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PARTY: Cedar Street 10th Anniversary + Chicago Artists Month Kick-Off
VENUE: The former Wilson Theater
DATE: Thursday, September 26th
THE LURE: To celebrate the start of Chicago Artists Month—18 years and kickin’!—Cedar Street Companies and FLATS Studio invited 400 of their best buds to come sip wine and talk art. The former Wilson Theater was brought back to life by FLATS, giving it life once more as a place to celebrate the arts and support the local community to use it as a performance space. Totally fitting as before it was a bank it was a 900-seat vaudeville theater. If all of that was not enough reason to raise a glass, real estate development company Cedar Companies, founded by the charming Jay Michael and partner Alex Samoylovich, celebrated their 10th year anniversary. Artful affair? Yes indeed. >>

FOUND Flats Chicago Studio Party

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT >> Melissa and Mike Salvatore // A DJ plays in the former Wilson Theater space // Guests viewed ‘The American Dream: (W)holy Grail” exhibit // Collette Donegan, Chris Freeman and Anne  Owen // Art Talk // Danielle Samoylovich, Alex Murphy, Kristi Brown and Jay Michael