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Caroline Scheeler

Creative Director, Jayson Home

We hate to play favorites, but when it comes to local design emporium Jayson Home, we can’t help but be a tad biased. Behind the uber cool Lincoln Park outpost is Creative Director Caroline Scheeler, whose no-fuss, down-to-earth demeanor is matched only by her incredible taste. The lofty space, which boasts an annual anxiety-enducing warehouse sale, reigns supreme during the holiday where the shop’s well-merchandised floor becomes a veritable cabinet of curiosity for unusual and unique stocking stuffers (and, of course, big ticket items that our Holiday Bonus check will go straight toward). So how does the queen of design cool celebrate the season? We visited Caroline at Jayson Home to see how and what she was gifting to kick off our Holiday Gift Guide Issue. From the hostess gift (vintage champagne bucket & bubbles, anyone?) to man’s best friend, Caroline has us covered for thoughtful gifting. Watch our G&F Interview below and check out her G&F Wish List—this is one tasteful lady who is definitely on our ‘Nice’ list.

A. VINTAGE HEMP TEA TOWEL >> Extra points for wrapping a favorite liftable book in this vintage tea towel. My choice? The Chicago Home Grown Cookbook with yummy recipes from my favorite chefs in town.

B. BRASS PEACE SIGN >> For the glamour hippie on your list (don’t we all have one of those?), I am in love with this Brass Peace Sign! You will probably be the only one bringing this to the party.

C. TISSUE CALENDAR >> I absolutely love this calendar—such an awesome gift for the busy body on your list. Here’s an idea: schedule some lunch dates before you wrap it up!

D. HORN BOTTLE OPENER >> Guys love a cool bottle opener so this makes a great host gift. Add the horn bottle holder—it’s just the right size to hold a bottle of wine or jumbo bottle of beer (from Pastoral)!

E. AGATE CHEESE PLATE >> I am a cheeseaholic and Pastoral has the absolute best selection in the city. I like to bring cheeses for a party on something cool that the hostess can keep. Our agate cheese plate is always a hit and it goes with anything so you don’t have to worry about matching what they already have.

F. HABERDASH MEN’S POCKET SQUARES >> This is one of those gifts that is just as fun to shop for as it is to receive. There are so many pretty ones! Haberdash has a great selection of pocket squares and the guys there are super helpful.

G. NATURAL ROPE LEASH >> My buddy Devin’s dog Henry has this leash and it somehow manages to make a really cute dog even cuter. And it’s from a great company that works to rescue animals that any pet lover will appreciate.

H. VINTAGE CHAMPAGNE BUCKET >> A bottle of champagne on its own is a little boring, but bringing it in a vintage French champagne bucket means your host gets a memento from your fun night after the bubbly is gone. Try In Fine Spirits for a perfect vintage.

I. EARTH BLOCKS >> Sometimes it’s fun to bring a game to break the ice and this one has no winners or losers. Lego’s don’t get any better looking than this!

J. GOLD WISHBONE >> This is just the perfect gift for so many occasions. It works for good luck, congrats, housewarming and a million other things. And it looks so chic on a stack of books or leaning on a mantle.

Find your perfect gift at Jayson Home, 1885 N. Clybourn or by visiting