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G&F x Christine Noelle Design DIY

It’s finally Love Month here at G&F! Yes, a whole gosh darn month of love. We took over Christine Noelle Design floral studio to create another installment of G&F’s Valentine’s Day DIY. Christine Noelle serves up feminine ‘60s charm and DIY prowess all in the name of L-O-V-E. Her motto? Because life is better with beautiful flowers. Her studio is filled to the brim with unique blooms, so we knew Christine Noelle could help us channel our inner flower child on Valentine’s Day. Mushy-gushy romance often dominates Hearts Day, but we’d rather just have more fun—and we love fun!—with 3 DIYs to impress all your valentines.

You’ll see the cutest cocktail shaker you ever did see in the Cupid’s Elixir drink recipe. And that meets it sweet, sweet match as we layer up in the Lover’s Trifle dessert. And to complete our head nod to the era of love, we’re getting groovy with glitter in a custom gift box. Watch + learn to see these pint-sized presents come to life.

CREATIVE D. Graham Kostic + Christine Noelle Design  |  FILM/PHOTO Tim Musho + Emily Hard
COPY Alaina Africano |  NAILS Ashley Gregory | APRON Mary Lou

CUPID’S ELIXIR DRINK >> Shake up some sparkling passion with the original Cupid’s Elixir, an Aperol and gin cocktail. Nothing quite gets us in the spirit other than, well, spirits! A light and citrusy drink may be all you need to recreate cupid’s aim. But to really capture the heart of your valentine, we show you how to create a glittered arrow garnish to top off this enchanting libation. Cheers darling!

And what is Valentine’s day without sweet floral? Don’t have time to get the big sha-bang? Try a HAND-TIED BOUQUET. Christine gives some pointers below.

GF-Spotlight_HAND TIE BOUQUET_Christine Noelle Valentine's Day DIY_2

GLITTERED GIFT BOX >> All that glitters is love! Package up the sweetest gift in a customized, sparkling gift box adorned with a grosgrain ribbon. Complete with multicolored glitter and the twinkling initials of your lover, this DIY colorfully wraps up any gift on any holiday. And what really makes it special? The inside is layered with flowers, so your present or memento stays perfectly perched. Good things really do come in handmade, glittered packages. Glitter on!

LOVER’S TRIFLE >> Not your average parfait—this traditional trifle comes to life with easy, peasy store bought ingredients. The delectable dessert brings together cake, jello (a 60’s fave!), whipped cream and a crown of raspberries for a treat to tantalize the tastebuds. Possibly the tastiest way to declare your love, serve up the Lover’s Trifle and share a few bites with your lover. And for extra points and kitsch, dish in an antique glass to eat your heart out!

GF-Spotlight_FLORAL ICE CUBES_Christine Noelle Valentine's Day DIY

Want up to your ice game? We know the answer is an obvious Yes! Christine loves adding a little sparkle to sparkling water and cocktails with FLORAL ICE CUBES. How to get the look? Use edible flowers (from fresh market or local florist) and fill ice cube trays half way with filtered water. Add blooms and let freeze. Add another layer of water and blooms to fill the tray. 

Visit for more information on Christine + her Gold Coast Floral Studio. Still want more L-O-V-E? Check out The Pajama Game Valentine’ Day fashion editorial.