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PARTY: Better Than Backstage Rooftop Pool Party
VENUE: EnV, 161 W. Kinzie
DATE: Saturday, August 4th
THE LURE: Although we love Lollapalooza, we don’t love the dirt, the sweat, that ‘how can I possibly do this for one more day’ feeling when we wake up. Enter Gilt City’s ‘Better Than Backstage’ rooftop pool party. It was the perfect mix of Lollapalooza street style plus comfy, posh party—our kind of scene. Of Monsters and Men played the rooftop and the crowd was equal parts ready to dive in EnV’s pool to those who were (Best dressed? Jenn Lake in Three Floor. Followed closely by Katie Parfet in a gorgeous lace cover-up). Mix in Grey Goose cocktails, and it was tough to get everyone off the roof and back to Grant Park. >>

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT >> Of Monsters and Men // Grey Goose & Gilt City branded shades // Ludwig Goransson and Katie Parfet // Nicole Tempesta and Kelli Zink // Alex Ott, Michael Corrigan, Jenn Lake and Robert Zigmund