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PARTY: Luxury Garage Sale Grand Opening
VENUE: Luxury Garage Sale, 1658 N. Wells Street
DATE: Wednesday, November 7
THE LURE: Posh, Please! Luxury Garage Sale—that uber fab outpost of refined consignment—set up shop in Old Town with a bang. The dynamic duo behind the bright, young brand, Lindsay Segal and Brielle Buchberg, attracted a crowd of the utterly chic, bouncy and bubbly fashion set who came in to Ooh and Aah at the brand spankin’ new space—we had to excuse ourselves for drooling on the accessories table. But seriously: the prize for the best accessorized? Naturally, co-owner Brielle Buchberg who sported a soon-to-be-due baby-bump-and-then-some under her stretch gold dress. A close second? CocoMori’s Vogue-inspired bespoke cake pops which eyed the crowd behind a gilded glass case on the front counter. Surely André, Anna, Grace and Karl would approve. How could you not of this chic set-up? >>

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT >> Lindsay Segal and Brielle Buchberg // Hillary Sawchuk and Kelly Kane // Brielle Burchberg and Erica Stimac // CocoMori’s cakepops // Lindsay Segal shows off the goods // Theodore Venable and Caitlin McCarthy // Mia Buttinelli Owen and Andrea Morris