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J. Lynne Bredfeldt

Director of Public Relations,
Park Hyatt Chicago

Lynne Bredfeldt is the uber-creative and adorable director of public relations for the Park Hyatt Chicago (including the cant-stay-away-from NoMI trifecta: Kitchen/Lounge, Garden, and Spa), not to mention a woman-about-town (we’ve Found! her at a few of our featured events)—but her true passion is travel: whether it is for work or pleasure, spontaneous or planned, a quickie trip or extended vacay, Lynne has done it. (In fact, “I am known to be quite a spontaneous traveler!” she says.) Having been to the far reaches of the world, from tropical beaches to cosmopolitan cities, Lynne has brought back not just unique and worldly souvenirs but some of the very best travel tips, from adjusting to time zone changes to jet-lagged beauty. For this week’s spotlight, she gives us a carry-on crash course in ocean-hopping.


BEAUTY MUST-HAVES>> scent: BYREDO GYPSY WATER // moisturizer: NIVEA // concealer: CHANEL VITALUMIERE AQUA FRESH & HYDRATING CREAM COMPACT SPF 15 // mascara: top row, FAUX LASHES BY SALON LASHE and bottom row,  DIORSHOW // lipgloss: NARS EASY LOVER // nails: CHANEL HOLIDAY  and for summer, ESSIE SHORT SHORTS is fun for toes // eyebrows: BROW ZINGS BY BENEFIT // summer essential: CARITA PARIS POWDER CONTROL MASK

Q: Though this is probably impossible to answer, what are some of your favorite destinations?
A: Morocco was definitely the most exotic; it was an extreme trip and probably the way I love to travel most to really see and explore a country. From haggling in the souks of Marrakech, to living with a nomad family in a cave in the Atlas Mountains, to riding camels in the Sahara, it was an incredible sojourn.

Q: That sounds amazing! Any other favorites?
A: On my wish list for future travels: Copenhagen for the food, Cuba for the culture, and Istanbul for the beauty and splendor.

Q: Any tips for faking a refreshed look after a long flight?
A: For 8+ hour flights, I shower the night before I travel and put my hair in a loose bun or braid. When I land, down comes the bun looking fresh with beach-y waves (a spritz of Bumble & Bumble surf spray can help). I wash my face twice: right before I fall asleep and again before we land. Eve Lom makes great travel products for face cleanser. Once I’m off the flight, a dab of concealer and a touch of lipgloss and I’m good to go!

Q: What is always in your carry on bag?
A: Ray Bans, pashmina, Lululemon zip-up for the place, a great pair of heels, and running shoes.

Q: Do you shop on vacations? Any great travel finds that stand out?
A: I find that all cosmopolitan cities have similar designer boutiques—you can find the same pair of Chanel ballet flats in Chicago, New York, London, and Hong Kong. I love to pick up unique pieces you can’t find elsewhere, like a vintage skirt at Didier Ludot in Paris or a polo dress from La Martina in Madrid.

Q: You’re back at home after a trip, ready to relax: do you have a favorite treatment at NoMI Spa?
A: The Hydrafacial.