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PARTY: Jumpjet Launch Party
VENUE: Bang & Olufsen, 609 N. State Street
DATE: Friday, November 16
THE LURE: Jump for joy: Jumpjet is here. The luxury travel club which is the first in its class to offer private jet travel for the price of a first-class airline ticket came to Chicago to introduce its services to a group of tech-savvy party-goers done up right by Monika Dixon Public Relations and Rachel De Marte. Guests sipped Grey Goose cocktails and tasted airplane cookies—designed by Sugar Hills Bakery—to celebrate the launch of the new travel company. Founders Will Ashcroft and Jason Weiss (pictured below with Monika Dixon and Patrick Meyn) were excited to see the response of six years in the making to get Jumpjet off the ground. It seems like things are really taking off. Pun totally intended. >>

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT >> Eva Pawlus and Lonnie Rodriguez // Kateryna Savchuk and Cynovia Potts from Yana German Models // BJ McCaslin and Lisa Goldsher // Raj Sai and friends // Julius LaCour and Greg Dillard // Monika Dixon and Emily Cleary // Patrick Meyn, Monika Dixon, Jason Weiss and Will Ashcroft // Sugar Hills Bakery Treats