. Until then, we're adding four more juices to tack on to your rotation. Trust us: these ones are delicious.

    Let's Get Juiced Recipe #2: The Citrus Spritz

  • Let's face it: there are a lot of juice recipe combos out there. If you can find that prized recipe, your juicing street cred gets knocked up a few notches. You know the recipe we're talking about. Just the right amount of kale. Not too much lemon. Maybe a handful of mint. But finding time to perfect your favorite juice is not very realistic. Until then, we're adding four more juices to tack on to your rotation. Trust us: these ones are delicious.

    Let's Get Juiced Recipe #3: The Bahama Mama

  • Let's face it: there are a lot of juice recipe combos out there. If you can find that prized recipe, your juicing street cred gets knocked up a few notches. You know the recipe we're talking about. Just the right amount of kale. Not too much lemon. Maybe a handful of mint. But finding time to perfect your favorite juice is not very realistic. Until then, we're adding four more juices to tack on to your rotation. Trust us: these ones are delicious.

    Let's Get Juiced Recipe #4: The Ecto Cooler

  • Say hello to Chicago’s newest cultural festival—Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival. The 10-day fest will showcase a captivating and eclectic lineup of puppet styles from around the world including marionettes, shadow puppets and other innovative styles of contemporary puppetry. Our favorite venues around the city will converge to present the inaugural fest, including The Art Institute of Chicago, Field Museum and Chicago History Museum. Follow along as we channel our inner Jim Hensen and give all you puppet newbies our top show picks for the fest.

    We're getting handsy at the Chicago International Puppet Festival

  • If there is one thing we like at G&F, it's fun. Without it, who cares. We're looking back to a whole year of the F word with a list of some of our favorite moments. From a road trip to Nashville in the spring to a Bob Fosse tribute for our Summer Swim editorial, we've got plenty of goodies to reflect upon with a great, big smile. What will 2015 bring? Who knows. But one thing is for certain: we're not going to take ourselves too seriously trying to figure it out. And until then: sit back, relax and get ready to take a peek as we unveil our Best Of moments from 2014.

    Want more 2014? We've got the Best of One Liners from the year!

  • If there is one thing we like at G&F, it's fun. Without it, who cares. We're looking back to a whole year of the F word with a list of some of our favorite moments. From a road trip to Nashville in the spring to a Bob Fosse tribute for our Summer Swim editorial, we've got plenty of goodies to reflect upon with a great, big smile. What will 2015 bring? Who knows. But one thing is for certain: we're not going to take ourselves too seriously trying to figure it out. And until then: sit back, relax and get ready to take a peek as we unveil our Best Of moments from 2014.

    Ready. Set. Rewind! We're sharing a snapshot of The Best of 2014.

  • The Holidays: Straight Ahead! But come unarmed to your family’s festivities, and you may have a long night ahead of you of botched carols and bad egg nog. Start the season off right with an inspired cocktail that will surely help all spirits be merry and bright—especially yours. And anytime we’re feeling uninspired, our favorite perch to perk up is in the Gold Coast. Fig & Olive, the glittering jewel of the Happy Hour set is decked out in Holiday cheer this time of year, and we belly up to the bar to learn the how-to on a classic cocktail from their menu that has a very festive slant.

    Let's Get Festive with this Fig & Walnut Julep recipe

  • From the hostess with the mostess to the sweetest kids' toys—we've got your last minute guide to snag inspired giftables this Holiday season. We've got the inspiration. You just need to wrap.

    Need gifts? We've got you. It's G&F Gift Guide 2014

  • The Holidays are nipping at our heels—and there is no better excuse for excess than this time of year. We're sharing our annual Holiday fashion issue that's filled with an inexcusable amount of gold glitter and our Holiday It girl dripping in the perfect looks from now until New Year's. We channel old Hollywood elegance and a new look at classic tailoring for the modern woman. Also, step behind the scenes of The Golden Girl fashion shoot to see how G&F celebrates the season—in style, of course!

    Wanna take a step Behind the Scenes of G&F's Holiday Fashion? Come along.

  • Now in it’s 37th year, the Goodman Theatre’s annual production of A Christmas Carol leaps colorfully off the stage and right into your heart. Cheesy as that sounds, we’re not afraid to say it. 37 years of Charles Dickens’ Scrooge finding a richer way to live filled with hope, love and charity might make some companies shudder. But for Chicago and the Goodman, it’s come to be known as the glittering benchmark of festivity for the holiday season, and this year is no different for the award winning theatre company. With 11 returning cast members—including Larry Yando who leads the cast for his 7th time as the cynically cathartic Ebenezer Scrooge—the production also welcomes some new Carolers to the mix. And one role in particular casts quite a sparkling impression on theatre goers. Meet Lisa Gaye Dixon playing the Ghost of Christmas Present.  Out of the four ghosts that visit Scrooge, none is more fun and frivolous than Christmas Present. Lisa lights up the stage with a sweetly contagious laugh, a brilliant scarlet red costume and multicolor glitter. Oh, the glitter. We mean a lot of glitter. At practically every line, a handful of glitter is thrust into the air—it’s her character’s exclamation point. The veteran Chicago actress is dotted with many theatrical milestones, but she puts all of herself into this role. Literally: “The laugh is actually my laugh,” she chuckles while filming our G&F Interview.

    Let's get festive and go backstage of The Goodman Theatre's A Christmas Carol

  • Hello, Holidays! We're decking the halls with the season's most inspired beauty looks that are sure to dazzle from the cocktail party punch bowl to the Big Apple drop. But Holiday hustlers beware—these looks are not for the faint of heart! From vampy Winter waves to glittered evergreen eyes, these happy-go-luck G&F models are prepping and primping for the perfect festive night out. It's all about color for this special time of year. So lay on the hues thick and don't be afraid to add some glitter—Santa knows we weren't!—because if there is ever a time to be over indulgent, it's right NOW! Snag the looks and sing-a-long with us as we share a whole lot of merry and bright this season.

    Did someone say G&F Holiday Beauty Sing-a-Long?!

  • With the Holiday season upon us, there is no better time to outfit your home in brassy tinsels and glam golds. In fact, we encourage it! We trek to Oak Park to visit a boutique that knows a thing or two about decking the halls in Hollywood Regency metallics. Meet Update, the chic outpost for inspired interiors set along the charming main street of downtown Oak Park.  The home design haven is a sanctuary for glistening golds and shining silver and we visit the shop on a blustery day to try our hand at gilding a few easy items to up the holiday ante for our entertaining this year. The boutique’s resident Interior decorator Bret Burdick walks us through the paces to creating the perfect shine. Watch the G&F Extra video to get a taste of the gold rush

    We're getting the Holiday Golden Touch at Update Oak Park

  • Ready. Set. It’s Pie Time! The founder of the sweet new foodie blog + self-proclaimed pie making machine, Sana Khan visits G&F for our annual Thanksgiving special. Don’t tell mom, but we’re forgoing the turkey this year and heading straight for dessert. And Sana knows a thing or two about good tasting—and good looking!—sweet delights after dinner. Born out of love for baking thanks to her mother and her Indian family heritage, Chai & Pie Co. marries the two treats, bringing family and friends closer together over the shared love of, well, Chai & Pie. The website offers insights into Sana’s foodie travels. And bonus! A full menu of treats are available for order—can you say “Cross dessert off your Holiday wishlist?”

    G&F Thanksgiving Special: It's Pie Time!

  • And we're back! We're kicking off our first issue of 2015 with an issue dedicated to inner and outer beauty. From a sneak peek at what Spring has to offer for our favorite beauty trends—we'll see you soon half moon mani's + plum eyes!—to a healthy kickstart of delicious juices, we're sharing a lot of New Year inspiration just for you. Our motto? You can only be as beautiful as you feel on the inside. So get out your juicer and your curling iron, and let's get Healthy Beauty! Plus, snag four G&F-tested (and approved!) juice recipes that are sure to be added to your daily regimen. Are you ready? It's G&F 2015!

  • From the eclectic cool of A Clockwork Orange to the off-beat fashions of East Londoners, we're celebrating the masculine form in our current issue. Taking over three of Flats Chicago's Uptown spaces, our Men's Fashion issue is a tribute to the trailblazers in trending. From this season's newest staple—Hello, Turtlenecks!—to the perfect wool coat, we've got dressing down to a simple science. Just add the 'tude.

    G&F Behind the Scenes: Men's Fashion Issue

  • For our G&F Men’s Issue, we’re dishing with our favorite neighborhood know-it-all and real estate extraordinaire, Jay Michael. And, in case you haven’t dived into this issue, we even stole some time at a few of his properties for our current Men’s fashion story.  Jay is founder of FLATS Chicago, a property management company like no other. No. Seriously. Like none other that you’ve ever seen. Behind this housing brand that is slowly banishing the connotations of the word “landlord” and breathing new life on the Northside, Jay’s delicate eye to detail in every, well, detail is totally smart. His eye for damn good design has led to redeveloping over 1,000,000 square feet of space over the past 10 years. FLATS Chicago and Jay Michael want you to live well in a space with individuality and soul—how can we argue with that? Follow along as we chat with Jay in his ridiculously good looking apartment and frolic through Uptown at his all-time favorite hot spots.

    Meet Jay Michael, Uptown's newest ambassador of Cool

  • The perfect shave doesn’t only mean a hairless face, but instead includes the right finesse and products to leave skin as soft as a baby’s bottom. Tucked away in the Cowshed Spa of the new Soho House Chicago, the men’s retreat is a hidden gem that we’re happy to share. We’re dishing with its barber, Frank O’Connor, who teaches us the art of shaving—from graceful brush strokes to the harmonious graze of the blade. As a 3rd generation barber, Frank has an old school, no nonsense approach to shaving and facial maintenance. Along with his step-by-step shave guide, Frank is also serving up two of his essential products from the Neville line at Soho House Chicago.

    G&F Men's How To: Thanks to Neville, we're getting the Cleanest, Closest Shave

  • Does your green juice face look a lot like your Malort face? Never fear, we recruited Jared Van Camp of Owen + Alchemy—the hottest juice bar in all the land—to teach us a fool-proof juice recipe that packs the most the punch. Start your mornings green (and deliciously smiling!) with this recipe that’s sure to give the energy you need to conquer your day.

    G&F Men's How To: Owen and Alchemy shows us the Juice!

  • We’re getting schooled in spirits with Henry’s Swing Club Beverage Director, Michael Rubel. We asked Michael to mix up the Boulevardier—the Negroni’s long-lost autumnal cousin—a whiskey cocktail to keep in your arsenal so you can whip up something rich and intriguing every time.

    G&F Men's How To: Gentlemen, meet The Boulevardier

  • A gentleman always has five minutes for a quick workout and morning sweat. We’re getting you trained with fitness guru, Mark Beier, on this everyday program you can do anywhere. As founder of Mark Bars and co-director of training of Shred415, Mark knows a thing or two about creating time-friendly workouts that challenge the core, create flexibility and stimulate a good amount of calorie burn. Watch Mark go through each of the five workouts below and read on to learn his dos and don’ts of technique.

    G&F Men's How To: Mark Beier rocks our bod in 5 Minutes

  • No longer a fixture just for tuxedos, bow ties have a look of old world grandeur and modern sophistication. And who better to teach us the gentleman sport of tying a bow tie than Augustine B. Emuwa, Owner and Lead Craftsman of Knits&Knotts. Augustine credits his father and grandfather as style inspiration for Knits&Knotts to create modern classics. Ditch the clip on to get all tied up and spiffy in 10 steps with this bow tie how-to.

    G&F Men's How To: Learn to tie that dang Bow Tie

  • From business to personal, travel plans can induce excitement and anxiety depending on preparedness. We ran to Haberdash Men to stock our bag with the greatest and most travel-friendly products. We’re giving you the simplest how-to’s on the essentials of packing. What to fold and what to roll. How to save space and what to pack. We’re starting from the top—the ultimate weekend duffle—with the classic Filson Small Duffle. Follow along below and with the video to learn how to pack like a pro in under two minutes.

    G&F Men's How To: Max your Pack with Haberdash Men

  • Call us Culture Vultures, but before the Holiday haze sets in, we're getting one last dose of the Fall arts. Up first? A stunningly simple collaboration between the Lyric Opera and the Harris Theater—surprisingly, their first yet! The two powerhouses join forces to present a cabaret-style show in Millennium Park's Pritzker Pavilion. Beyond the Aria features emerging talent in the opera industry showing off their chops on Jazz and Broadway classics, whose next show debuts Monday, November 10th. We meet artistic director Craig Terry and vocalist Laura Wilde who give us a little warm-up before the big show.

    We go Beyond the Aria for a dose of culture

  • We’re cooking the ultimate fall dish perfect for entertaining guests with Kiki Luthringshausen, foodie expert and blogger of Beauty and Her Feast. Kiki leads us through a how-to to whip up a fideo with mushrooms and chorizo: a spin on a classic paella. And since it’s the season of playing dress-up—as if we needed an excuse!—we’re getting all picante in the kitchen with this spanish dish and costumes to match. Watch on to see the step-by-step: costumes not required.

    G&F HALLOWEEN: A perfect fall recipe with Kiki Luthringshausen

  • Last minute costume needed? Not to fret. We’re teaching you how to give some serious sugar skull face with our favorite makeup expert and fellow Halloween-enthusiast, Shannon O’Brien. Inspired by the Mexican sugar skulls of the Day of the Dead celebrations, Shannon takes a step-by-step to create this colorful look and how to add your personal touch to the design. And this chic shapeshifter knows a thing or two about creating the ultimate Halloween costume with the help of some strategically placed makeup: last year her deer tutorial on her blog Cheap Frills and Thrills went oh-so viral and this year’s tutorials are bound to follow suit! We hung out at Moe’s Cantina for an unbeatable combo of makeup and margs, all in the name of Halloween. Ditch your broomsticks and fangs this Halloween for a new twist on an old classic.

    G&F HALLOWEEN: Giving Sugar Skull face with Shannon O'Brien

  • We’re getting spooky with spirits at mEAT restaurant in their Streeterville location with co-founder John Dalton. mEAT offers gourmet skewers, fondue, paleo and gluten free menu options, and molecular cocktails that a cook, health nut, or chemist could all appreciate on the same palate. John slips the fondue for this segment and brews us up a Vaportini—a drink that’s inhaled rather than swallowed.  With the help of some heat—and maybe black magic!—we heat up some alcohol and watch the crystal ball fill up with vapor. Breath into the Halloween spirit and Stop by mEAT to get a whiff of this ghoulish cocktail. Bonus points if you dress up like your favorite villain.

    G&F HALLOWEEN: Getting spooky + loopy with the Vaportini Cocktail

  • Skincare: check. Contoured radiance: check.Time to add a little oomph to your beautiful visage. Deep hues and sparkle may seem intimidating, but it elevates a natural look to high wattage glamour. With the right products and expert tricks, a smokey eye is easy peasy in five steps—Prep. Prime. Line. Shadow and Shine! The real secret to keeping smokey eyes smoldering all night? Prepping with Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm to decrease puffiness and soften fine lines. Follow with a primer like the Laura Mercier Eye Basics in Tawny for a neutral base. Watch the video to see how simple it is to build the perfect PM eye from prep to shine.

    G&F Feel Good Beauty at Sephora: The PM Eye

  • We hear it all the time in the beauty sphere: how can the average woman contour like a pro without looking freshly caked with makeup? The right contouring technique allows you to accentuate and scuplt your features without anything drastic, or even changing the types of products you use. Marc Jacob’s Genius Gel builds easily from natural to full coverage, providing supreme hydration for a radiant finish. Pair your foundation with a highlighter, like the Givenchy Corrective Pen for a successful contouring duo. Watch and learn the power of a tapered foundation brush to shape your cheekbones, jawline and nose to let your natural beauty shine.

    G&F Feel Good Beauty at Sephora: Highlighting + Contour

  • As we prepare for winter, our skin needs a little more TLC to stay fresh and glowing. And just like our wardrobe, it’s important to update our skincare routine as the seasons change to fulfill its shifting needs. Begin with a daily cleanser for your skin type: get super squeaky clean with the Foreo Luna Mini to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores of makeup residue. Don’t forget to reboot and refresh with treatment-infused fiber masks from the Sephora Collection. The masks perfectly hug your facial contours for better interaction of the active ingredients with the skin, leaving you feeling bright and radiant. Pop one on before bed or in the morning for 15 minutes then massage excess product into skin—no need to wash your face afterwards! As we enter the colder months, it’s important to pair up with a powerful moisturizer. Ole Henriksen’s Super Creme keeps skin and helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and aging to keep skin looking plump and youthful. Watch the video on how to master the skincare basics to ensure a perfect beauty canvas.

    G&F Feel Good Beauty at Sephora: Skincare Basics

  • Meet Jeraldine Mendoza, the prima ballerina who is about to take center stage in the first ever production of Swan Lake by award winning Chicago-based ballet company, the Joffrey. Inspired by Edgar Degas, the ballet-within-a-ballet combines classical elements with a modern vision and a touch of fantasy—and of course!—breathtaking choreography. Jeraldine embodies the grace and beauty of a world-class ballerina, but doesn’t let her unique personality and style disappear into the wings. She has caught the attention of the public eye as a recipient of the pretigious Leonore Annenberg Fellowship Fund and you can even keep up with her adventures through her blog, A Window Seat View: Fly With Me. What’s more feel good and beautiful than following your dreams? Jeraldine dishes about her career in dance: the feel good beauty moments of movement and finally performing the role of her dreams.

    We belly up to the ballet barre with Jeraldine Mendoza

  • Here at G&F, we’re ready to try anything. And in the spirit of our Feel Good Beauty Issue, we’re tapping into our inner hippie to explore self-expression in new ways to feel good from the inside out. We headed to Wicker Park’s brand new establishment, Rooted Self Expression Center, to explore our inner awareness with a movement and voice class. Shruti Sekhri, the Founder and Chief Self Expressionist at Rooted, explains the importance of genuine connections along with acceptance and love for ourselves.

    We're celebrating beauty from within at Rooted Self Expression Center

  • Thirteen-year-old Maria Pinto was skimming the pages of WWD when she decided designing had to be a part of her life. Inspired by urban architecture, Maria’s new line M2057 features elements of raw hems, angular lines, and draping that evoke glass and steel skyscrapers. Her pieces were designed with an artful approach to seamless transitioning, allowing garments to transform from casual to formal with ease. The theme behind M2057′s Fall collection is “Twisted Architecture” exploring a bridge between the linear and the fluid to create movement. We also asked Maria about Fall’s must-haves, “Every fall wardrobe needs a killer pair of boots, chunky cashmere sweaters, long dresses and skirts, and anything in leather!” We couldn’t agree more.

    The Art of Style: Maria Pinto of M2057

  • Shelby Steiner describes herself as curious and honest. She enjoys the little things, like bubble gum and a fresh pair of Dr. Marten’s. It’s that simplicity that makes her uber chic in her own right. The young designer is part of the Macy’s Fashion Incubator program for 2014. Her namesake designs are inspired by a conglomeration of curated places, things, sounds and experiences. Her collections embody a sense of simplicity and androgyny in a bold and peaceful look. Shelby crafts her garments with natural fibers including hemp, bamboo, and organic cotton for sustainable practices. Her latest collection is a product of meditation: clean, wearable, and somewhat of a casual, wearable and lived-in luxury.

    The Art of Style: Shelby Steiner of Shelby Steiner

  • Laura Petrielli-Pulice characterizes herself as quiet and collected, but her designs take on a different personality of bold and provocative elements. Laura founded her first line Vex in 2000, which offers a collection of luxury latex clothing. Since Vex was established for a somewhat niche audience, Voyeur by Vex was born from Laura’s experience competing on Bravo’s Styled to Rock as she found herself needing to design looks for a more mainstream audience. Although all Voyeur by Vex garments have a fabric component as well, Laura always incorporates accents of her signature latex look. Her fall collection includes alluring green moto pants and a hypnotic zip up skirt, which were featured during the Styled to Rock finale. We love the way Laura thinks of style for the everyday woman: powerful, sexy and a whole lot flirtatious.

    The Art of Style: Laura Pulice of Voyeur by Vex

  • Meghan Lorenz ventured west after high school to pursue a dream of becoming a set designer within the L.A. film industry. Meghan soon brought back some west coast inspiration to fuel her new creative adventure, a uniquely designed jewelry line named Cities in Dust. Named after a Siouxsie and The Banshees song about Pompeii, Meghan’s pieces radiate a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll and a little bit avant garde aesthetic. She looks to interior decor, especially light fixtures, as inspirations for her designs. Her new Fall 2014 collection embodies an op art and mid century modern appearance.

    The Art of Style: Meghan Lorenz of Cities in Dust

  • Sanah Yasin takes her Pakistan roots and brings them to life through her womenswear collection, La Nisay. Her garments radiate opulence with hand beaded and embroidered details. Sanah finds inspiration through traveling and exploring the various cultures and traditions. Her Fall collection is specifically inspired by nature, with designs of embellished birds, trees and other aspects of nature based upon travels and escapades with her family. Keep an eye out for this new and emerging designer’s website launch in November, with online purchasing coming shortly thereafter.

    The Art of Style: Sanah Yasin of La Nisay

  • For New York City-based artist Cheese, art is everywhere. The soft-spoken illustrator and creator packs a punch with graphic prints that dot Manhattan streets and galleries alike. The colors and lines are Andy Warhol-approved, introducing a revolving door of Millennial pop culture icons like Bart Simpson and Popeye suspiciously eyeing Cheese's calling card: a wedge of candy-colored swiss, naturally. The same marking dots the NYC street art scene with wood block pieces painted in his signature color palette reminiscent of a psychedelic Mall food court. Basically: we're hooked.     For our line-up of art-inspired September issues this year, we teamed up with Cheese to develop a character to accompany our Fall Fashion model. At once playful, Cheese explains that this character is neither here nor there: our dotted, blue-nosed jaguar toes in the line between real and imaginary and Cheese loves the ambiguity that it creates in the story. We catch up with Cheese in his Manhattan studio and follow him to the street for his latest installation.

    Say Cheese! Meet the artist behind our illustrated Fall Fashion feature.

  • Olivia and Charles Ifergan take us through this hair how-to on tricking out your tresses with some easy knots and few strategically placed bobby pins. The result? An easy, simple and absolutely stunning look for your Fall tresses. We’re getting all tied up with this cool, messy ‘do to celebrate the season of statement hair.

    Hair How-To! Knotted Updo

  • A man who truly is cut above the rest, Charles Ifergan has been working his mane magic his entire life and he’s letting us in on some of his style secrets. The Parisian-born stylist began his hair career in Paris at the impressionable age of 15, citing multiple mentors, he credits Vidal Sassoon for making hair stylists the artists they are today—and who are we to disagree? Now, with 40 years under his belt, whatever Charles says, we listen! At 19, Charles snipped, shaped and styled the Windy City to establish himself as one of the city’s leading hair stylists. We sit down with Charles and his hair stylist daughter, Olivia, to talk about growing up in the salon spotlight, giving your best everyday and how they’re looking to bring out your best beautiful. We also walk through the new line of Charles Ifergan products featuring 24 applications for a salon experience from start to finish and formulated with expertise in every bottle (And of course, we pick our favorites for you to try). Let your hair down and watch this charming father-daughter duo in action.

    Hair Today! Charles Ifergan and daughter Olivia are a cut above the rest

  • We partnered with Topshop Personal Shopping for a fall fashion event in true G&F style. Instead of a fashion show to preview Topshop fall, we decided to shoot a live—yes, live!—editorial in the middle of  the Library Bar at the Public Hotel. In two hours. With two hundred people drinking champagne around our team. No sweat, right? Armed with G&F’s fun-loving team, we set out to kick off Fall like no other. In a tip of the hat to G&F September Issues’ Art theme, we took a clue from Public Hotels’ owner Ian Schrager’s Studio 54 past: the concept of the shoot was part Andy Warhol Factory, part space-age heroine and a whole lot of fun.

    One Night. Two Hours. Two Hundred People. It's our#GFxTOPSHOP Live Fashion shoot

  • Gold and copper accents exude Old World Charm on this sultry new look.

    G&F Fall Beauty How-To:The New Metallic Eye

  • Even though Jana Kinsman has been illustrating her whole life, the idea for Doodlebooth illuminated while sipping mimosas and drawing friends at a Christmas party—we knew we loved mimosas for a reason! We sit down and chat with the artist about her 4-year-old portraiture service, Doodlebooth. Not only did we see Jana in action during our interview, but we had her transform our closest friends into an army of doodle people at our G&F BFF Dinner. Not many people can capture a person’s essence quite like Jana, but the process seems sweetly simple. She tells us that her portraitures always begin with the face shape and smile. The rest is pure doodle magic.

    We get Doodle'd! Meet Jana Kinsman of Doodlebooth

  • Channel your inner mod Hollywood starlet with lashes that were made for the big screen.

    G&F Fall Beauty How-To:The New Lash + Liner

  • While jewel tones are always Fall’s expected tour de force, we hold tight to the tropical blues of warm weather of days gone by. Get blue!

    G&F Fall Beauty How-To:The New Colored Eye

  • We usher out coral and usher in the classic red pucker. Ditch the lipliner this season.

    G&F Fall Beauty How-To:The New Dark Lip

  • We’re getting schooled in DIY with master crafter Jourdan Fairchild. As part of our Art-focused September issues, we’re celebrating Jourdan’s new e-book Fly DIY with a boozy back to school special! Let’s put a disclaimer on that: the boozy part is for the parents and the back-to-school part is for the kiddos. Armed with a boatload of supplies, Jourdan cues up collegiate color combos for an easy DIY that transforms boring school supplies into marble-print perfection with nail polish.

    We go Back-to-Cool with master crafter Jourdan Fairchild

  • Sami Grisafe is unlike any triple-threat we’ve ever met! The all-star quarterback for the Chicago Force is challenging us to get down and dirty on the field. We suit up at Frazier Field in Evanston where Sami runs a few drills that surprisingly we aren’t too bad at. Sami isn’t only making touchdowns on the field. After attending the Chicago School of Performing arts at Roosevelt University on an acting scholarship, she began pursuing a music career as a singer-songwriter. She even sang The Star Spangled banner at the request of Illinois Governor, Pat Quinn, for the marriage equality bill signing.

    #GFPlaylist: Touchdown Passes (and dances!) with Sami Grisafe

  • It’s no secret that pie is a summer staple, but Bang Bang Pie is serving scrumptious slices all year round. Owner Michael Ciapciak of Logan Square’s Bang Bang Pie + Biscuits plays judge in G&F’s first ever pie eating contest–on your mark, get set, key lime! If pie isn’t enough to get you in, Bang Bang Pie is also baking up a storm of biscuits and other Midwestern delights at their Logan Square Cafe.

    #GFPlaylist: What's more All-American than a Bang Bang Pie Eating Contest

  • Spinning brings a lot of things to mind, from torturous workout classes to our favorite dj’s dance-inducing tunes, but Seth Bankier is bringing a trendier (and tastier!) type of spinning to Chicago: cotton candy!

    #GFPlaylist: We make big ass sweet treats with Spin-Spun Cotton Candy

  • Sommelier Kelly Capri Peterson Bates regaled us with some serious vino therapy at the Boarding House for this G&F Playlist—and surprise! One of us passed with flying colors. With a carefully curated wine list consisting of 450 different bottles, we enlisted the help of Kelly to get tasting notes and pairing recommendations to give our palette a boost of maturation.

    #GFPlaylist: We're sipping—and sniffing!—at The Boarding House Wine Tasting

  • We’re kicking it down dog style with yoga instructor Kris Krupa. On top of the Terrace at Trump, we’re balancing through three poses to get minded and meditated all the way to namaste. While the 6AM outdoor yoga class isn’t for everyone, those who are daring to join her to chaturanga with the sunrise will surely not be disappointed. We can’t help but love her mantra of keeping a present mind and enjoy every moment—especially at her powerful perch on the Terrace at Trump.

    #GFPlaylist: Come Downward Dog for Sunrise Yoga at Trump Terrace

  • We can’t pass up a summertime Happy Hour. Seriously—try us. Especially when we can throw one with a fashion favorite of ours. We teamed up with Furla to gather some of the most stylish sirens in the city to come toast to the luxe Italian handbag company’s pre-fall collection. To pick a favorite? Impossible. Between a myriad of metallic tones and the Metropolis—a new season staple which one lucky guest won in a social media giveaway—we invited guests (including Ladies of London star Juliet Angus and an all-star blogging host committee) to mix, mingle and boogie down to beats mixed by DJ Shannon O’Brien. While fashion lovers browsed some of the latest styles, Furla was excited to talk about their newest partnership with the Thompson Chicago. Launching in September, guests of the hotel are able to borrow Furla bags from the Pre-Fall and Fall 2014 collections on a comp basis. Talk about upping your style game and giving you more room in your carry-on for shoes. Sign us up.

    Missed #GFxFURLA? Not to worry—all the fun is right here.

  • Fun in the sun—Yes, Please! We're dashing around the city to bring you some of our favorite summertime activities—and all with a little friendly competition in mind. From making the biggest piece of cotton candy to sunrise yoga (and even a pie eating contest!), G&F hosts D. Graham Kostic and Candis Hickman go head to head in the name of good old fashioned, silly fun. Tune in soon for 10 not-to-miss al fresco activities that definitely need to be added to your Summer Playlist. Until then, tweet us @glossedandfound with #GFPlaylist for your favorite sunny to-do's this season.

    Up Next: The G&F Summer Playlist Series—catch the fun before it launches!

  • We might be flying through the summer season—get out there and do something!—but lucky for us, we've got plenty more nail polish colors before we start thinking about the F word: Fall. To celebrate the sunny season, we're showing a few of our favorite colors and trends. From the Geo French to a flirty polka dot, we've got plenty of fun in the sun by way of your talons. Go ahead—try these on for size.

    Sun Tips! We're sharing a few of our favorite Summer Nail Trends

  • A woman after our own colorful hearts, Branka Tomic literally hit the nail on the head with her luscious lacquers. As co-founder of LVX nail polish, Branka has created a line of total extravagance accessible for any woman to indulge in. LVX is the high fashion of polish, proving to be the ultimate way to show off your individuality and personal style without breaking the bank! Not only is LVX faithful to keeping us on trend with color palettes inspired by the runway, but formulas are free of the most common nail polish chemicals: Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, DBP, Toluene and Camphor. And if that wasn’t enough to fall in love with the bright hues, all products are produced cruelty-free in the great US of A. We catch up with Branka at Standout Style in Lakeview and get to work talking hands.

    We're talking nails + nail etiquette with LVX Nails

  • Strap on those character shoes and tighten that dance belt! All this month, we're bringing you our Musical Theatre favorites, anchored by #GFMusical Steam Heat! A celebration of all things Summer swim—styled in honor of the Great White Way. With a star-studded team—including NY-based photographer Billy Rood, LA-based choreographer Kathryn Burns and America's Next Top Model favorite Jaslene Gonzalez—G&F presents an explosion of lights, camera and a whole lot of action. We're tipping our hats to the classic American musical and we had a helluva a fun time doing it. Come take a peek behind the scenes with the G&F team from the model casting to the final glitzy shoot. We guarantee that you'll be humming your favorite Broadway tune in no time at all.

    Go backstage! It's #GFMusical Behind the Scenes

  • We have a secret to confess: we're musical theatre geeks. From the glitz and glamour, the sequins and curtain calls, we're taking a cue from Broadway to deliver a Summer Swim editorial that is as hot as the center spot. With one-piece suits that remind us of rehearsal wear of days past, we're rocking our best Fosse poses to share summer's sweetest. And with a supporting cast of three models, lead by Jaslene Gonzalez, that sizzle in the summer's steam heat, this entire issue is dedicated to the Great White Way. This is hats off to Bob Fosse—it's time to take center stage, Broadway Baby, this is our time to shine.

    It's Curtain's Up on #GFMusical Summer Swim shoot.

  • It's G&F's Summer Culture Issue—and we're going crazy for all things musical theater. While we love the classics—our latest fashion editorial was a tribute to the jazz legend Bob Fosse—we've got our eyes on the horizon as well. And pulling in at full steam is The Last Ship. With music by Sting, the brand new musical previewing in Chicago before it's Broadway debut is a story of an English seafaring town on a quest to preserve their daily grind: the shipyard. We go backstage of the new project to talk with one of the show's stars, Rachel Tucker. Hailing from Belfast, Ireland, this stunning talent made a name for herself early on in her career on a BBC talent show-themed TV series. From there, she graced the West End stages in London and, after the Chicago engagement, she's just moments away from making her Broadway debut in the role of Meg in the critically acclaimed new work.

    The Last Ship's Rachel Tucker invites us backstage.

  • Welcome to the G&F Green Goddess issue. We've got plenty of green goodies for you—and one that we absolutely can't get enough of: Momma Cuisine. The hustlin' blogger hosts Great Everyday Meals cooking show on her site, offering easy and delicious recipes for the girl on the go. We catch up with Momma on the rooftop of Zed451 for some al fresco fun—cooking and mixing up a G&F Double Feature: A Farmer's Market Salad with Grilled Peach Vinaigrette and a Grilled Peach Sangria. Watch this exclusive G&F Interview to snag the recipe and try it out for yourself.

    Leave it to Momma Cuisine to cook up tasty and fun in the same dish

  • As a self proclaimed garden girl, Sara Gasbarra lends a helping hand—or green thumbs rather—to restaurants around the city in building and maintaining vegetable gardens. From the Hilton Chicago to Nellcôte, this jolly green goddess knows a thing or two about having some good thymes. (If you liked what we did there, just wait until you check out the puns in our video below). Sara turned her love of gardening into a full functioning urban garden consulting biz where she can implement sustainable and organic practices in unconventional spaces. And for the layman, we love her advice for experimenting with herbs in your own space. In between getting her hands dirty, she snaps beautiful greenery on her inspiring instagram account.  In the spirit of G&F, things get a little punny as Sara walks us through a super simple DIY of chive blossom vinegar and a handy field guide to having fun with herbs.

    Sara Gasbarrashows us her rules of (green) thumb for planting herbs

  • Road trip season is here. And this year? We're traveling south to Nashville. The jewel of Tennessee is a melting pot of cool history, great music and a style all its own. And, dare we say, the city is experiencing a cultural renaissance that is overwhelmingly electric. While we're featuring a full travel guide to unlock the city's distinct personalities, watering holes and other to-do's, our #GFTravel issue wouldn't be complete without a fashion story that's just as sweet as home-made apple pie. We scour Nashville's thriving vintage and retail scene—and mix in a few of our favorite wanderlust brands—to bring you a #GFTravel moving postcard to inspire you to get up and go. Wish you were here!

    #GFTravel + Fashion Nashville: A Moving Postcard

  • What do you get when you put together 276 cowboys and a thousand apple pies? A darn good time at the Franklin Rodeo! From steer wrestling to mutton busting, a trip to Nashville would not be complete without getting down to some southern rodeo roots. Billed as the largest rodeo in Tennessee and happening once a year just 20 minutes outside of Nashville, the Franklin Rodeo hosts over 16,000 attendees a year and is run by the local Rotary club to raise money for community causes. We got to celebrate their 65th anniversary Tennessee-style with some Strawberry shortcake, cowboy hats and some hootin ‘n hollerin.  Executive director Bill Fitzgerald roped us in before this year’s rodeo to talk steer ropin’. The result? We’ll let the professionals do this from now on.

    #GFTravel Nashville: We're learning the ropes with the Franklin Rodeo.

  • After her friends dubbed her marshmallows, “swallowing god in velvet pants” Sarah knew she was on to something real sweet. The Bang Candy Company operates out of a cafe in Marathon Village, Nashville, where you can see confections being made to perfection or hang out to nibble on a salad. But with so many sweet choices, a salad might not be the best choice. Sarah’s creations range from artisan syrups to liven your libations to boozy bourbon caramels. We catch up with the Queen of Marshmallows—we proudly dub her this title—to learn the art of ‘mallow eating.

    #GFTravel Nashville: We go 'mallow for 'mallow with the Bang Candy Company

  • Don’t threaten us with a silly time because we’re all about F-U-N at G&F. We giggle with Kate Mills and Ashley Sheehan of Old Made Good—perfectly abbreviated to O.M.G—who craft and source amusing vintage finds at their East Nashville outpost. Their cross stitch pieces are a perfect combination of antique goodness with sarcastic attitude—lovingly called Naughty Needlepoints. We catch up at their glittering emporium of tantalizing treasures and cool finds and sit down with the duo to try our hand at our very own Naughty Needlepoint. And although they aren’t going to bring us on as copywriters for this project, we get to know the Nashville-based duo.

    #GFTravel Nashville: Naughty Needlepoints with DIY pro's Old Made Good, anyone?

  • Moonshine conjures up some serious imagery (read: hillbillies with ceramic jugs marked XXX, right?!) But for the crew behind American Born Moonshine, the goal is to create Moonshine that is totally sippable and still holds true to its Southern roots..We asked Paradise Park bartender Sam Douthit to mix up three quick American Born Moonshine recipes. The result? Easy drinking.

    #GFTravel Nashville: We mix up three easy American Born Moonshine cocktails

  • Pinewood Social is a distinguished space that takes social gathering to the next level (just check out #PinewoodSocial on instagram to get a serious case of FOMO).  The sophisticated playground is a hot spot for tasty food, divine drinks and shameless fun—cue the karaoke and bowling. We’re mixing up a cocktail with some Nashville roots with Pinewood Social’s beverage director Matt Tocco. The Marathon Manhattan is a smokey delight featuring whiskey by Corsair, the first post-prohibition distillery in Nashville. Snag the recipe.

    #GFTravel Nashville: Pinewood Social mixes the Marathon Manhattan

  • Memorial Day is next weekend. And that can only mean one thing: SUMMER ROAD TRIP SEASON HAS BEGUN! Perhaps our favorite time of year—who can deny a good long weekend to recharge your long-ass-winter batteries?!—we pack up our car and head down south to Music City, USA: Nashville. While there is plenty to do to fulfill your music needs, we explored a little deeper into the heart of the jewel of this Tenneseee town. And coming next week, we're brining you our #GFTravel guide to a city that is stylish, laid-back and oozes southern charm for days.  From sippin' Moonshine to naughty needlepoints, catch a peek at our wild ride in Nashville and check back into after Memorial Day for the full #GFTravel guide + fashion issue.

    #GFTravel Sneak Peek! A little BTS from our Nashville, TN road trip

  • With the change of the seasons—and this change has been exceptionally trying!—comes a brand new, stylish look for yo' man. Strap on your spring trainers, boys! We're debuting our favorites for Spring Fashion for men. From daywear with a varsity prep feel to uber-stylish duds for a post-workout coffee, we're doing multiple reps to bring you the most stylish get-ups for the season. Watch this exclusive G&F interview + fashion editorial.

    We Werk It Out! for G&F Men's Fashion Issue

  • We’re taking you behind the bar of Chicago’s newest craft cocktail tavern, Sportsman’s Club. Beverage Director Wade McElroy walks us through the ultimate summer concoction (and a G&F exclusive cocktail!) for our Men’s Issue. Nestled between Humboldt Park and Ukranian Village, this neighborhood spot has a revolving menu changing daily to satisfy all thirsty tastebuds. Stop in for a game of cordial checkers or post up at the back patio. From the mounted antlered taxidermy to the mallard-clad stemware, we’re cozying up to this new watering hole all summer long. Take a look at how to mix up The Dapper Dram, the perfect warm weather drink.

    Summer Lovin'! We're mixin' up the perfect summer cocktail with Sportsman's Club

  • Meet Efrain Torres. He's a boxer. And a good one at that.  To celebrate the G&F Men's Issue, we head to Reach: Beyond Fitness to get in the ring with this pro. From a jump rope warm-up—that we totally need to practice more—to the proper form for the jab 1-2, we work. it. out. And even though we're not getting in the ring for regular competitions (although we wouldn't mind getting our hands on a killer embroidered silk robe), we've found a heart-pounding, fist-pumping work out that's worth its weight in a one of those cool ass champion belts. Watch this G&F extra to wet your whistle on the art of the punch.

    Knock Out! We engage the core for a Boxing Lesson.

  • For fashion lover Andrew Wayne, the phrase 'If you dream it, you can do it,' has never been more real. Case and Point: The Chicago-based designer had a dream one night of walking through a pine forest and uncovered plexiglass boxes of painted canvas bags. Freaky? Yes. Unbelievable? No. Pine + Plastic was born from one quick REM cycle. Featuring hand-painted designs, Andrew has developed totes and travel pouches with panache—and a little more staying power than the handful of others we have recently retired (read: thrown away because they get too dirty). These sturdy bags feature high-grade canvas and are all fully lined with with two side pockets. And the handy Passenger Pouches are the perfect catch-all for daily necessities. We catch up with Andrew in his Andersonville studio to walk us through the making of a bag. While we dip our toes in the creative design pool, we're happy to shop the styles on site that are already prepped, printed and ready to tote.

    We go behind the scenes with totes cool accessories brand Pine & Plastic.

  • Bold style and bright color? That combo just screams Springtime in our book. We're lining up our favorite accessories this season and giving you the rundown on the perfect sidekicks for your style. And since we're covering every color on the spectrum, there's a little something for everyone. From yellows and oranges to bright whites and pastel peach, we're giving ROY G. BIV a run for his money. Watch them in action in this exclusive G&F feature.

    We've got the boldest (and brightest!) Spring Accessories. See them in action!

  • Forget Spring Break! At the head of the class this season? Florals! Pastels! Color! It's a brand new style set of feminine fun—from graphic sweatshirts and mint jumpers to bold, bright accessories and ladies-who-lunch charm detail. As If! We're giving out extra credit to our new crew of popular girls who are rocking the season's trends and have time for after school activities. Welcome to Style Academy—and you can totally sit with us.

    Now enrolling for Spring! Go behind the scenes of our Style Academy shoot.

  • Spring is finally springing and we got a head start with a gal who knows a thing or two about staying cute—and with brand spankin' new stuff on her site! Emma Arnold, the genius behind Street Style blog is expanding her horizons this year, sharing fun new features and crafty how-to's on her well-known and beautifully shot site. We were so enamored by her first DIY that we wanted to get in on the action, too! With festival season happening NOW, Emma walks us through an updated spring classic: the floral crown. Emma's addition? A denim twist.

    Spring's hottest accessory? Tres Awesome's Emma Arnold walks us thru her Denim Floral Crown

  • Call us old fashioned, but when it comes to the L-word, we're head over in heels in it. Add a ring on that finger, and Swoon! We've got serious heart problems. Meet Glossed & Gowned—your guide to unlocking some inspired fashion and beauty to-do's that will elevate your aisle style just as fast as you can say I Do! Feminine details reign supreme for our favorite wedding day looks. From BHLDN to Valentino, G&F is channelling our inner Parisienne princess in our

    Glossed & Gowned Bridal Fashion, anyone? Say HELLO LOVE to our favorite wedding dresses

  • They say it's all in the details, and no one knows that better than local wedding dress designer Veronica Scheaffer. The bespoke line speaks to dressmaking of days gone by: excellent craftsmanship, thoughtful and surprising details and unsurpassed quality—all good things when it comes to your wedding gown. We catch up with the boho beauty in her Chicago studio to talk aisle style, her love of the veil and much more bridal goodies.

    Let's Talk Aisle Style! We catch up with bridal designer Veronica Sheaffer

  • In this week's issue, we asked 34 talented artists 'What is art?' Their responses? Just as varied as their work. These talented voices often go unheard. But if there is one thing we’re committed to at G&F, it’s spotlighting talented individuals who are reshaping the status quo. We’re excited to announce a year long partnership with the non-profit organization, Project Onward. Operating as both a studio and gallery, Project Onward’s mission is to cultivate career development and professional opportunities for artists with mental and developmental disabilities. The stories are triumphant. The art is brilliant. Watch this exclusive peek inside our new friends, Project Onward.

    Meet our new friends: Project Onward. Be warned: you will be touched.

  • While we never trust ourselves to get that mouthful of a last name correct, we are confident about one thing when it comes to George Kotsiopoulos: he speaks fashion, we listen. We snag a few minutes at the Swarovski boutique to talk staying chic with the Chicago-born celeb stylist and TV personality. And who would have thunk that G&F co-host Candis Hickman and him share the same hair woes?! Want more tips? George's new book (appropriately titled

    Hello, Style! We snag a few minutes with fashion expert George Kotsiopoulos.

  • With the weather being like it is, we're suffering from a serious case of loopiness. But this is just the daily grind for Kristin Oldach of Kraeo Handmade Knits. Her wish-she-would-have-thought-about-it-for-a-bit-longer namesake line might just be our only luxury during this dreadfully long winter. And like anything—when you can't beat 'em, join 'em. So we stop over her home studio for a quick  crocheting lesson. The result? She's much better than us. But crochet away, Kristin! We want as many of her chunky, funky knits that she can churn out. Watch the exclusive G&F Interview—because after all, the issue is titled “It’s Still Winter” but we hope that it’s only for a little while longer. Can we get an Amen?

    We warm up and get loopy with Kraeo Handmade Knits

  • G&F Winter Weekend Getaway:Grand Geneva History + Playboy Legacy

  • G&F Winter Weekend Getaway:Cool Winter Activities

  • G&F Winter Weekend Getaway:Après Ski Drinks

  • Here she is boys! Here she is world! The fiery burlesque queen Michelle L’Amour knows how to work an audience with a boa and pair of gloves. The showstopper is among the best in the biz and has teased from Sao Paolo to Zurich. It’s Valentine’s Day, so a little flirting and subverting feels oh so right. “The Most Naked Woman” dishes on burlesque inspirations and teaching women how to embrace femininity. Did we mention her delightful derriere is behind the viral video “Butthoven”? You can also learn to bump and grind at Michelle’s Studio L’Amour in the West loop.

    We bump and grind with Burlesque Star Michelle L'Amour

  • Just a quick hour and a half outside of Chicago and a hop over the Illinois/Wisconsin border lies a playground of some serious proportions. 1,300 acres serious. Meet the Grand Geneva Resort and Spa, the glistening jewel of hotel properties in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. And this resort doesn’t sleep! While the summer season boasts a busy pool, a golf course and miles of sunshine, the winter is just as cool when it comes to weekend activities.We drive to the Grand Geneva with big hopes and spending cash burning a hole in our pocket. The result? A grand old time. The extremely family friendly resort might not be at the top of the list for a getaway for the cosmopolitan set but we soon learn that the Grand Geneva has a few tricks up its sleeve.

  • Ultra feminine. Super girly. Whatever you call it—we love it. We're embracing our inner candy-coated Marilyn Monroe to show off some of our favorite frilly things this season. In this steamy and dreamy world, romantic hues in soft blushes and baby blues mix well with playful animal prints. And forget diamonds, this G&F girl goes goo-goo over the feminine charms of Agent Provocateur to TopShop. See the shoot + watch the G&F Valentine's Day PJ + Lingerie film.

    LOVE FOOL! We're gettin' girly in our Valentine's Day PJ + Lingerie shoot

  • We're sharing quick and easy Valentine's that are as cute as they are quick. Download our templates (link below!) and relax—you got this love thing in the bag! Because after all, why spend all the time and money on something that's just going to get shoved to the side when your love comes in for that big smooch.

    G&F Valentine's Day DIY #1: Pooch Pouch + VDay Cards

  • Go ahead! Make a Valentine's Day Wish! Why should blowing out candles be reserved for just birthdays? Celebrate VDay woof love with these spray painted doggy candle holders—just add cake!

    G&F Valentine's Day DIY #2: Painted Doggy Cake Topper

  • We're putting a little extra silly into a tasty—and easy!—Oreo Milkshake. For a fun, festive dessert, dress up this classic soda shop order with a shot (or two!) of bourbon. Milk—it does a lover good!

    G&F Valentine's Day DIY #3: Spiked Oreo Milkshake

  • We couldn't help but get a head start on Valentine's Day. And there is no better person to get us in the mood—and groove!—than Jocelyn Delk Adams of Grandbaby Cakes. The sweet treat blogger, who was inspired by her grandmother to start her baking blog, cooks up classic desserts with a modern twist. Oh, and did we mention she's a whole lot of fun? Watch the G&F Interview filmed at the World of Whirlpool brand experience center to learn the recipe for the Strawberry Heart Upside Down Cake—just in time to try it yourself for a very special VDay treat.

    Sweets for my Sweet! We're baking up fun with Grandbaby Cakes

  • Meet Barre Bee Fit. It's guaranteed to kick your butt. The group fitness fusion program geared toward women mixes ballet barre technique with some serious floor work and choreography. Don't sweat the small stuff though—the results are incredible. And with four Chicago locations, there are very few excuses not to try it out. Why G&F loves BBF? Because it's tailored to what you can do, not what you're supposed to do. Yes, the workout is in intense. Yes, it's going to make your legs feel like jelly. But living by The Barre Code, the BBF mantra, is the best takeaway. That and those rock solid abs you're bound to end up with.   Workout pros and BBF Founders Jillian Lorenz and Ariana Chernin lead G&F co-host Candis Hickman through a few of the Barre Bee Fit standards. Watch the G&F Interview and get inspired.

    Barre Bee Fit kicks our butt—and we're going back for more!

  • It's Health + Beauty month on G&F—but for these seven go-gettin' entrepreneurs, every month is Health + Beauty month. We tapped some of our favorite up-and-comers who are pounding the pavement to deliver the good word on good living. From two new juicing concepts to a subscription-based fragrance site and even an organic skincare line based on Chinese medicine, G&F's The Art of Good Living guide follows seven companies whose goal is to make your life more conscious and more beautiful. Happy Living, y'all!

    Seven feel-good entrepreneurs sound off in our The Art of Good Living feature

  • Last week we brought your our Spring Beauty Preview—coming out of the gate strong in 2014 sharing our most coveted beauty looks of a much-anticipated Spring. This week? We’re kicking off a year of the New You with some of the top make up moments and must-haves to make your year start off beautifully. Pun intended! From high profile collaborations to beauty insiders, we’re giving you a tour de force of Beauty—2014 style. READ ON, BEAUTY LOVERS!

    Making good face has never been this easy. Meet ourBeauty Kick-Off 2014

  • Talk about a dynamic duo! Sisters Cecil Booth and Dr. Rebecca Booth, through years of development, have released a revolutionary product line that has taken the G&F staff by storm. Meet VENeffect, the sister’s brand of anti-aging skincare solutions to reverse the signs of hormonal aging. And this isn’t anti-aging just for those chasing the fountain of youth, the properties of VENeffect are universal—producing an undeniable glow and restoring skin to its peak (read: your early twenties). It’s all in maxing The Venus Effect, Rebecca and Cecil’s tagline referring to all the feminine wiles provided by estrogen. When estrogen begins to fluctuate later in life, VENeffect steps in to replicate the properties with its natural plant-based complex—and we thank them for it! We sit down with the sisters to talk phytoestrogens (we knew you had to read that word twice), bad hair days and more in this week’s G&F Spotlight.

    The founders of anti-aging miracle line VENeffect talk shop (& bad hair days) with G&F

  • All hail the green goddess! Indie Lee’s rise to eco-chic beauty queendom is one for the books. After a life-threatening diagnosis which cornered environmental toxins as the cause, the NY-based entrepreneur set her sites on creating some good out of the heartbreaking news. And good she did create! Meet the Indie Lee eco-chic beauty line. The spirited brand touts all-natural ingredients to enhance your grooming regimen—or as she calls it “Green Glamour.” We invite the bubbly beauty over to share some easy DIY recipes to get you started in the new year with a brand new lease on your beauty life. Throw open your cabinets or make a quick run to the store—these are two very simple DIY’s that will soon be new standards for your weekly routine. We guarantee it.  Watch the G&F Video below to learn the Coconut Sugar Scrub and Soothing Egg Mask.

    We invite Indie Lee into the kitchen to make (super simple!) beauty DIY's.

  • Wow, Mom, Wow! It's been quite the year. From grocery cart racing to fortune cookie making, beach dancing and models prancing, and everything in between, we've had a whole heck of a lot of fun in 2013. Oh, and we learned a lot, too. Check out a quick snapshot of our year-in-review. Our takeaway? If you're not having fun, you might as well just give up. So like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Subscribe to us on YouTube. Write us mail. Call us on our landline. We want to see a lot more of you in 2014.

    It's G&F's Best of 2013. A year-in-review with a whole lotta fun.

  • RIBBON DANCER! Start with a freshly baked cake (we don’t care if it’s store bought or made from scratch) and add a little extra personality. The result? A holiday pleaser that looks and tastes good.

    G&F x The Cakegirls Holiday DIY #1: Ribbon Candy Cake

  • DITCH THE EGGNOG—MIX UP SOMETHING EVERYONE WILL LIKE! For the perfect dessert drink, mix up a batch of these minty cocktails (and be sure to watch our Peppermint Extras video to see how to make the candy swizzle stick)?

    G&F x The Cakegirls Holiday DIY #2: Peppermintini

  • HO HO HOLD UP! Store bought sweets dressed up for a fancy schmancy cocktail party? Sign us up! We give the classic Ho Ho a Yule tide makeover that is sure to impress your guests.

    G&F x The Cakegirls Holiday DIY #3: Ho Ho Yule Logs

  • MINT OVERLOAD! We've got some cutesy ways to show off your holiday spirit. Try the handmade Peppermint Swizzle Sticks and Peppermint Candy Bowls.

    G&F x The Cakegirls Holiday DIY #4: The Peppermint Extras

  • Liked our Holiday Fashion Issue? Take a peek behind the lens and join us on set. We've got some fun up our sleeve (i.e. a real live Jolly St. Nick!).

    Get more Vixens! Take a peek of the G&F Holiday Issue Behind the Scenes

  • We're making a list and checking it twice! Because we don't want to be without a fab frock this holiday season. Bright and cheery, we take a visit to the North Pole to glam up Santa's little helpers. From cozy PJ's that are a Christmas morning must to the perfect blush-tone party dresses for a fun night on the town, we doll up the G&F Vixens with holiday looks that will cover all your events for the season. And topping our wish list this year? Ditch the LBD and go super-sized festive. Watch this exclusive G&F Fashion film.

    We heart the Holidays. Meet The Vixens:Santa's stylish new helpers.

  • The mad dash to find the perfect gift has begun. Don't fret if you're behind—that's why we're here! We've combed some of our favorite spots in the city to bring you fool-proof presents that will make the recipient giddy for more. But buyer beware! These giftables are potently powerful in their cuteness and we can't help you if you want to keep most of them for yourself (and we'll turn a blind eye if you do!). For every special person in your life, take a look at G&F's 2013 Holiday Gift Guide.

    Stumped on Gifts? G&F's Holiday Gift Guide 2013 will cure your gift block.

  • Rev up your December spirit—G&F Holiday is here! To help us  kick off the most wonderful time of the year, we teamed up with Cadillac to throw a fashionable fete at the Cadillac Luxury Lounge in the Shops at North Bridge.

    Rev up your Holiday spirit! We team up with Cadillacfor a Holiday kick-off event.

  • And... she's back! Our little pint-sized co-host helps out with one additional Thanksgiving-themed treat. This time, we're talking teepees. Colorful, tasty ones. And G&F creative director's niece Francesca jumps right in to dress hers up right! Chef Alekka Sweeney of Give Me Some Sugar takes ice cream cones and helps us transform them into charming little snow dusted teepees. Love this look? Don't miss our Quirky Turkey how-to, too.

    Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving DIY #2:Totally Teepees!

  • With Thanksgiving around the corner, you'll need all hands on deck. Even the tiny little ones. G&F creative director D. Graham Kostic recruited his niece Francesca for a sweet one-on-one with Chef Alekka Sweeney of Give Me Some Sugar. The result? Fun, quirky Thanksgiving day turkey treats that the whole family will enjoy. Up first? We make funny little chocolate turkeys. Although delicious, these little works of art can be used as name holders for place settings and decor.

    Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving DIY #1:Quirky Turkeys!

  • Bright eyed interior designer Melody Soleimani knows her way around a room. The LA-based designer cut her teeth with some industry biggies (ahem, Ammie Kim and Kelly Wearstler) and ventured out solo style on a variety of high profile projects soon after. The result? She's honed her sleek style into a fantastic mix that is at once rich and layered and also sweetly playful and punchy—quite like herself, we'd say! Not wanting to keep all the trade secrets to herself, Melody has recently launched an e-commerce leg to her brand, providing shoppers (and design fawners) an opportunity to snag high end pieces at great, designer-only prices. From wall scones to bar carts and everything in between, Melody's virtual shop is a must-click destination for any design lover. G&F's creative director invites the interior designer over to his place to talk design.

    Interior Designer Melody Soleimani talks her rules of design—she's very opinionated! And we like it.

  • Talking with Mary Beth Herr and Dorothy Coyle together is like chatting with sisters. The dynamic pair—whom affectionately go by their nicknames M.B. and Dot, respectively—are behind the 12,000 square foot furniture consignment super showroom Coyle & Herr. Yes, you read that correctly: 12,000 square feet. Housed in the Bridgeport Art Center, the boutique is a rotating door for all sorts of home design pieces—in different shapes, sizes and, wait for it!, price points. From high to low (and we're talking ridiculously low), the pair talk their favorite pieces and more with G&F. PHOTO: Scott Thompson

    12,000 square feet of design? Yes, please! We talk with Coyle & Herr

  • For street style icon Tziporah Salamon, fashion is an art. And in her presence, we feel sorely underdressed. But we don't let that stop us from talking shop and style with the woman who has built a career off of, to be it plainly, getting it right. We play 'Where were you when' with some of our favorite past looks of Tziporah. For having so many clothes, she has the most excellent memory ever. Watch this exclusive G&F Interview today. PHOTO: Dan Rous.

    Street Style icon Tziporah Salamon talks fashion with G&F—we listen.

  • It's our Fourth Annual G&F Halloween Special and this year, we got all dolled up to belly up to the bar with lifestyle expert Rochelle Trotter. The TV personality and wife of chef Charlie Trotter mix up some intoxicatingly spooky cocktails just in time for Halloween. And what's even better? These drinks may look complicated, but the recipes are more treat than trick. With a few unexpected surprises and some exotic-looking ingredients, Rochelle is taking your Halloween cocktail party to the next level this year. And we happily sip along with her. Watch this exclusive—and silly!—G&F Interview today.

    It's the G&F Halloween Special. Lifestyle expert Rochelle Trotter mixes up fun!

  • When it comes to men's fashion, shopping for the latest trends isn't always the best way to build a stellar wardrobe. Enter Stock Manufacturing Company. The fledgling men's fashion label sits pretty in Chicago producing high-quality, well-constructed and American-made garments that are perfect additions to the modern man's wardrobe. From simple button-ups to fall flannels and plaids, we step behind the scene with product development and production lead Tim Tierney to talk men's fashion and building the stock manufacturing wardrobe—oh and we hardly think that you dress like a slob, Tim. Watch the exclusive G&F Interview.

    We visit Stock Manufacturing Company to talk men's fashion & more.

  • Meet Rob Mann, president of Henry & Belle. The sixty-year old Chicago-based denim company welcomes G&F to the set of their Spring 2014 look book shoot to talk returning to the basics—Indigo. Rob talks poetically about creating the perfect pair of denim and reinvigorating life into old styles. The result? New trends for your second skin. Watch the exclusive G&F Interview. Now what to wear with that denim? Check out our Perfect Pair accessories shoot in this week's Spotlight.

    Henry & Belle denim invites on set of their Spring '14 Look Book shoot.

  • Last week, we shared our Fall Beauty Favorites but before you go getting all fancy with your make up looks, we want to share the most flawless, most classic, most basic beauty look. And guess what? This is everyone’s best face forward. This is your second skin.

    Find your Second Skin. We feature our favorite fresh face look.

  • In this week’s issue, we’re celebrating natural beauty. And no one does natural beauty better than the Queen of Raw, Karyn Calabrese. Her Chicago-based empire is a holistic way to live life and her newly revamped Inner Beauty Center and O2 Day Spa follows suit. Celebrating no botox, no surgery and no sick days, we catch up with Karyn who talks through her secrets of long, healthy, beautiful life. Watch the exclusive G&F video.

    The Queen of Raw, Karyn Calabrese, shares her secrets of a beautiful life

  • Although we (reluctantly) say goodbye to summer, we welcome Fall with open arms—and a new love for our makeup drawer! Taking cues from icons of the past, we share our favorite fall beauty trends from these lovely ladies—all with a modern twist. From the contoured cheeks and cat eye of Brigitte Bardot to the batting of the blue mascara eyes of Marisa Berenson, we're showing you just exactly how to achieve these silver screen looks for a fabulous fall. Check out the shoot in this week’s Spotlight and watch the behind the scenes video, too.

    Fall Beauty Muses Behind the Scenes Video

  • In our Fall Beauty Muses series, we're channeling our favorite  Learn the Brigitte Bardot contoured cheek in this G&F How-To Beauty Film.

    Fall Beauty Muses How-To: Brigitte Bardot's Contour

  • In our Fall Beauty Muses series, we're channeling our favorite silver screen beauty icons. Channel the Jane Birkin peachy glow in this G&F How-To Beauty Film.

    Fall Beauty Muses How-To: Jane Birkin's Peachy Glow

  • In our Fall Beauty Muses series, we're channeling our favorite  Learn the colorful eye a la Marisa Berenson in this G&F How-To Beauty Film.

    Fall Beauty Muses How-To: Marisa Berenson's Colorful Mascara

  • In our Fall Beauty Muses series, we're channeling our favorite silver screen beauty icons. Learn the Diana Ross cat eye in this G&F How-To Beauty Film.

    Fall Beauty Muses How-To: Diana Ross' Mod Cat Eye

  • If there is one thing we love, it's a new piece in our wardrobe. Enter Purely Fashion App—the style destination that debuts designers' collections before they hit runways and available for purchase straight from the easy tap of a screen on your phone. From the effervescent Borris Powell to new mom Samantha Sleeper, we tap our favorite Purely Fashion App designers whose Fall collections inspire us to look better this season. Watch this exclusive G&F interview.

    We amp up Fall Fashion with our favorite designers at Purely Fashion App

  • With Summer almost coming to a close (believe us, we'll soak every last day of sun out of the season), we turned to some of our most well-dressed movers and shakers to talk about how they're ending the season. The common denominator? A great cocktail. From designers to entrepreneurs, a nightlife fixture and even a very accomplished mixologist, G&F taps six men to talk cocktail culture and closing out their summers. And be sure to check out the surveys they filled out in this week's G&F Spotlight.

    Our favorite Best Dressed Guys mix up their favorite Summer cocktails.

  • Meet Giselle Wasfie. The former Glamour magazine editor turned acupuncturist (yes, you read that right) takes us downtown to Chinatown to build our own herbal formula for a common summer cold. From sharing the effects of ginseng to talking all kinds of science—most of which goes right over our heads—Giselle gives us a funny and informative tour of her work. Watch the exclusive G&F interview today.

    Giselle Wasfie takes us downtown to Chinatown for some herbal fun.

  • You can't hide our pride! This summer season, we let freedom ring with all-American style with a twist. Frolicking the beaches of Harbor Country, Michigan to a pit stop for fireworks right over the border, we celebrate summer's sense of style. The result? A stylish road trip worth remembering. Watch this exclusive G&F Fashion Film.

    We celebrate the All American Road Trip in this G&F Summer Travel Fashion film

  • Just a little over a one hour drive from Chicago takes you to the heart of Lake Michigan—a bustling community of cool people, great shops + beautiful beaches. G&F travels to Harbor Country and brings back some travel souvenirs to help you plan an inspired summer weekend getaway. We film SIX videos in EIGHT cities over ONE weekend. Summer vacation never looked this good! Watch the round-up film of all our summer vacay fun.

    Meet the G&F Travel Series: Harbor Country, Michigan

  • Not a good day for the beach? Spend the afternoon at this local brewery that features 12 beers on tap. Join the Mug Club, you'll have your own special mug waiting for you on your next visit. We belly up to the bar with co-founder Jill Sites for a crash course in Greenbush beers.

    G&F TRAVEL SERIES: Greenbush Brewing Company

  • It's a sophisticated spin on pub fare at this restaurant within the Marina Grand Harbor Resort. Think pizzas from a wood-burning oven, fresh seafood and Amish roasted chicken. We step in the kitchen with chef Jenny Drilon to bake up a delicious pizza for two.

    G&F TRAVEL SERIES: Bentwood Tavern

  • Surfing on Lake Michigan IS possible, and this shop is all about that lifestyle. Look for surf and skate gear, clothing, accessories and everything else you'll need to catch a wave. We take to the river to try our hand at paddle boarding. And yes, most likely, we will probably fall in.

    G&F TRAVEL SERIES: Paddle Boarding

  • Located next door to Lakeside Antiques, this small temporary shop (open Memorial Day through Labor Day) features Heche's beautiful gold-accented jewelry. We walk the beach and find treasures for Abigail's latest collection.

    G&F TRAVEL SERIES: Abigail Heche Jewelry

  • You'd never guess that the building that houses this vintage shop with a Midcentury Mod twist used to be a rundown grocery store. Look at that awesome exterior! It was destined to be a cool store carrying hip vintage goods and items by local designers. We visit with the shop owner Stacia who helps us plan the perfect summer picnic.

    G&F TRAVEL SERIES: Sojourn Summer Picnic

  • Just four miles from New Buffalo, this 28-acre horse farm offers riding lessons, horse shows, trail rides and more. Giddy up! We get a lesson from owner Shannon Barnes.

    G&F TRAVEL SERIES: Stateline Stables

  • With a name like Kelly Purkey, you just gotta be a giggler. BINGO! The bubbly scrapbooker visits G&F to talk about scrappin' on the go. Armed with a few simple tools in a easy-to-tote pouch (a few Kelly Purkey namesake line stamps and washi tape, for example) Kelly teaches us a few basics on stylishly recording your memories. And it's perfect timing as we're kicking off our Summer Travel issues with a whole month of content aimed to inspire your next jaunt. So put some new film in your Fuji Instax camera and watch this exclusive G&F Interview.

    Kelly Purkey is a hipster scrapbooker. Our favorite kind of scrapbooker.

  • On our list this summer? Really good sunscreen. A great book to read poolside. And a fantastic destination to inspire. While it's easy to pick where to travel, it's not always easy to pick what to pack. We're making the decisions for you by choosing five of our favorite summer spots and the right pieces to take with you to each. From camping in Wisconsin to biking the rues of Paris, our Ready Jet Set! guide is made for the stylish traveler.

    Summer Travel is here and this stylish Accessories Guide will tell you what to pack where.

  • Homegrown hero Kelly Edwards is a breath of designing fresh air. Her interior design + style philosophy? Do what makes you happy, she says. We concur. We caught up with the DIY diva at Room & Board to talk her quirky career path from TV studio sweeper to HGTV

    HGTV's Kelly Edwards' design philosophy? Do what makes you happy. We concur.

  • We're showcasing our favorite trends of the season with the quickest, easiest way to up your summer style by giving very good face. To deliver the most digestible yet daring runway-to-realway beauty looks, we tapped make up artist Andrea Samuels to flesh out the hottest trends of the season. From the ombre cat eye to the bronzed beauty, pay close attention to our salute to Red Hot Summer Beauty. These are tried and true tips and tricks you're going to want to put to good use this season. Watch this exclusive G&F Fashion Film and see the rest of the shoot in this week's G&F Spotlight.

    We're showcasing our favorite trends for Summer Beauty.

  • See Oxygen's The Face winner Devyn get silly with G&F and Suntimes Splash in our collaborative Summer Fashion Issue.

    Take a peek Behind the Scenes at our Summer Fashion Issue with Devyn

  • Meet Devyn, the stunning beauty who was, earlier this Spring, crowned winner of Oxygen's supermodel-packed reality modeling competition 'The Face.' As part of her title, she won a year-long contract with Bolingbrook-based beauty pro's Ulta and we snagged time with the six foot stunner to celebrate our favorite season—Summer! To kick off the Summer Fashion Issue, we teamed up with the Sun-Times Splash mag to collaborate on sunny styles for the girl on the go. Devyn uses Michigan Avenue as her runway to show off the latest trends of the season in this exclusive G&F + Splash editorial.

    Devyn Abdullah, winner of The Face, uses Michigan Avenue as her runway in our Summer Fashion Issue

  • Summer is around the corner and we're back at the design studio of the positively perky Christine Noelle who dolls out endless charm for the perfect summer affair. We step behind the work station to build a croquembouche centerpiece. Yes, you read that correctly: croquembouche. The classic french dessert becomes our inspiration for Christine's Summertime Soiree. And you're invited! See the special touches Christine adds to her seasonal spread. Watch this exclusive G&F Interview. PHOTO: Coach House Pictures

    We're building the perfect summer party wtih Christine Noelle Designs

  • Brotherly Love? Who needs that! For our first men's fashion issue, we're stoking the flames of sibling rivalry—stylishly, of course. Dressed in the season's most playful trends, our models take on a few friendly challenges like a push-up contest, boxing and arm wrestling to see who has the chops to out smart and out muscle. Although we crown a winner, there is clearly a tie for best dressed. Watch this exclusive G&F Fashion Film today.

    Brotherly Love—stylishly of course! It's our Men's fashion issue.

  • Liked our Men's Fashion Editorial? Now come on set with us for the making of this shoot. From on set antics with photographer Casey Vange and filmmaker Ben Mahoney to our shoot's mascot (a very gruff english bulldog named Moose), we're letting you peek behind the scenes for one of our favorite shoots to date.

    Go Behind the Scenes for our Men's Fashion shoot—On Set antics? Go!

  • We challenged personal trainer Alex Vasileski of A Mind and Body Total Fitness to teach us some simple workouts on the go. And where better than Mariano's Fresh Market! Armed with gallons of milk, a very agile cart and some other down-the-aisle surprises, Alex walked us through some simple how-to's that will keep us looking good even while running our errands. Watch this exclusive G&F Interview today. And check out our GREAT RECIPE RACE video, too.

    Alex Vasileski of A Mind and Body Total Fitness amp up our aisle style with simple on-the-go exercises

  • In this week's G&F Interview, we challenged A Mind and Body Total Fitness founder Alex Vasileski to show us some workouts on the go. At Mariano's Fresh Market. Alex chatted us up about proper form and knew the weight of every household object (from a bag of rice to a gallon of milk). But once we finished, we wanted to take the challenge one step farther. Alex's 360 degree training program not only consists of physical strength and mental prep, he's also a health nut when it comes to his meals. We picked one of his favorite recipes and had clues made up to direct us to one of his go-to meals. The result? A race for the recipe—complete with battling carts and photo finish.

    Alex Vasileski and G&F tear through the supermarket to find the ingredients of a very healthy dinner

  • With the turning of the season also comes the turning of our stomachs when we realize how out of shape we are—and that stops now! With nutrition badass Jessica Murnane of One Part Plant to guide us through a smoothie bootcamp, we class it up at Nellcote to talk greens, nutrition and how a little bit a kale a day really does keep the doctor away. Oh, and also a friendly blind-folded game of Name That Smoothie ensues. Watch this exclusive G&F interview.

    Kick start your diet with One Part Plant's Jessica Murnane and Green Smoothies

  • We're channeling the 80's with our favorite bead queen, Sonia Barrett Esler of Damen + Division. Sonia invites us into her home and studio to work on a line of very special G&F and D +D friendship bracelets. But these ain't your embroidery floss kind! The jewelry line—lovingly known for big, bold pieces with lots of extra charm—adds a little modern style to your BFF's wrist with these beaded beauties. They're like oh-so-totally tubular. Watch this exclusive G&F interview. And check out The G&F Blog on how to win a pair for you and your bestie.

    Bead Happy! We team up with Damen + Division Jewelry for updated friendship bracelets.

  • Our motto this Spring? Go Bold or Go Home! We’re bringing an explosion of intoxicating and 70’s inspired color, prints a-go-go and more as we feature our favorite warm weather trends in this big, bold Spring Fashion issue. And when you’ve got a wardrobe this poppin’, you better bring the ‘tude, too. In playful G&F spirit, we’re playing Truth or Dare with our models to see who really is the boldest of the bunch. From how many peeps you can fit in your mouth to which celeb they’d lock lips with, you’ll love these free wheelin’ fashion spirits. Watch this exclusive G&F Fashion Film and check out the full editorial in this week’s Spotlight.

    We're playing Truth or Dare with our Spring Fashion models. Go Big or Go Home!

  • From Club Monaco to Dior, we're bringing you our favorite looks this season with an explosion of color, print and majorly fun 'tude. Join us on the G&F set for the behind-the-scenes action.

    Want more of our #BoldRules Spring Fashion issue? Check out our Behind the Scenes vid.

  • Liz Patelski and Lisa Panza—two recent SAIC grads who debuted their clothing line, Remi Canarie, this fall—are the most delightfully-different-yet-perfect-together duo we’ve ever met. But their fashion line is a match made in heaven. Sweatpants-style trousers paired with a flowing, sheer-sleeved blouse? Pure genius. Styled with a gaggle of gold bracelets and some neutral lace-up boots and it’s our new go-to for urbane stylin’. We tap the duo as The Ones to Watch in this week issue. See more mavens in Spotlight. >>

    Remi Canarie flies the coop! We catch up with the two darling designers.

  • The stars have aligned and we’re getting the scoop on all things astrologically stylish when Ophira and Tali Edut—a.k.a The AstroTwins—sit down with us at Saks Fifth Avenue to talk shoestrology, our charts, and even astrology karaoke. The blonde-hair Detroit-raised identical twins are dubbed the style set’s astro-darlings, with horoscopes appearing regularly in Elle .com and Lifetime. Oh, and they read Beyonce and Stevie Wonder's charts. From cosmic predictions to zodiac sign language, this duo is totally out of this world. Watch the exclusive G&F Interview.

    The AstroTwins read our charts and do astrology karaoke.

  • Meet Mia Moretti. She’s the outspoken DJ darling whose bold style attracted the eye of Pencey designer Christina Minasian to team up and create a stunning collection of striking prints, jazz-age cues and the best darn banana leaf print you ever did see. We get to know the design couple in a little friendly game in one of the dressing rooms of Sofia Boutique. From favorite color to what Hollywood celeb they would lay a big one on, we’re getting cozy with these cool cats. Watch this exclusive G&F Interview.

    Mia Moretti and Pencey debut their collaboration collection. It's cool.

  • Go glam or go home! That's Sari Mintz' Oscar Night motto. As the creative party planner behind customer-driven-designed event accessories, she's our go-to gal when it comes to spicing up your house party. We gave the For Your Party team an Academy Awards challenge: design an event around two of our favorite Best Picture nominees. Taking cues from the colorful adventures of Life of Pi and a nod to our French friends in Les Miserables, Sari designed an event that will leave your guests glued to the kitchen table instead of the television. Add a custom DIY popcorn bar—Truffle oil, shredded sharp cheddar and herbs de provence, anyone?!—and your celebration of one of the most fun nights in Hollywood just got a red carpet makeover.

    Oscar Night—done right! For Your Party styles an Academy Awards themed party.

  • We're celebrating Valentine's Day with our BFF this year—GIRLS WEEKEND! Camped out in a ritzy hotel suite, hearts day is all about trashy magazines, nail polish and a really good hamburger. Oh, and don't forget the bubble bath. From Tory Burch to Gap, we've got some of our favorite—and playful!—lounge wear to share.

    Girls Weekend! We're sharing our favorite loungewear + PJ's in this G&F Fashion shoot.

  • We’ve sure got some ‘splainin’ to do! We’re buddying up to Lucy Ricardo, aka Sirena Irwin, backstage before she preps hair and makeup for her title role in I Love Lucy: Live on Stage. The show—which takes audiences to the Desilu Film studio to watch two episodes being shot—is a wild romp of Lucy-isms and we find out just how well the blonde-hair blue-eyed actress knows comedy’s leading lady. Lucy, we’re home! Watch this exclusive G&F interview.

    We head backstage for I Love Lucy: LIve on Stage and talk shop.

  • The Valentine's Day countdown is on. And while there are plenty of splurge-worthy gifts to throw at your lover, we're opting for a more hands-on approach this holiday. And who better than to walk us through a thoughtful and fun DIY than the exceptionally gifted Miss Renaissance, Eva Daiberl. The blog star welcomes us into her home to bake up some sweet treats with a cutesy twist. The result? Fortune cookies that can really tell that special someone how you feel. Watch the exclusive G&F Interview.

    What better way to tell your lover you love 'er with V-Day Fortune Cookies

  • We teamed up with event planner extraordinaire Debi Lilly of Chicago-based A Perfect Event to deliver a series of sweet and thoughtful V-day treats that will have you and your Valentine jumping for joy. Sweet, fresh, colorful berries get an instant upgrade with this delicious Valentine's refresher—because, after all, who doesn't like Champagne on February 14?

    Take another, lover! The St. Germain Valentine Drink is the perfect V-Day treat.

  • We teamed up with event planner extraordinaire Debi Lilly of Chicago-based A Perfect Event to deliver a series of sweet and thoughtful V-day treats that will have you and your Valentine jumping for joy. Simple and thoughtful, these colorful keepsakes—accented with custom clip art that you can download in our PDF—add a pop of V-Day flair to your all red and pink ensemble.

    The Vintage Boutonniere from the G&F x A Perfect Event DIY series is oh-so-lovely.

  • We teamed up with event planner extraordinaire Debi Lilly of Chicago-based A Perfect Event to deliver a series of sweet and thoughtful V-day treats that will have you and your Valentine jumping for joy. Terms of endearment are great in a card, but let everyone really know what you think of your loved one with a special Valentine's Day sash. This office-supply-store-turned-drool-worthy-DIY is also perfect for a hearts day themed event. Your Cupid has never looked this cute.

    Oh La La! It's The Cupid Sash from G&F x A Perfect Event V-Day DIY.

  • G&F fans, meet Mean Stinks, Secret Deodorant's girl-friendly campaign to put a stop to bullying. You're totally hooked, right? How can you not get behind a cause like that? To help spread the #GangUpForGood initiative, we asked two of Chicago's finest in the nail art industry to duke it out over the first #NailBattleRoyale! Although we picked a winner, one thing is for sure: they both totally nailed it. Stay tuned to G&F's Facebook page for a rad giveaway, too!

    Nail art pro's Astrowifey and Spifster duke it out in the first annual #NailBattleRoyale.

  • The weather outside might be frightful, but we're optimistically looking forward to our favorite season: Spring! And with the warm up comes a brand new feel of beauty looks that you've got to start trying right now. From bold, bold lips to the pastel eye, G&F is sharing the step-by-step in our Spring Beauty preview shoot [CHECK OUT THE FULL SHOOT IN G&F SPOTLIGHT]. And catch the behind-the-scenes on set fun, too!

    Spring Beauty, anyone? We're previewing our favorite new looks for the season.

  • Meet Jenna Zaffino, the amazing grace behind Helios Center for Movement. Now meet Balletes: a fusion of classic pilates with ballet technique. The Roscoe Village studio specializes in a creative environment to whip that bangin' bod into even better shape. We take a Balletes class with Jenna who choreographs us through three easy you-can-even-do-these-at-home workouts. And here's a plus: No previous ballet training required! Watch the exclusive G&F Interview.

    Pilates + Ballet = Balletes! We get in shape with this fun workout.

  • Just because the Holidays are over doesn't mean the fun has to stop! Kick start your 2013 with an inspired New Year New You brunch. We talk to the man behind Little Market Brasserie who takes us in the kitchen to cook up a few delicious options to share with friends. Because after all, your diet can wait a few more days. Watch this exclusive G&F Interview.

    We're serving up a delish dish with Chef Ryan Poli of Little Market Brasserie

  • 2012 has been quite the year for G&F. With over 90 video interviews, we've been sharing fab finds week after week. And before we say hello to 2013, we're showing off our favorite moments from '12. From keeping bees to shucking oysters, perfecting the bright red lip to making a pair of earth-friendly shoes, talking shop with Bobbi Brown to talking smack with Kimora Lee, bull riding to trapeze flying, Betsey Johnson tap dancing and Alpana Singh wine drinking, sno-cone making, cupcake baking, boy scout camp exploring and of course, musical theatre sing-songing, Glossed & Found's 2012 common denominator? Fun. Beautiful, silly, this-is-what-life-is-about fun. Thanks for watching in 2012.

    G&F's Best of 2012 features our favorite moments from a (very fun) year.

  • Hip Hip Hooray! The holidays are here. At Glossed & Found, this extra special time of giving means we finally have an excuse to throw a little more glitter, wear (even more) bright colors and okay, twist our arm!, we'll have another glass of that eggnog, too. We're toasting to the most wonderful time of the year with a wish list that includes festive favorites like Christian Siriano, Club Monaco and Yigal Azrouel and more. Dress fab to toast to the holidays and ring in the new year, because at the heart of it all, G&F is about fun with family, fun with friends and of course, save a little fun for yourself, too. Happiest Holiday wishes from Glossed & Found to you.

    Ho Ho Holiday time! We toast to the most wonderful time of the year with G&F Holiday Fashion issue.

  • Oh, Holidays! How we love thee! And we're helping to make them a little more manageable with a full-service entertaining issue to amp up your holiday hostess style. Meet Heather Sperling, the cutie foodie behind the Chicago edition of Tasting Table. At Heather's home, we create Tipsy Holiday Chicken, a one pot wonder that needs to go in your recipe box. Stat! The goal? Dazzle guests with a delicious meal and still have time to fix your hair before they arrive. Watch this week's exclusive G&F Interview and check out G&F Spotlight for inspired DIY decor to accompany this dish. >>

    One Pot Wonder! Tasting Table's Heather Sperling shows us a simple recipe for festive entertaining.

  • EAT MY DUST! Simple, store-bought baked goods get an instant holiday makeover with a dash of frosted fun from G&F x Camp Wandawega Dusting templates. Brownies with chevron stripes! Chocolate cake with feathers! Gingerbread cookies with arrows and teepees! Creative festive fun that is oh-so-easy? That's holiday entertaining at its finest.

    G&F x Camp Wandawega DIY Holiday Soiree: Dessert Dusting

  • ONE MORE WON'T HURT, RIGHT? Wow your guests with an inspired craft cocktail featuring a small batch bourbon a few dashes of maple syrup. Easy to mix and served in a mismatched set of vintage lowball glasses, your holiday bar will get a major upgrade this season. And with a cranberry garnish rolled in maple syrup and sugar, your sweet tooth will thank you.

    G&F x Camp Wandawega DIY Holiday Soiree: The Maple Leaf Cocktail

  • A (STRIPED) APPLE A DAY No guest should leave a party without a little momento from a wonderful night. We continue our All-American holiday theme with a take-home that will surely not be re-gifted by your friends the next day. White and dark chocolate apples with a string of nuts finished off with a custom-painted arrow? This could be your best holiday gifting season yet. Finish the look off with a G&F x Camp Wandawega printable gift tag.

    G&F x Camp Wandawega DIY Holiday Soiree: Striped Chocolate Apples

  • We hate to play favorites, but when it comes to local design emporium Jayson Home, we can’t help but be a tad biased. Behind the uber cool Lincoln Park outpost is Creative Director Caroline Scheeler, whose no-fuss, down-to-earth demeanor is matched only by her incredible taste. The lofty space, which boasts an annual anxiety-enducing warehouse sale, reigns supreme during the holiday where the shop’s well-merchandised floor becomes a veritable cabinet of curiosity for unusual and unique stocking stuffers We visited Caroline at Jayson Home to see how and what she was gifting to kick off our Holiday Gift Guide Issue.

    Caroline Scheeler of Jayson Home kicks off Wish List Issue with champagne and the best gifts.

  • At G&F, we're expert shoppers—with a limited budget. Enter where their chic fashion director, the charming Lucy Sykes, helps us rent up a full season of perfect frocks for a month of festive entertaining. Put a creative cocktail in our hand—thank you Josh King of W Chicago City Center!— and watch Lucy lead us through her favorite picks for the perfect party dress this season. Watch this week's exclusive G&F Interview.

    Rent The Runway's Fashion Director Lucy Sykes talks cocktails and fab dresses—this is the happiest holiday yet!

  • G&F says I Do! to beautiful gowns, blushing brides and the most wonderful feeling of all: L-O-V-E. To kick off our week long Glossed & Gowned issue, we're debuting a bridal shoot featuring our favorite gowns—from BHLDN to Valentino, these winter whites will have you saying I Do, too! Paired with colorful jewels and accessories, this is seriously gorgeous aisle style. Watch the Behind the Scenes video above and see the shoot in this week's G&F Spotlight. >>

    G&F says 'I Do!' in the first Glossed & Gowned Weddings shoot. Aisle Style never looked this good.

  • Next month, the Chicago Children’s Choir, Lookingglass Theatre Company and Natya Dance Theatre will remount an original musical, <i>Sita Ram</i>. But <i>Sita Ram</i> is more than just a musical—it’s a collaboration of some of the city’s greatest cultural institutions; it’s a vehicle to give confidence and power to Chicago’s diverse youth; and it’s a universal story of good, evil, love...and at least, we hear, a scene involving monkeys. Get a behind the scenes preview in this exclusive G&F interview. Check out the G&F Spotlight for more on the cast >> 

    We get a first look at Chicago Children's Choir and Sita Ram

  • In true Glossed & Found style, we’re giving thanks with a toast: raise your pumpkin martinis to’s Sari Mintz. Last year, she taught us how to wrap a perfect present, and now she’s showing us how to do up Turkey Day. We mix the perfect cocktail, indulge in a s’mores bar, and—of course—shout-out to the people and things that are most important. Check out the exclusive G&F interview. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!

    We talk turkey—okay, we go straight to the cocktails—with

  • We're counting down the 12 coolest kids in Chicago. From designers to entrepreneurs, they have two things in common: fashion and philanthropy. They're utilizing their attention-grabbing style, business savvy, and personality plus to help others; and collectively supporting charitable organizations that range from the Joffrey Ballet to the Marwen Foundation. Their passions unique, but all convey the same message: Giving back is in fashion this season.

    Fashion + Philanthropy = G&F's Cool Kids for a Cause shoot.

  • We’re at the Green City Market getting our hands dirty with Mike Hines, one of the most innovative—and witty!—floral designers of Chicago. Sticks, vegetables, tomatoes—you name it: Hines can create a beautiful and completely badass arrangement from just about anything. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Mike Hines, The Bad Boy of Floral Design, shows us how its done

  • Who needs Halloween candy when you’ve got Uptown Brownies? Sally Kenyon stole her brother’s secret brownie recipe and put a spooky spin on it—the result: pumpkin cheesecake brownies (appropriately named It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brownie!) we would literally kill for (cue evil laughter). Watch the exclusive G&F interview...if you dare!

    G&F Halloween Special! We’re in the creepy, crawly (ok, clean) kitchen at Uptown Brownie.

  • For Fashion Focus Chicago, we visited the Macy’s Fashion Incubator, where up-and-coming designers are getting their chance to shine. There’s yards of promise in these style stars: their clothing lines are luxe, sophisticated, rock ‘n’ roll, feminine, provocative—and as unique as the designers themselves. Watch the exclusive G&F film while they prep for their Fashion Focus runway show. 

    G&F goes behind the seams (get it? seams) with the designers of Macy's Fashion Incubator.

  • Bobbi Brown’s latest book, at makeup tome titled <i>Pretty Powerful</i>, carries a, well, pretty powerful message: all women are beautiful. Bobbi herself is a true beauty—despite her booming cosmetics brand, seven books under her belt, and celebs-request-her status, she still rocks clogs and calls herself “just a normal girl from Wilmette.” We beg to differ. Watch the exclusive G&F interview. 

    Bobbi Brown debuts her new book and we're star-struck. The makeup pro answers your questions.

  • Sisters Brenda and Mary Maher know a thing or two about being sweet. The dynamic duo are the force behind the Cakegirls, the Chicago-based cake company who rose to quick fame—we're talking Food Network and Oprah Winfrey fame. After losing the baking business in a fire, they decided to retool. Meet, a new site dedicated to providing you with the tools for baking the perfect sweets at home. We tackle a charming Woodland terrarium cupcake theme together. Watch the exclusive G&F Interview.

    The Cakegirls are back and better than ever. We how-to with a woodland themed cupcakes.

  • We're suckers for anything remotely fun so we laced up our tennies and headed down to the Palmer House Hilton to have a one-on-one lesson with table tennis pro Biba Golic during the Chicago International Table Tennis Festival. Although table tennis is all inclusive—size, age and sex don't matter!—the industry often refers to Biba as the 'Anna Kournikova' of the sport and in 2005, ESPN named her one of the sexiest women in sports. Two honors that really raise table tennis' street creed.

    Get your SWAT on! We're going head to head with Table Tennis Pro Biba Golic.

  • The Midwest meets high fashion in Kimora Lee Simmons, a St. Louis native who was modeling in Paris at age 13 and became the face of Chanel. Now a mother of three, though, she’s got an anti-aging skincare line, Shinto Clinical, and lots of life experience to share. She drops some knowledge at Nordstrom’s Cosmetics Trend Show. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Kimora Lee Simmons teaches us about life and beauty at Nordstrom’s Cosmetics Trend Show.

  • Alpana Singh is a master sommelier with a nose for the rose! We spent a lovely rooftop afternoon with her, tasting variations of rosés for her new restaurant The Boarding House. And oh, what we learned! Turns out Champagne and BBQ make great bedfellows. But the most important thing? Rosé is first and foremost for making memories, special occasion or not. We pop the cork because it’s a Tuesday (hey, it only comes once a week!).

    Rosé Rules! Alpana Singh shares her favorite pinks with G&F.

  • Glossed & Found's motto? It's Beauty. It's Fashion. It's Fun! So when we announced the winner of our Caboodle and Jouer Cosmetic giveaway, we didn't just want to send her prize. We wanted to hand deliver it to her! Armed with a fistful of pink balloons, a pink caboodle and Neil Scibelli, the national make up artist for Jouer Cosmetics, we surprised our winner Sarah Kincaid at the Salvation Army where she works as the Merchandising Supervisor. Neil gave her a quick touch-up in the alley and we sent her on her way with her brand new Caboodle and a whole heck of a lot of Jouer Cosmetics. Congratulations Sarah!

    Glossed & Found and Jouer's Neil Scibelli surprises our grand prize winner of the Caboodle giveaway.

  • Colombia-born Paola Victoria, designer of Mu Bags, sets up shop in Chicago to deliver a new line of luxe leather goods: PVMN. We meet up with the sassy sweetheart at Dos Diablos to talk her new line over ‘ritas. And since Paola’s first accessory line is called Mu—yes, like the sound of the cow—we both jump up on the saddle to have a little fun with El Toro, the mechanical bull. This is one designer who’s not afraid to grab the bull by the horns.

    We grab the bull by the horns with Paola Victoria of PVMN handbags

  • Fall is fashion's shining moment, but it's easy to lose yourself under all the layers. G&F loads on the Oscar de la Renta, Cynthia Rowley, and J. Crew, no doubt, but mod models Bryn, Katrina, and Asia are unapologetically themselves, rocking vintage Chanel sunnies but not hiding behind them. So this fall, it's like mom always said: wear the clothes, don't let the clothes wear you. And as always, have fun doing it.

    It's time for a brand new season of fab! Fall Fashion—the G&F way!

  • We're giving you a behind the scenes tour of all the on set fun and fabulousness of our Fall Fashion shoot.

    Behind-the-Scenes: G&F Fall Fashion Shoot

  • As kids, we wanted nothing more than to have a snowball fight in summer. As adults, that’s still all we want—but if we could spike those snowballs with bourbon, even better. Enter Marianne Sundquist, the noble purveyor of Mess Hall & Co., who teamed up with Mobile Revolution to bring happiness and fun to Chicago in the form of hand-crafted flavored snowballs. Meet Snow Patrol! Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Mess Hall & Co. debuts a new kind of ice cream truck.

  • Hailing from Brazil gives Diego Rocha an almost unfair exotic edge over other handbag designers, and his creations show it. We get a look inside his State Street studio, and check out the incredible leathers and skins that make his bags so unique (who knew each handbag takes up to 50 separate pieces to put together?!). Plus, we answer the all important question: Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? Check out the exclusive G&F interview.

    Handbag designer Diego Rocha takes us inside his studio.

  • We take a ride with Jana Kinsman of Bike-A-Bee, a new initiative that promotes, of all things, beekeeping by bicycle. Jana shows us the ins and outs of keeping bees (most importantly: how NOT to get stung) and, like every great bike ride, this one ends with a picnic at Patchwork Farms. It really makes us realize the best part of beekeeping: the sweet, sweet honey.

    Bike-A-Bee: Beekeeping at it's finest! We face our fears for a peek in the hive.

  • Our favorite model Elena Greenwell is back, and this time she’s sitting down with celebrity nail technician Andrea Fulerton. Nails are the perfect place to start playing around with color (if you’re too timid for bright lips or eyes), and according to Andrea, you can’t go wrong. She shows us some show-stopping polish points that will have everyone wondering ‘How did you do that?!’ including our favorite, the Ombre nail. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    The British nail guru Andrea Fulerton talks fall fingertip trends

  • Culinary Director Rodelio Aglibot of Argent Restaurant and Raw Bar at the dana hotel takes us on the road...all the way to the Supreme Lobster and Seafood warehouse in Villa Park, Illinois, where we get trained in the fine art of oyster shucking. Back at the Raw Bar after our long journey, we shuck around with food guru, over oysters of course. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    We take an oyster-shucking road trip with Argent’s Rodelio Aglibot

  • Jouer Cosmetics founder and creative director Christina Zilber believes we should channel our inner child when it comes to cosmetics: Jouer—that’s ‘zhoo-wey’—means ‘to play’ in French. So we goof around with her at the Public Hotel as we get the scoop on how to transition our makeup routine from summer to fall. Watch the Exclusive G&F interview.

    Make Up gets a makeover with Jouer Cosmetics' Christina Zilber.

  • The Trapeze School of New York is camped out in Chicago this summer—just up the lake path at Belmont Harbor Marina—so naturally G&F had to take a swing at it (pun intended). Instructor Katy Nielsen guides us through a knee hang move and proves that the fall can be just as exhilarating as the climb up. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    We attempt the flying trapeze...maybe not with the greatest of ease.

  • G&F's Creative team hits the beach for some sandy fun. Our blonde bombshell Carly soaks up the sun in Mara Hoffman, Asos, Damen + Division and more. Photographer Caleb Condit is an artist in residence at Pilsen's Yollocalli Arts Reach, overseeing an open studio focused on multimedia work for High School students. Caleb brought raw video footage from G&F's Summer shoot for his students to help conceptualize this fashion editorial video. The result? The perfect ode to an endless summer.

    Summer Lovin'! It's a little fun in the sun forG&F's Summer Fashion Shoot

  • We never would have guessed there was a way to look classy while eating a hot dog, but chef, caterer, and food artist extraordinaire Elaina Vazquez—always the lady—proves there is: just make it a mini! For Forth of July, the Boutique Bites owner helps us create two-bite (but not two-bit) versions of all the classic American favorites. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    We take a Boutique Bite out of summer with Elaina Vazquez.

  • We love a good DIY-er, and there’s none better than HGTV’s beauty Monica Pedersen (she landed her first commercial acting spot for Craftsman and she even brought her own tools!). She shows us how to set a pretty table in black and white (who doesn’t love zebra print?) and accent with pretty pinks. Rosé anyone? Watch the exclusive G&F interview. <br>>>Monica's photo: Helen Berkun; Book photo: Peter Rosenbaum

    HGTV's Monica Pedersen sets an al fresco table for two

  • We're up on the roof, decking out a plant-filled patio with Greg Raymond of Ecogardens, a landscaping company that's all about respecting Mother Earth. Greg talks to us about battling extreme weather conditions (and keeping plants alive through it all) and perfect plants for purple thumbs. It may have been perfect grillin' weather, but with all these flavorful plants around, we had to make mint-infused mojitos. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    EcoGardens owner Greg Raymond shows us some tricks-of-the-botany-trade.

  • The perfect weekend getaway, Wadawega is like summer camp from days gone by—and most of the furnishings are actually that retro. Owner Tereasa Surratt shows us around the Wisconsin camp grounds and we get nostalgic while relaxing, canoeing, shooting arrows, and taking shotski's (did we mention this is a stylin' summer camp for grown-ups?). We know exactly where we’ll be spending our summers from now on: see you in Elkhorn! Watch the exclusive G&F interview. 

    Uber-retro Camp Wandawega is nature for grown-ups. 

  • We celebrate a beautiful summer day soirée-ing with Renaissance woman Eva Daiberl—photographer, food connoisseur, style-maven, and, of course, Miss Renaissance blogger—as she shows us how to create a to-die-for banana-Nutella pound cake. Take down the recipe, but consider yourself warned: Nutella can cause a serious addiction not even a Renaissance woman is immune to. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Miss Renaissance bakes a little love into her Banana-Nutella Pound Cake.

  • Decades returned once more to Space 519, bringing with it Chanel, Prada, YSL, and more. Our glam guest host Amanda Puck flexes her fashion muscles talking to the elite vintage consignment shop’s co-founder, the camera-ready Christos Garkinos (so camera-ready, in fact, that he has a show premiering on Bravo this fall). Christos gives us tips about style and collecting in this week's video. Watch the exclusive G&F interview. 

    Christos Garkinos of Decades gives us the style scoop at a hot pop-up

  • We teamed up with L.K. Bennett and Pur Minerals to deliver a fresh approach to Spring Fashion and Beauty. G&F fans and new readers (dressed in their Spring best, none-the-less!) sipped Grey Goose Cherry Noir drinks while getting mini-mani's. Extra special thanks to partners Ulta, Mario Tricoci, Pure Kitchen Catering, Fig Media, Sound Investment and Grey Goose. Subscribe to G&F today for exclusive invites and our weekly issues!

    We're recapping the fun at L.K. Bennett & Pur Minerals' Spring Splash event.

  • Amy DiTomasso satisfies our sweet tooth with her “designer sweetscapes”: gorgeous spreads of edible treats curated for special events like weddings and birthdays. She shows us how to make cute sugar cones in this clip, and later we light up our cigarettes (candy, of course) and pour the champagne for a super sweet chat. Watch the exclusive G&F Interview.

    Sugar Chic's chic Amy DiTomasso shows us the (candy) ropes.

  • G&F takes a stroll around the block (with a stop at the W Lakeshore for breakfast) with the eclectic and effervescent Mickey Boardman, <i>Paper Magazine</i>’s editorial director, who gives us some very important life lessons: never take life too seriously, the glass is always half full, and don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like a good musical. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Editorial Director Mickey Boardman jumps off the page.

  • We're pulling together a stellar team to shoot a Spring Beauty & Fashion Preview to share our favorites of the season. From the modern cat eye to a great Spring bag, the G&F crew has your Spring looks covered. Take a peek behind all the fun that went into the shoot.

    It's a Behind the Scenes look at our Spring Beauty and Fashion Shoot.

  • Everything about Femme Du Coupe exudes feminism, from the color of the cocktails (berry pink in this recipe) to the shape of the glass (designed to replicate Marie Antionette’s breast). Revae Schneider started the bespoke bar brand last year, and just like with her previous career in fashion styling, she designs cocktails that are nothing if not ready-to-wear. We make a gin drink—the Été Framboise—with Revae in this week’s video. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Femme Du Coupe’s Revae Schneider crafts a couture cocktail. 

  • Technical difficulties aside (we were going to airbrush t-shirts when the machine went out!), we kick back at Neiman Marcus with design darling Kelly Wearstler, a designer we love because she never plays it safe—in fact, it’s her pet peeve! Now in her third ready-to-wear & accessories season (she already had Home in the bag!), her eponymous line is a reflection of her life: southern, cute and colorful. And always a tad of edge. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Design darling Kelly Wearstler is a Southern Belle at heart.

  • 2012 is the year of Tangerine Tango, and as Pantone’s color picks always do, has seeped its way down into all aspects of beauty and fashion, from home decor accents to  cute spring jackets. In its latest line of bold beauty products, Make Up For Ever rolls out the Tangerine Tango lip color, and artist Jodi Risley shows G&F host Corri McFadden how to apply it in an easy three-step method. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Make Up For Ever teaches us how to do the Tangerine Tango lip.

  • Corri McFadden heads to Sephora for a lesson in faking a just-came-from-the-beach glow (even in Chicago’s unpredictable indian winters), using the season’s IT blush color: orange! Make Up For Ever artist and educator Jodi Risley shows her how its done, with no trace whatsoever of the much-feared (and rightfully so) “clown” look. 

    Jodi Risley of Makeup For Ever shows us how to glow 

  • The jewelry designer has us over for drinks! Oh, and creating jewelry. Designer Alicia Mohr (and her dog, Zeus, of course) is the genius behind Ali's Collection, the semi-eponymous jewelry line (Ali was her childhood nickname). We get our creative juices flowing with some homemade mango-orange mimosas as Alicia shows us how to create a pair of pyrite earrings from her latest collection, aptly named Geometry. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Ali's Collection + G&F = LOVE.

  • We always love a good DIY project, especially one that keeps on giving, like these terrariums we made with our favorite green goddess, Christine Noelle. She takes us through the steps to building a mini garden perfect for a dining table or outdoor patio. Green thumb not required. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Christine Noelle makes terrariums cool again.

  • After learning how to make body butter (right in the kitchen!) with Petunia Essential's Mylynda Moore, it's easy to see just what makes her line of bath and body products so Essential. Hint: there's actual butter in there! Her line of handmade and all-natural beauty products are as charming as she is. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    We canoodle with Petunia Essentials’ Mylynda Moore.

  • You may or may not know De’Mar Hamilton, the drummer for the Plain White T’s, because he may or may or may not be on your favorite PWTs track (drums are surprisingly absent from a lot of the radio hits!); but watch this clip and you’ll easily see why he is G&F’s favorite of the band members--and why he’s anything but plain. We're catching up with him at his Chicago pad to take an expert drumming lesson. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    De’Mar Hamilton takes our drum kit virginity.

  • We don our super cute aprons with Magnolia Bakery’s CBO—chief baking officer, that is—Bobbie Lloyd, and prove that we’re more than a little green when it comes to cake icing. She sets us straight and makes the perfect peppermint icebox cake to prep for St. Patrick’s Day on Saturday, March 17th. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    G&F goes green with Bobbie Lloyd of Magnolia Bakery.

  • We love love! To celebrate V-Day, we invited our closest friends to toast to that 4-letter word. Thanks to The Entertaining Company, Moet & Chandon and Christine Noelle Design.

    We love you! G&F celebrates Valentine's Day in style.

  • Event planner to the stars Mindy Weiss will do just about anything—short of jumping off buildings, she won't do that—to make a bride's day special. We sit down with her at David's Bridal and she lets us in on tips from her new book, <i>The Wedding Planner & Organizer</i>, and a little bridal arithmetic (less expensive dress = more flowers). Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Fellow hugger Mindy Weiss gives us the wedding scoop.

  • Weddings are all about authenticity—true love, genuine friends and family—so why have a group of geezers onstage trying to jam out modern music? We meet up with the Gold Coast All-Stars at the Hard Rock Hotel's Angels and Kings, where his

    The Gold Coast All-Stars share the mic.

  • G&F Wedding Weeks continue as we sit down with Martha Stewart Weddings' Editorial Director Darcy Miller at the new BHLDN bridal boutique. She tries to pinpoint her wedding faves, but being surrounded by all things Bridal, she just can't play favorites! Our takeaway? Darcy shares a piece of very important advice to avoid becoming bride-zilla. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Martha Stewart Weddings' Darcy Miller gets personal about I Do! style.

  • Wedding dress designer Amsale Aberra makes a rare appearance at Belle Vie Bridal, and takes us through her humble beginnings—she just wanted a simple dress for her own wedding!—and how a mustachioed model almost put the kibosh on her career. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Bridal powerhouse Amsale sips champagne with us.

  • We never realized just how fun cake decorating can be (cake balls, anyone?) until we iced with Alekka, executive chef and owner of Give Me Some Sugar, Roscoe Village's adorable cake decorating studio. Alekka teaches us the arts of piping, creating frosting bouquets and—because it wouldn't be a G&F clip without it—champagne drinking. Watch the exclusive G&F interview. And check out <a href=

    Alekka Sweeney gives us some sugar for Valentine’s Day.

  • We go behind-the-scenes with Betsey Johnson at a benefit show in Boston. The ever-vivacious designer talks critics, cancer and connecting with women through fashion. Plus, it wouldn’t be a Betsey Johnson interview without singing, tap dancing, and talk of that favorite show-closing cartwheel. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Betsey Johnson: Full Speed Ahead! The notorious & lovable designer sounds off!

  • Finally, a video for the guys! Sort of. We're sizing up the best bras thanks to the prophetic whispers of Susan Nethero, founder of {intimacy} bra fit specialists. She found the secret to success—assume that other people are having the same problem you are (like finding a bra that doesn't give you back fat!)—and now she's got the secret to life, too: Wear a red bra on a Wednesday! Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Susan Nethero, the Bra Whisperer, proves that what’s underneath truly is what’s most important.

  • A self-proclaimed mad scientist in an industrial (chili) factory, Annie Mohaupt creates sustainable, vegan and really, really, cool shoes from whole blocks of wood with the intense precision of a one-time architect. The result: Mohop Shoes, a one-of-a-kind brand for your two feet. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    We try on “tree-hugger” for size with Mohop Shoes.

  • Dust off yours smocks! J.C. Steinbrunner ushers us into his Uptown art studio see what the artistic process really looks like. It involves a lot of thinking, observing and beer-drinking—but the art always turns out fantastically. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Inside the artist's studio: J.C. STEINBRUNNER invites us in.

  • Fabrice Penot hosts G&F at Barney's New York to show us the best of Le Labo, the perfume line he co-founded. If the scents didn't make us swoon, Fabrice's accent surely would! The charming perfumer gets personal about how new scents might spice up your love life. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    We're putting our noses to the test with LE LABO's high-end fragrances.

  • Fashion expert Carson Kressley pulls into town in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Force for a shopping festival on Michigan Avenue. We're there to pick his brain about what not to wear for the unpredictable changes in Chicago weather. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Fashion expert CARSON KRESSLEY pulls into town—and he's taking prisoners!

  • We're taking you to the secret garden oasis of Sprout Home where founder Tara Heibel shows off her floral design prowess. We learn her secret techniques to creating the perfect centerpiece. Her tip? Always keep it turning. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Flower Power! SPROUT HOME shows off their floral design prowess.

  • Bonjour! We catch up with French designer Alexandre Mattiussi at Barney's New York showing off his newest men's collection, Ami. The charming designer might be the toast of the town for his sophisticated menswear, but we can't help but love that his favorite article of clothing in his closet is a t-shirt that he's owned for 20 years. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    French designer ALEXANDRA MATTIUSSI introduces us to his men's collection, Ami.

  • Oh-So-Handsome shoe designer Brian Atwood sits down with us at Saks Fifth Avenue to debut his shoe line, B by Brian Atwood. Guest host Corri McFadden can't leave without buying just a few pairs—was it the killer heels? Or Brian's killer smile? You be the judge. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Killer heels and a killer smile? BRIAN ATWOOD shows off his kicks.

  • It's our favorite type of segment: we infuse a little somethin' somethin' into dessert with Jo Sno Syrups. Founder Melissa Yen cranks her vintage Sno-Cone machine and serves up tasty—and tipsy—Sno-Cones. We had a hard time picking our favorite recipe. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    JO SNO SYRUPS helps us infuse some fun (read: liquor) into dessert.

  • It's all the fun of the past three years—crammed in a montage of our favorite episodes. The Glossed crew revisits some of our favorite interviewees from the past. From Simon Doonan to Cynthia Rowley and, of course, the Thunder from Down Under guys. Like what you see? Look forward to the next three years of goof-ups, guffaws and always a little gloss! Watch this G&F exclusive.

    The G&F crew reveals never-before-seen moments on our THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY.

  • A great scotch and a great suit? It's simply heaven for the sartorial male. Balani Custom Clothier's Jake Cremer takes us through the step by step process of building a totally custom suit. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Scotch and a suit? We say Yes, Please! to BALANI CUSTOM CLOTHIERS.

  • At the RSVP Gallery, Shannon Sangster proves that Chivalry is Not Dead (with his new line of ties and bowties of that name) and turns Graham into a proper gentleman—even if he still can't tie a bowtie.  Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Shannon Sangster proves that CHIVALRY IS NOT DEAD, his aptly named tie collection.

  • Chef and cutie Caroline Shields of Caroline's Kitchen Table ushers us into a fabulous kitchen to whip up sexy, simple salad dressings. Yes. Sexy. Simple. Salad dressings. It's an easy recipe with a bite. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Sexy and Simple? Caroline's Kitchen Table whips up salad dressings for us.

  • The beautiful Bobbi Brown shows G&F guest host Corri McFadden how to Dress for Success with her new makeup kit for Macy's, the proceeds of which go entirely to the Dress for Success charity. The trick? You don't need as much makeup as you'd think. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    If Makeup were a city, then BOBBI BROWN would be mayor.

  • Kryolan Chicago's store manager Ulrike Bege gives G&F guest host Corri McFadden a high-definition makeover. We couldn't leave without checking out all the other camera-ready products, though, from fake blood (in a variety of eerily natural colors) to a grill-in-a-bottle. Now this is makeup we can get behind. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    We get a high definition makeover with KRYOLAN PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP.

  • G&F guest host Corri McFadden talks to the beautiful Greg Lauren while he debuts his line at Barneys New York, and the rest of the crew is as green with envy of the artist-turned-designer's one-of-a-kind deconstructed military jackets. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    We canvas the topics with artist-turned-designer GREG LAUREN.

  • G&F hits the gym with trainer Diana Ozimek, who shows us how to take out our anger--and get in insane shape--with her brand new workout method, Tactix. This Martial Arts based program doesn't rely on any funky dance moves or useless routines. This is the real deal. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Think you're tough? The TACTIX WORKOUT whips us into shape.

  • We hop into bed—who wouldn't?!—with photographer Cara Garbarino to find out about her boudoir photography studio, The Atelier. We learn how to take the perfect photo. Excuse us while we slip into something a little more comfortable. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Turn down the lights! THE ATELIER Boudoir Photo studio is about to heat things up.

  • Our favorite British imports, Rag & Bone's Marcus Wainright and David Neville, talk about road trips, moonshine and their latest collection. It's easy to see why we love the line--when the designers look as cool as these guys, who wouldn't want to wear their clothes? Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    The Rag & Bone designers are the epitome of cool.

  • Instead of having the chef come to us, we go to her—Caroline Shields of Caroline's Kitchen Table invites us to cook up a delicious meal and a good time. As if her food alone isn't enough, the ever-adorable Caroline is the perfect party guest. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Pull up a chair to CAROLINE'S KITCHEN TABLE. Come and get it!

  • It's our 2010 year in review. Missed a few episodes? Here's your chance to catch up on all of the fun. If it's Glossed, we'll find it. Watch this G&F exclusive.

    Our favorite moments from 2010? Yes, please!

  • We're trying our hand—and feet. And legs. And thighs—at The Dailey Method, a unique workout that combines ballet barre work, core conditioning, stretching, and orthopedic exercises. Is it bad that we couldn't help but laugh with that big, green ball between our legs? Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    The Dailey Method shows us a thing or two about discipline.

  • Designer Pamella Roland talks to us about her humble beginnings in the industry at Neiman Marcus while in town for a collaboration with the Joffrey ballet. She shares a few of her favorite things including a surprise guest: Roland's puppy, Manolo. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Designer Pamella Rolandtreats us to her favorite things.

  • Double, double, toil and trouble! It's Halloween and artist Stephanie Keller lures us into her artsy store, The Inkling Shop, to show us how to make a hauntingly adorable Halloween greeting. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    We're learning a perfectly spooky Halloween craft at THE INKLING SHOP.

  • Timeless designer Donna Karan recreated black and flung modernity even further into the future for this season's line. She presented it at Neiman Marcus, and G&F guest host Corri McFadden didn't miss the chance to get the inside scoop. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Donna Karan: It's American Fashion design at it's finest.

  • Before she was a G&F guest host, we visited Corri McFadden in her element: eDrop-Off. Corri gives us a peek inside her business: essentially a dream closet in Lincoln Park, filled with designer goods (including a gigantic Birkin travel bag) that go for sale on eDrop-Off. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Sweetheart Corri McFadden shows us the fashion ropes at eDrop-off

  • Celebrity Cupcake Queen Candace Nelson takes us through Sprinkles' frosting bootcamp. Believe us, it's not as easy as it sounds! Once we finally get the hang of it, we take frosting shots behind the Sprinkles scenes. At least there's a sweet ending. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Sweet teeth unite! Sprinkles Cupcakes serves 'em up strong.

  • We visit the Bean—for the first time!—to catch up with beautiful bombshell Miranda Kerr, in town to help Victoria's Secret unveil the Miraculous Bra. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Miranda Kerrshines next to the Bean.

  • G&F says 'I Do' to Christine Noelle, florist and owner of Dilly Lilly, as we learn how to make a homegrown bridal bouquet and celebrate the comback of big bouquets. Plus, Christine takes us down in our fast floral spelling bee. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Christine Noelle of Dilly Lilly says 'I Do!' to the big bouquet.

  • We can't keep our shirts on around the sexy (single!) men of the Thunder from Down Under, who come straight from Australia (via Las Vegas) to put G&F through bootcamp at Joe's on Weed Street. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Can you feel the Thunder from Down Under?

  • There's no orange or pastel shades in Meredith German's accessories line, Meredith Wendell. And you can't fault the charming designer for her bold choices and love of the Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Meredith German of Meredith Wendell may just be our new G&F best friend.

  • To celebrate our 100th video, G&F takes a look back with a montage of our first 99 videos: we've danced, cooked and learned the sexy crawl; we've made ice cream, juggled implants and (almost!) gotten a tattoo. WHAT will be do next? Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    100 videos down, a lot more to go.

  • Simon Doonan is our idol simply for the way he overcame working in dismal department stores in England to spearheading the best of the best as Creative Director (and now creative ambassador-at-large) for Barneys New York. Oh, and for the way he can rock a velvet jacket. He talks to G&F about turning total disasters into great successes—who can't get behind that? Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Our fashion idol Simon Doonantells it to us straight.

  • G&F proves that gardening is not just for ladies when the master of Macy's Flower Show, Todd Pope, shows us around the more than 15,000 flowers he planted in the department store. Plus, we grow up with a vertical garden wall. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    15,000 flowers and one gardener? Macy's Flower Show goes big.

  • Jewelry designer Joan Hornig lays out her collection for us and proves she's the most charitable designer around—apparently she didn't let it go to her head that Oprah bought (and wore on a cover) the very first piece she designed. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    We hop into bed with jewelry maven Joan Hornig.

  • It's all pillow talk with makeup maven Napolean Perdis at Le Colonial. The Greek-Australian ball of energy gives us the scoop on the biggest makeup mishaps a girl can make. Take it from him, he's seen a lot of disasters in his makeup days. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Makeup powerhouse Napoleon Perdis isn't afraid of champagne.

  • G&F goes to handbag heaven, aka Laudi Vidni's manufacturing plant, where the local company still makes each bag individually. We get a behind-the-scenes look at the entire process. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    We're punching our timecard at the Laudi Vidni factory.

  • G&F gets 'naughty' with Meredith McCormick's favorite color from her line of nail polishes, M2M. The Haitian-born manicurist to the stars—we coined this nickname for her!—shares with us how she's living the dream. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Meredith McCormick's M2M Nail Polishgoes on strong.

  • We chill with Australian beauty guru Sue Devitt at Barney's and hear her predictions of upcoming trends: lipstick is back in. The fun loving Aussie knows how to laugh—our kind of beauty professional. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Mirror Mirror on the wall! Sue Devittis the fairest of them all.

  • G&F gets made up for fall with Pixi Beauty global makeup artist Amanda Bell at Target. Flawless face, red lips and smoky eyes are the timeless trends we try. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Pixi Beautyshares Fall beauty trends.

  • G&F celebrates the oh-so-divine 2009 with some of our favorite interviews from the year. We're gearing up for a 2010 filled with a lot more excitement. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    The Best of 2009 is our best yet.

  • Co-creator Emily Dalton shows G&F the best Jack Black skin care products for the low-maintenance male (and which ones will hide our hangover best). The Men's Store at Bloomingdales helps the brand celebrate ten years. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Jack Blackhelps conceal our hangover.

  • G&F dresses up with Ootra owner Debbie Jagel for some tricks and homemade treats as she tells us about her totally unique (and philanthropic) handbag and accessories line. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    We're having a Boo-tiful time with Ootra!

  • The gorgeous Marissa Miller promotes a healthy body image—and a $3 million dollar bra—while in Chicago. Supermodel (and super crush) Marissa Miller opens Chicago's flagship Victoria's Secret store on Michigan Avenue, and gets in the big pink chair to dish her love affair with Victoria's Secret: from buying her first pale pink bra while shopping with her dad to wearing the $3 million fantasy bra in the 2009 VS Fashion Show. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Victoria's Secret super model Marissa Millercuddles up.

  • See if G&F makes the cut at Mario Tricocci's Make Me a Model competition. We talk to the man behind it all about why he chose to give modeling opportunities to beautiful American women. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Make ME a supermodel, Mario Tricocci. We dare you.

  • We ham it up with the town's biggest—er, most glamorous—celebrity. While in town for Macy's Glamorama, Miss Piggy talks to G&F about her favorite designers (Marc Jacobs), her new book (The Diva Code) and of course, her beloved Kermie. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    We ham it up with one of the biggest celebs, Miss Piggy.

  • Chicago's culinary queen Stephanie Izard gets gourmet with G&F over hot dogs, and relates her version of the American dream: now that she's a Top Chef winner and renowned chef, she can finally knock serving at the Olive Garden off her resume. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Top Chef winner and Chicago favorite Stephanie Izardserves up some laughs.

  • Interior designer Kara Mann has us in stitches as she shows us the best-of-the-best pieces she carries in her showroom of hard-to-find lines. But she's not all business: she's invites us into bed to take part in one of her favorite pastimes: knitting. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    We stitch and bitch with interior designer Kara Mann.

  • Sustainable designer Lara Miller talks to us about supporting local and staying conscious of the environment while still producing super-sultry designs. Plus, she points out the best-of-the-best at the Green City Market: a green girl's dream. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Lara Millermakes us green with envy.

  • Marina Birch, the super-cute and multi-talented party planner invites G&F out onto her deck for a fresh and fruity summer cocktail. You can't blame us if we get a little silly. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Party planner Marina Birch serves up a stiff drink.

  • Is it murder mystery or a G&F episode?! We role play with red hot redhead Laura Caldwell, lawyer and author of a trilogy of hot summer reads, but will we crack the case? Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Red hot author Laura Caldwell has her work cut out for her.

  • Vosges Haute Chocolate founder Katrina Markoff tells G&F how she grew her business from her Logan Square apartment to multiple Chicago locations and even into Vegas. We chow on Katrina's homemade chocolate bacon pancakes—made in her own home—and finally learn how to pronounce Vosges (even though we've loved it forever!). Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Chocolate + Bacon + Pancakes = Vosges Haute Chocolate done right.

  • Dr. Dennis Gross talks to G&F about his MD SkinCare line and gives some skin care tips for the ever-changing Chicago weather, so our Future Face (also the title of his book!) looks as young and fresh as it does now. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    We get skincare tips from MD Skincare to have fun in the sun.

  • Rhiannon Hansen's supercute exterior hides some deep dark secrets: she can do the most life-like horror movie scream of anyone she's ever met. G&F luxuriates with the Legally Blonde: The Musical cast member at the Spa at Trump to get the scoop on that scream. Totes fun! Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    We R&R with Rhiannon Hansen of Legally Blonde, the Musical.

  • It's a total love fest with fashion designer Cynthia Rowley at her Bucktown boutique as she shows us how her Girl Scout uniform graduated into high fashion—and discusses her current plans of world fashion domination (and her secret goal of becoming president). Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    We're voting for Cynthia Rowley in 2012.

  • David Meister doesn't take life too seriously, even as a seriously great designer. And we love that his theory for fashion also perfectly describes his hair: great color, great fit, great cut. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Designer David Meisterplays cool. 24/7.

  • Ashley BrownAshley Brown is quickly becoming Broadway's belle—literally. After an appearance as Belle in Beauty and the Beast, she floated into audience's hearts as everyone's favorite nanny, Mary Poppins. Ashley welcomes us into her dressing room and shows G&F some of her moves while on tour. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Ashley Brown, aka Mary Poppins, invites us backstage.

  • In one of our most star-struck interviews to date, G&F meets with lrager-than-life designer Isaac Mizrahi as he launches his spring collection for Liz Claiborne. We do some colormath and learn how boredom is the driving force in his designs. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Isaac Mizrahi wants to be a ballerina.

  • G&F puts nutritionist Dawn Jackson Blatner on the chopping block at The Chopping Block as she explains all about her theory of keeping a flexible diet, which is the premise of her new book, The Flexitarian Diet. She easily has us all converting. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Dawn Jackson Blatner makes nutrition fun. Seriously!

  • We visit the vintage apartment of Sonia Barrett, the accidental inspiration for her new jewelry line, Damen and Division (her other inspiration: motor-boating the most beautiful issues of Vogue). Plus, we de-sludge some pretty lockets. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Sonia Barrett looks smashing in safety googles.

  • It wouldn't be Valentine's Day without a little (mental) lubrication, via a fantastic Godiva chocolate champagne cocktail. Katie Lee Joel mixes up some magic for us at the W Hotel. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    SweetheartKatie Lee Joel helps us to score on V-day.

  • The B Spot is the spot for brows in Chicago, and Rashida is the best in the business. She gives us the insider tips, and a complete (and much needed) brow makeover. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    We see brow's it going with eyebrow expert Rashida B.

  • In 2008, we met Maria Pinto, Tommy Hilfiger and Zac Posen, went to Glamorama and the new Juicy Couture boutique on Oak Street and goof around all over town. The only thing crazier: 2009. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    The best of 2008: long live G&F!

  • We chat with renowned chef Charlie Trotter as he releases two new books (for the home wine collector and the home cook) and even get him to reenact his cameo line from My Best Friend's Wedding. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    The ultimate chef, Charlie Trotter, cooks up some fun.

  • G&F celebrates the holidays with the most American man in fashion, Tommy Hilfiger. He tells us how he got his start, boosts his new book, Iconic America, and unveils Macy's famous tree—decorated with an America theme, of course. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    God bless America! And Tommy Hilfiger!

  • Perfumer Clive Christian created a poetic and romantic combination of scents that became the most expensive perfume in the world. His daughter, Victoria, shows us just how to wear the scent. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Victoria Christian of Clive Christian Perfume comes on strong.

  • Celebrity—and royal family!—nail technician Andrea Fulerton shows us how to keep our hands healthy during the harsh winters—and dishes about the love that brought her to our city. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Andrea Fulerton shares tips on how to hold off winter.

  • G&F talks with adorable accessories designer Nancy Gonzalez about the emotional connection we have with handbags, and she gives us the most important advice in the world: if you can't laugh, you have nothing. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Exotic handbag designer Nancy Gonzalez shares her life philosophy.

  • She's not just Austin Powers' psychedelic girlfriend or Bedazzled's devilish beauty: do-gooder Elizabeth Hurley is the glamourous face of Estée Lauder's campaign for breast cancer research. G&F gets the total scoop from her and others involved with the cause: Myra Biblowit is president of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation; and Jay Strongwater is a home decor designer behind some of the lines pieces that benefit the cause. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Elizabeth Hurley is the beautiful face behind Estée Lauder's Breast Cancer campaign.

  • G&F meets with the fabulous Maria Pinto (once we finally get in the building!) and are wowed by this Chicagoan's beautiful designs. Our favorite? The 'cocktail dress on crack.'  Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    Designer Maria Pinto shares her favorite looks.

  • If anyone knows how to truly live the life in Chicago it's Amanda Puck, VP of PR for Experiential Agency, so its no wonder Glossed and Found has brought her on as a contributor. We get an inside look at her chic digs. Watch the exclusive G&F interview.

    PR Maven Amanda Puck welcomes us into her home.