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PARTY: Mia Moretti x Pencey Launch Dinner
VENUE: Studio Paris, 59 W. Hubbard
DATE: Saturday, February 16th
THE LURE: For Gold Coast boutique Sofia, the casual drop-by of a celeb or a designer is par for the course—but then there’s the Mia Moretti x Pencey collection launch. The darling DJ—whose jet set lifestyle will either make you love or hate her—came to town with her ridiculously cool best buds and Christina Minasian, designer of Pencey, to show off their latest collaboration. The result? A day of banana leaf print, lots of Peroni and a finale dinner at Paris Club with some serious stylish folks. G&F teamed up with Sofia and decoupaged Kodak disposable cameras for guests to capture the evening (see the madcap GIF results on The G&F Blog). But there’s more? The crew trotted upstairs to Studio Paris for Mia’s late night set. >>

(Oh, and watch our interview with Pencey designer Christina Minasian + DJ Mia Moretti here). And the full Facebook album here.
Found Mia Moretti Pencey Dinner at Studio Paris