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A Kitschy DIY Holiday

G&F x The Cakegirls

There is nothing quite like classic holiday traditions that can unite a party. Whether it is your grandmother’s secret cookie recipe or your mom watching A Christmas Story on TV while she wraps the final presents, those little nostalgic moments are what really make the season. And Goshdarnit!, we want some of our own here at G&F! To make it happen, we teamed up with our friends at The Cakegirls who helped us sweeten up some new (tasty) holiday traditions. Set in a vintage kitchen, we’re cooking up 1950’s treats that are sure to be crowd pleasers for your next Holiday affair. From a delicious—but NOT nutritious—Peppermintini cocktail rimmed in crushed mint candies to dressing up Ho Hos as charming yule logs, we’ve got simple DIY’s that will surely be holiday classics for years to come. Want to go over-the-top this season? Try your hand at the Ribbon Candy Cake or our handmade peppermint bowls and swizzle sticks.

Watch our DIY videos and create your own 50’s-inspired Holiday. Knock yourself out, Doris Day.

CREATIVE D. Graham Kostic  |  PHOTO + FILM Timothy Musho and Emily Hard
STARRING Brenda and Mary Maher, The Cakegirls  |  LOCATION courtesy of Kate Sanderson 

Glossed & Found Cakegirls Holiday DIY 2013_ho ho yule log

HO HO HOLD UP! Store bought sweets dressed up for a fancy schmancy cocktail party? Sign us up! We give the classic Ho Ho a Yule tide makeover that is sure to impress your guests.
>> Watch the Ho Ho Yule Log DIY Video Here

Glossed & Found Cakegirls Holiday DIY 2013_peppermintiniDITCH THE EGGNOG—MIX UP SOMETHING EVERYONE WILL LIKE! For the perfect dessert drink, mix up a batch of these minty cocktails (and be sure to watch our Peppermint Extras video to see how to make the candy swizzle stick)?
>> Watch the Peppermintini DIY video here

Glossed & Found Cakegirls Holiday DIY 2013_peppermintMINT OVERLOAD! We’ve got some cutesy ways to show off your holiday spirit. Try the handmade Peppermint Swizzle Sticks and Peppermint Candy Bowls.
>> Watch the Peppermint Extras DIY video here

Glossed & Found Cakegirls Holiday DIY 2013_ribbon candy cakeRIBBON DANCER! Start with a freshly baked cake (we don’t care if it’s store bought or made from scratch) and add a little extra personality. The result? A holiday pleaser that looks and tastes good.
>> Watch the Ribbon Candy Cake DIY video here

Glossed & Found Cakegirls Holiday DIY 2013_link to purchase

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