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Bridget Chambers

Life Coach + Writer

We’re ushering in a new season of style with blossoming individuals who are making their unique voices heard. Say hello to Bridget Chambers. We love this certified life coach—slash writer, speaker and ray of sunshine—because she’s all about being your true authentic self. And in a world of inscenscent #selfies and digital likes, Bridget is reconnecting the tapped-out generation. It should be noted that reflection, awareness and mindfulness of one’s life doesn’t come easy. Bridget’s down-to-earth mantras and approachability makes seemingly scary introspection into not-so-scary attainability. “Growth comes in acknowledging that something isn’t right, or that something is missing, or that something needs to change,” explains Bridget.. Getting through life’s frustrating moments is sometimes as simple as 1, 2, 3. First: Take a minute to review what made you upset and why. Second, write it down. “Getting something out of your mind and onto paper is so powerful,” says Bridget. “It’s like gossiping with yourself.” And third, always listen and remember the lesson.

After six years in the coaching biz, Bridget continues to be a people seeker. She connects with people from various backgrounds and lines of work listening and working together to create “plot twists” for their life stories. And when she’s not working, you might find her belting Broadway tunes and tweeting at Gloria Estefan—because life’s about the little things, right?! Watch and learn more about this one-of-a-kind spirit who’s making her voice heard.

So who does this inspirational gal get her inspiration from? Bridget looks to novelist Cheryl Strayed—who penned about her solo, 1100-mile hike on the Pacific Crest Trail in Wild—to channel an earthy, ethereal reconnection to self. So go ahead and climb those proverbial mountains with these nature-inspired finds. >>

G&F SPOTLIGHT_Bridget Chambers Cheryl Strayed Mood Board

Get The Look: A. COMPASS RING by ELIZABETH AND JAMES: “The right direction is almost always right at our fingertips.” // B. CANDLE DUO by NEST // C. FARMGIRL FLOWERS // D. LE PEN: “Writing lets us taste life twice: once in the moment and once in retrospect.” // E. HANDMADE JOURNAL by THEWANDERWOMAN: “Everyone should have a journal that’s not connected to a keyboard.” // F. BALLARD LACE BOOT by NORTHFACE // G. LIGHTNING BOLT NECKLACE by DOGEARED // H. WILD GINGER LIPSTICK by TOM FORD

Looking for more of Bridget’s good juju? Follow her on Twitter @YourSmartHeart for your daily dose of life inspiration and unapologetic optimism. And keep an eye and ear out for her book PlotTwist slated for publication at the end of the year.