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Branka Tomic

Founder, LVX Nails

A woman after our own colorful hearts, Branka Tomic literally hit the nail on the head with her luscious lacquers. As co-founder of LVX nail polish, Branka has created a line of extravagance accessible for any woman to indulge in. LVX is the high fashion of polish, proving to be the ultimate way to show off your individuality and personal style without breaking the bank! Not only is LVX faithful to keeping us on trend with color palettes inspired by the runway, but formulas are free of the most common nail polish chemicals; Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, DBP, Toluene and Camphor. And if that wasn’t enough to fall in love with the bright hues, all products are produced cruelty-free in the great US of A.

Watch the G&F video below to learn more about the fifty (plus) shades of LVX and how Branka keeps your nails on-trend.

For a woman who knows a thing or two about colors, we dished with Branka Tomic on her must-have color palette. From her weekend getaway must color to the right shade for cocktails al fresco, Branka gives us a guide to runway inspirations translated to posh polish—and spoiler alert! We’re getting a little sneak peek into LVX’s colors for Fall:

BRANKA TOMIC LVX NAILS_spotlight_favorites

What color would you wear to grab a cocktail at Caffe Oliva at Ohio Street Beach?
Aster (1) from our Summer collection. It’s a darling and vibrant lilac.

With the Soho House opening right around the corner, what color will you be sporting?
Porcelaine (2) along with all white everything.

Weekend Getaway season is upon us. What hue will you wear?
I would wear a deep espresso (3) that will be launching with our 2014 Fall Collection. Something strong and bold!

What fashion lines did you draw inspiration from for the Fall color set? 
A piece that was incredibly inspirational is this gorgeous dress by Dior . It particularly inspired the new fuchsia-red in our upcoming collection. I just love the way Raf Simons played with texture, hemline and shape for this piece.

Can you pick a favorite fall color from the line? 
There is a deep pink we will be releasing with our Fall 2014 Collection. I’ve recently opened my doors to the pink color family and have started to love it.

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