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Alexis Nido-Russo

Founder, Local Eclectic

Here at G&F, we’re always scouting for the latest and greatest in all things style—so when we met Alexis Nido-Russo, Founder of Local Eclectic, we knew we had met our match. Alexis is the beauty and brains behind the e-commerce site, which features under-the-radar, independent designers from across the country. Local Eclectic gives the shopper a more intimate look into the designers’ creative process with behind the scenes interviews and photo editorials. And besides discovering fresh talent, Alexis helps pair together like-minded creatives for limited edition collections. The latest inception? Celebrity nail artist Astrowifey and jewelry designer Cities in Dust collaborated on a bad ass bronze ring that accents the nail. That’s why we love Local Eclectic, they bring artists together and let them do what they do best—bringing beautiful things to you from inspiring, honest work.

And what’s more to love? Local Eclectic publishes a weekly feature entitled, 5 o’clock Friday, a boozy recipe from one cocktail shaker to another. We sat down with Alexis for a happy hour and brought 5 o’clock Friday to life. Watch above to learn how to whip up an Americano—or something to that effect—and learn more about all things style from Local Eclectic.

So who’s this stylin’ babe’s style fave? She opts for double trouble from the Olsen twins. Alexis’ self-proclaimed style mantra is “Catlady meets catwalk,” and Mary Kate and Ashley share a similar vibe—not to mention the whole uber-successful female entrepreneur similarity. We asked Alexis to map out a moodboard inspired by her muses. >>

SPOTLIGHT_alexis nido russo local eclectic moodboard

Get The Look: A. DALMATION STONE CARVED SKULL // B. HONOLULU BLACK GOLD WALLPAPER by JULIEN MACDONALD: “Perfect for a dark and moody room.” // C. MOON PHASE CALENDAR: “It looks pretty and it’s functional. You could also cut the bottom half off and just frame the moon.” // D. STATUS: BLACK SUNGLASSES by GREY ANT“I love a shade that hides half your face. Which is great for the 75% of the time when I’m not wearing makeup.” // E. CHANEL ROUGE DOUBLE INTENSITE ULTRA WEAR LIP COLOR in DEEP PURPLE // F. LIGHTER CASE by COBRA SOCIETY: “I don’t smoke but I do love candles and this would add a touch of romance to my nightly candle lighting routine.” // G. ELIZABETH AND JAMES NIRVANA BLACK PERFUME OIL: “The oil makes me instantly feel sexy and the bottle is perfect purse size.”

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