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PARTY: Glossed & Found + Meredith Wendell Lunch
VENUE: W Lakeshore, 7th Floor Wet Deck
DATE: Friday, June 8th
THE LURE: When G&F is a fan of yours, we’re fans for life. After interviewing Meredith German of Meredith Wendell accessories two years ago, we’ve followed the line religiously. So when we heard that the design duo behind the brand was coming through town, we decided to celebrate their summer pool party-inspired pieces with a little fun in the sun of our own. Perched on the 7th Floor Wet Deck of the W Hotel, guests— which included top media and stylists—took in a stunning view onto Lake Michigan, nibbled on Wave’s midday treats and Ooh-ed and Aah-ed over a colorful line-up of Meredith Wendell bags down the center of the table. Add the bubbly Debi Lilly (who decked out the deck) and a tasty (and addicting) Lakeshore Punch by Grey Goose Vodka (snag the recipe on The G&F Blog), and this was one Friday that was truly TGIF. Watch our film recap below the pictures. >>

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT >> Amanda Puck, Jessica Herman, Elle Eichinger and Molly Each // Bright, bold Meredith Wendell bags lined the table // Jena Gambaccini, Megan Taylor and Corri McFadden // Decals adorned the Wet Deck walls // Meredith German of Meredith Wendell and G&F’s Creative Director D. Graham Kostic // Surprise! Guests took home G&F + Meredith Wendell Beach Balls // Jared Hatch and Agga Raya