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Andrew Wayne

Designer, Pine & Plastic

For fashion lover Andrew Wayne, the phrase “If you dream it, you can do it,” has never been more real. Case and Point: The Chicago-based designer had a dream one night of walking through a pine forest and uncovered plexiglass boxes of painted canvas bags. Freaky? Yes. Unbelievable? No. Pine + Plastic was born from one quick REM cycle. Featuring hand-painted designs, Andrew has developed totes and travel pouches with panache—and a little more staying power than the handful of others we have recently retired (read: thrown away because they get too dirty). These sturdy bags feature high-grade canvas and are all fully lined with with two side pockets.

We catch up with Andrew in his Andersonville studio to walk us through the making of a bag. While we dip our toes in the creative design pool, we’re happy to shop the styles on site that are already prepped, printed and ready to tote.


You’ve seen how it’s done, but what about the rest? After finishing everything by hand, Pine & Plastic bags are ready to roll. With a small and mighty collection to choose from, we’ve narrowed down our three favorites to add to the your Spring accessories rotation. After all, we wouldn’t be G&F without an opinion, right? OUR PINE & PLASTIC FAVORITES >>SPOTLIGHT_PINE AND PLASTIC_Favorites

1. LARGE TOTE 01, $125
Voila: it’s the ultimate weekender for your odds and ends. While the sticker shock might get you at first, the durability of Pine & Plastic’s hardcore canvas is worth the spend.

2. SMALL TOTE 04, $95.50
With a metallic copper square design, the small Pin e & Plastic tote is the perfect size for everyday items. Measuring 19″ x 12″, we’re in love with the fact that we may not lose anything in the bottom of a tote bag. And did we mention that we love the copper accent?

3. PASSENGER POUCH 03, $36.50
This easy-to-tote pouch is for the ladies who lunch set with an edge. Be it your beauty basics or crafting essentials, the crosshatch design is forever chic.

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