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PARTY: Soho House Chicago Pre-Launch Party + Satellite Nights
VENUE: Kinzie Train Depot
DATE: Saturday, June 28th
THE LURE: Art meets style meets an abandoned warehouse. That was the very cool takeaway of the pop-up party at the graffiti-covered Kinzie Train Depot hosted by Soho House Chicago in prep for their August opening. Decked out in vintage Chesterfields and other Soho House lounging staples, guests were greeted with art installations—our favorite was Hebru Brantley’s bold goggle-eyed work—as well as an art talk led by The Salon Series’ JC Steinbrunner. Follow this with a long night of music (as well as Bombay Sapphire and Corzo Tequila cocktails) from KIT, Twin Shadow and more, and Soho House’s Satellite Nights—a party aimed to spotlight the mix of music and art from emerging artists—was seriously trending on social media that evening. Oh, and did we mention that food trucks lined up outside for guests to order at will? We may or may not have had two ice cream cones in a row. >>

GF-FOUND_Soho House Chicago

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Alicia Gutierrez, Chelsea Lavin and Mallory Ulaszek; The Kinzie Train Depot; Hebru Brantley’s Art Installation; JC Steinbrunner leads an art talk; April Francis and Lynette Astaire; Megan Lewis and Hebru Brantley