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PARTY: Parade of Boats Race to Mackinac kick-off with Veuve Clicquot and G&F
VENUE: Aboard a fab yacht on Lake Michigan
DATE: Saturday, July 21st
THE LURE: There’s absolutely no better way to spend a summertime Saturday afternoon in Chicago than aboard a yacht on Lake Michigan. Wait—there is a better way: to be aboard said yacht, sipping champagne (Veuve Clicquot, no less) with some of our favorite Chicagoans like Amanda Puck, Kevin Aeh, Korey Huyler, Erica Beth Levin, and Kelly Ryan O’Brien. That’s exactly where G&F was last weekend, as the Chicago Yacht Club launched its 104th Annual Race to Mackinac Island (check out The G&F Blog for our Mackinac Island guide!) for with the city’s most colorful tradition: the Parade of Boats near Navy Pier. We had Camille Parker of Le Cordon Bleu (who looks stunning in her chef whites!) and her team whip up some summer light bites: baguette sandwiches with ham and gruyere, grilled vegetables and pesto, and chicken, brie, apples, and watercress were perfect alongside crudites with roasted onion-dill dip and cheeses. Somehow, the bubbly combination of champagne, the wake of our boat, and the wind through our hair makes our troubles fade away. >>

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT >> Ay yi, Captain! Camille Parker poses with the Yacht owner // Amanda Puck, Kevin Aeh, Erica Beth Levin, Kimberly Burt, Kelly Ryan O’Brien and Korey Huyler // G&F Nautical flags adorned the Veuve bottles // Veuve Clicquot—just how we like it! // Erica Beth Levin and Kimberly Burt