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with Bobbi Brown + Linda Arrandt

This! Just! In! It’s G&F’s Feel Good Beauty issue, and we’re dishing with beauty extraordinaire Bobbi Brown and her health guru sister, Linda Arrandt, on confident style. With eight books under her belt, Bobbi knows a thing or two about beauty and finding confidence, while Linda is fully immersed in wellness coaching bringing out healthful beauty from within. Like many of us, their health and beauty outlook constantly evolves, but one thing that stays constant is the importance of making your own rules, —particularly finding a balance you’re comfortable with and sticking to it.

We talk with Bobbi and Linda on the importance of health, beauty and confidence. They even divulge some beauty faves and let us in on some family secrets (which may or may not involve frosted lips). And the beautiful duo gives us the best makeup trend to follow all year round: celebrating your beautiful, unique YOU!

Beauty starts from within—we love this philosophy. When did this click?
Bobbi Brown: During the early years of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, I was a married mom with two little boys—soon to be three—and a new business, so finding a balance was often difficult. I eventually realized that by taking time for myself, eating well, drinking plenty of water, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep, I looked and felt better. I feel my best when I am strong and healthy, so I make living a healthy lifestyle a priority for me and my family.

SPOTLIGHT_Bobbi Brown Linda Arrandt_3above: Bobbi and Linda in 1963 with their brother Mike / Bobbi’s Face Touch Up Stick is one of Linda’s go-to’s

Which Bobbi Brown products really speak to that philosophy?
BB: Brown Lip Color and Skin Foundation Stick, two of my original products, are still Bobbi classics that ring true to my original philosophy. They’re products that make beauty simple, real and approachable. Since launching my brand in 1991, it’s been important to me to create products with integrity that empower women, and also teach women how to use them in a way that fits within their lifestyle.

While Bobbi has succeeded in the cosmetics industry, Linda has built a career in celebrating confident beauty through wellness. Linda resides in Chicago as an integrative nutritionist, health coach, pilates instructor, and massage therapist at Arrandt HealthCare and Rehabilitation Center. A winning combo for anyone who is looking to enhance their beauty from the inside out.

You used to be a self-proclaimed junk food junkie. How did you kick the habit?
Linda Arrandt: When I did step aerobics and lots of cardio in the late 80’s, I craved carbs. I would eat a whole bag of rice cakes after over-exercising. That same behavior played out for many years, leaving me over weight and with little energy. In recent years, I’ve found that by detoxing with seasonal cleanses and eating as close to a Paleo diet as possible, I am able to maintain a healthy weight with less rigorous exercise. The easiest way to begin to get back on track is to make a commitment to a plan for a measured length of time—10-day whole food Wellness Challenges work well, or you can opt for a 21-day Detox Program.

SPOTLIGHT_Bobbi Brown Linda Arrandt_1_alt
above, from left to right: Bobbi’s Skin Foundation stick is a Bobbi Brown original / Linda loves Bobbi’s Extreme Party Mascara / Ali McGraw + Brooke Shields: two of the sister’s beauty muses growing up

Bobbi’s at the top of her game when it comes to beauty—which of her products are your go-to’s? What is the one piece of beauty advice that she has given to you that always sticks with you?
LA: I couldn’t live without the Face Touch-Up Palette & Bronzing Powder. I also love the multi-function of the Mahogany Eye Shadow—I use it to fill in my brows and line my eyes. The Dual-Ended Extreme Party and No Smudge Mascaras are also staples in my makeup bag. The best piece of beauty advice that Bobbi has ever given me is to wear sunscreen. When I lived in Florida, Bobbi would call me regularly to make sure I was protecting my skin.

Bobbi and Linda take us on a quick trip down memory lane to talk about girl crushes, advice to their teenage self and how frosted lips never look good on anyone.

Who was your girl crush growing up?
BB: Ali McGraw—she was stunning with her dark hair, thick brows, and barely visible makeup. She was a great role model, so simple and understated. Through women like her, I learned to embrace my own features.

LA: I thought Brooke Shields was so beautiful. She had a gorgeous face, a beautiful body and perfect eyebrows. I couldn’t find a single flaw about her. Bobbi and I were not blessed with long genes, so we lead a healthy lifestyle to keep our small frames lean and fit.

SPOTLIGHT_Bobbi Brown Linda Arrandt_2above: Bobbi and Linda now

Confidence and making smart, healthy choices seems to always come with age. What advice would you give to your 16-year-old self?
BB: I believe it is important to live in the present. Many young girls become so obsessed with what they see as their flaws that they overlook the qualities that make them beautiful. I hated my arms when I was a teenager and often wore long-sleeved shirts. Now I look back at pictures from those days and I think that my arms looked fine. It’s important for young girls to not compare themselves to others and to start appreciating themselves now.

LA: Give of yourself to others, but don’t lose your sense of self in others. Eat healthy, exercise and get enough rest. Pursue your interests and find ways to give back. Get a good education and find a fulfilling career. Cultivate long lasting friendships—be there for others and be a committed friend who listens without judging.

Was Bobbi always a beauty-nut?
LA: When Bobbi was going to Emerson College and studying theatrical makeup, all of us would be her guinea pigs. My Grandfather let her make him up as an old woman and my step brothers were turned into bruised war veterans. Even our dog Shelby got a makeover.

SPOTLIGHT_Bobbi Brown Linda Arrandt_4above, left: Bobbi applies makeup to Kate Upton, the new spokesperson for the brand. above, right: Bobbi and her mom

We can’t imagine the photos that came out of those makeovers! What were some beauty fads when you were growing up?
BB: Frosted lipstick & white eye shadow. Thankfully they were only fads. My worst teenage look was trying to be someone I was not. I over tweezed my eyebrows and often applied too much makeup. I didn’t realize that I was pretty when I looked natural.

What’s the most memorable beauty advice you learned from a family member?
LA: My Aunt Alice gave me real world advice—to be true to yourself and to not worry about what other people think. She taught me to love the body and skin that you are in, at any age, and to strive to have a balanced life. It’s important to find alone time and to take time to exercise. 

BB: My grandmother was my beauty role model. She used lipstick as blush and always ended with a splash of rose perfume. I grew up watching my mother carefully apply her makeup in the mornings and before parties. I was always in awe of how she could use the makeup to enhance her features and so effortlessly transform herself. She taught me that confidence is true beauty.

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