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PARTY: RM Champagne Salon Opening
VENUE: 116 N. Green Street
DATE: Monday, July 30th
THE LURE: Tucked away down a cobblestone alley is the soon-to-be most coveted place to pop the question… Or celebrate that big promotion… Or, in our case, just get plain silly on good bubbly. RM Champagne Salon, the chic outpost cooked up by sought-after sommelier Jason Wagner and the hospitality mavens Element Collective (Nellcôte, Old Town Social), entered the scene with a bang—did you see Jason saber that magnum?!—serving up glass after glass after glass of prosecco to celebrate the opening. The interior is romantic with French linens on round, parlor tables and candles adorning each one; the patio, though, is truly a magical place unlike any outdoor space in the city. Our favorite touch, though? Designer Elise Bergman’s playfully simple dresses for the waitresses. Now, that’s how you drink champagne in style. >>

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT >> The Interior of RM // Eva Daiberl (aka Miss Renaissance) heads up a game of Bocce with fellow bloggers // Fran Taglia and Collin Moore // Ahmed Bramaih // Bubbles galore at RM // The outdoor patio at night // Krissy Eglitis and Amy Sherr