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Jacqui Stafford

Author, The Wow Factor

Style Expert and TV personality Jacqui Stafford recently breezed into town to share her new book The Wow Factor at Swarovski Michigan Avenue. The 208-page fashion tribute, which features Jacqui’s style advice to amp up your personal style quotient, is sprinkled with Swarovski crystal jewelry so it’s only fitting that we caught up with the statement wearing style star at the Mag Mile boutique to talk shop. After flipping through Jacqui’s book, we loved the common thread that ran alongside style stories, advice and insider secrets: You don’t have to be rich or skinny to be fabulous. Well said, Stafford. In fact, it’s Jacqui’s down-to-earth, realist approach to dressing that makes us fall in love with her wherever she may be talking (and that’s a long list of places—The Today Show to Entertainment Tonight to name a few. Totally outspoken and always spot-on with her styling choices, Jacqui shares beauty favorites—like the lip gloss she ran the NYC marathon in—and sage fashion advice—she sincerely apologizes for that blousy pirate shirt she used to wear—in this week’s Spotlight.

JACQUI STAFFORD Spotlight Beauty

BEAUTY MUST-HAVES>> scent: COACH LOVE // moisturizer: JO MALONE GRAPEFRUIT BODY CREME // concealer: CLE DE PEAU BEAUTE // face: OLAY CC CREAM // mascara: MAYBELLINE THE COLOSSAL VOLUM EXPRESS // lipstick: CHANEL GLOSSIMER // nails: ESSIE MASTER PLAN // must-have: MAKE UP FOR EVER CONCEALER PENCIL (along inner rim of eyes to illuminate)

Q: So what’s the biggest Wow moment of the book?
A: I wanted to write a fashion book that every woman could relate to, and help women realize that they can look amazing right now and not have to wait until they’ve lost those elusive last 5lbs. It’s basically how to WOW right now.

Q: And it rhymes! We spy a lot of Swarovski in your new book. Why the love affair?
A: I’ve been in love with Swarovski pieces for years—and use some of their pieces in practically every one of my TV makeovers. What I love the most is that you can find gorgeous designs at incredibly reasonable prices. And putting on a piece of jewelry–a cuff, a statement necklace or a fabulous pair of earrings–is one of the easiest ways to get the Wow Factor. It shows that you’ve taken that extra step.

Q: Okay, we get this question all the time: Tips for the curvy girl?
A: Firstly, ignore the size label. Focus on the fit instead and whether something flatters your figure, rather than obsessing about squeezing into something obviously too small. Play up your strengths like great legs and a stunning décolleté and use ruching, shirring and draping to help camouflage and create the illusion of a slimmer frame.

Q: Any fashion secrets you’d like to keep hidden?
A: I could have probably been steered away from those hip-widening pantaloons and that hideous blousy pirate shirt that I show in the book, but hey…

Q: It’s safe to say you’ve figured it out by now. How does beauty play into it all?
A: Great skin and sunscreen is everything. And I never go anywhere without mascara and lip gloss.

Q: You tell everyone else how to dress, so what is your style all about?
A: Europe meets NYC: A mix of designer with local city treasures.

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