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PARTY: G&F’s Fashion’s Night Out Photo Booth
VENUE: The 900 Shops, 900 N. Michigan Avenue
DATE: Thursday, September 6
THE LURE: Fashion’s Night Out is fun. Seriously fun. And we amped up that fun by hosting a #FNO Fashion Photo Booth during The 900 Shops and Michigan Avenue Magazine hosted #FNO party. With word bubbles armed with witty phrases (Our favorite? Too Haute to Handle!) we set up shop and welcomed any FNO shoppers to come get their photo snapped for our #FNO album. The result? Long lines and lots of smiles. We uploaded all of our photo booth photos on our Facebook page and during the night, G&F’s D. Graham Kostic hopped down to the red carpet to interview blonde bombshell Ali Larter. Ali’s fashion philosophy? Be yourself and have fun. We can definitely get behind that motto! Take a look at the video below for all #FNO fun in full action. >>