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PARTY: Argent Opening Celebration
VENUE: Argent | 660 N. State St.
DATE: Tuesday, May 1
THE LURE: If you were driving by The Dana Hotel a few Tuesdays ago, you might have seen quite a site: a flock of media peeps and fashionable fun-seekers who stormed the new restaurant inside the hotel. The new digs which boasts ‘comfort chic’ dining is headed by culinary director Chef Rodelio Aglibot—who has the most contagious smile in town. Guests snacked on Argent’s fresh oysters, porcupine meatballs and crispy spinach salad. But the real treat was Chef Rodelio who, in his bright orange chef uniform, greeted and welcomed each guest whole-heartedly into his new space. Now that’s what we call comfort food! >>

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT >> Vincent Anzalone and Jessica Gruen // Melissa Andres, Chef Rodelio, Lisa Shames and Kiki Luthringshausen // Delicious Bites // G&F Publisher Stacey Roney, Jessica Brining and Meghan Curis // Owners Sean Mulroney and Julie Darling // Christianna Klangides and Sarah Sebastian // The Cast of Chicagolicious