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Nov 30, 2016 >> Behind the Seams at the Joffrey [VIDEO]


This year the JOFFREY BALLET will transport audiences to a magical moment in the city’s history. Their holiday classic, The Nutcracker, will be set at Chicago’s 1893 World’s Fair as seen through the eyes of visionary choreographer Christopher Wheeldon. Although we can’t wait to see new talent emerge on stage, we’re just as excited about the magic that happens behind the scenes. Follow us on an enchanting journey through the Joffrey Ballet costume shop and see what creations await in the wings.

The anticipated production of The Nutcracker features the vision of Costume Designer Julian Crouch. Originally from the UK, Julian is a Brooklyn-based theatre practitioner, artist, and musician, known for his groundbreaking production of Shockheaded Peter, Satyagraha at the Met Opera, and the Tony-nominated set of Hedwig and The Angry Inch. Julian’s costume and set designs are known for larger-than-life props and landscapes. And what really tickles our funny bone: Integration of live animation.



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Nov 30, 2016 >> How to Make: Pisolino Clams Casino [VIDEO]


The holidays are all about feasting and indulging with the ones you love, so we’re giving you an authentically decadent recipe inspired by the Italian-American Christmas tradition of the Feast of the Seven Fishes. We enlisted the help of the husband-wife team behind PISOLINO—our new favorite Italian hideaway in Avondale. Follow along to learn how to craft the most delectable Clams Casino, which is definitely a feast you’ll want to share with friends and family.

Chef James De Marte and event planner Rachel De Marte opened up the doors of their cozy and stylish neighborhood spot nearly a month ago. The small Italian café creates the pizzas and pastas Chef James spent 10 years perfecting in Southern Italy, while Rachel brings her high-profile event planning, styling and catering background to create a magical dining experience. The name Pisolino means nap in Italian, and Rachel even refers to James as the “Nap King” after picking up the habit in Italy.



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Oct 24, 2016 >> Get the Look: Boy George [VIDEO]


As if we needed an excuse to play dress up, we’re welcoming another spooktacular Glossed & Found Halloween edition! And this year we’re making it a throwback to the oh so colorful era of the ‘80s. We enlisted the help of our favorite makeup artist and fellow Halloween-enthusiast SHANNON O’BRIEN, teaching us not what makes a man, but what makes a boy—Boy George that is! Inspired by the brightly beated visage of the English singer, including those idiosyncratic brows and rainbow lids, Shannon takes a step-by-step to create this colorful tribute to the ‘80s legend.

Don’t forget your perfectly placed bowler and about a dozen hair wraps to complete this androgynous look. Oh, and a quick trip to the thrift store will reveal ‘80s patterned shirts aplenty. Just remember that more is more in creating this ‘80s punk pop style!


We asked Shannon to create a beauty arsenal of the super pigmented hues that really embody the Boy George look. These pieces are perfect for recreating this super fun Halloween costume, but can also be used any day of the year. To create a cleaner beauty look think less is more, and create a singular brightly colored focal point for a real statement.


Mother Pat McGrath can do no wrong. I don’t get excited about many product launches, but I bought every piece of this collection. The intense red shade is perfect for this look and gives a nod to the art of makeup. READ MORE >>

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Oct 24, 2016 >> Saved by the Max Malt Recipe [VIDEO]


Saved by the Bell marked the end of ‘80s, and we would be doing our Totally ‘80s Glossed & Found Halloween a disservice without giving a shout out to Bayside High’s favorite hangout spot, The Max. SAVED BY THE MAX diner in Wicker Park is showing us how to whip up an All in the Malt cocktail. This spiked shake may look complicated, but the recipe is definitely more treat than trick. With a little chocolate ice cream and a splash of espresso liqueur, Saved by the Max is taking your Halloween sweets to the next level this year.

Follow along with the video below to make your own All in the Malt. Just garnish the rim of a  glass with chocolate syrup—sprinkled malt-powder on top optional!—then mix together 1.5 oz. almond-infused Jameson Whisky, 0.5 oz. Avion Espresso and 2 scoops chocolate ice cream.



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Oct 24, 2016 >> Get into the Groove! Drag Madonna Makeover [VIDEO]


We’re transforming into the Queen of Pop with one of Chicago’s very own Queens as part of the Totally ‘80s Glossed and Found Halloween special. Miss BEVERLY LATELY invited us into her personal dressing room to take us step by step through a Madonna metamorphosis. Although there are many faces of Madonna over the decades, Beverly is channeling Blonde Ambition Madonna—think classic Marilyn and that iconic Jean Paul Gaultier cone bra.

Beverly Lately’s big drag inspiration comes from the women of Russ Meyer films, most with hyper feminine statures, big busts, cinched waists, curvy hips and that tough edge. So naturally, Beverly has always been drawn to Madonna’s ability to really command a stage with imbued sexuality and bad girl antics. What would the 1980’s been without Madonna’s devotion to redefine what’s expected of women? Beverly gives us tricks and treats to get into the groove this Halloween by giving major Madonna face.

Like a virgin? See Beverly’s expert tips below on how to perfect the look. And add the finishing touches with really expressing yourself in a cone bra—DIY here!—and get those luscious golden curls from Chicago’s favorite wig emporium Arda Wigs.



Create dramatic cheekbones by contouring from the ear to corner of the mouth with a darker shade, and highlighting the top of the cheek bones. For Madonna’s nose, highlight straight down the middle and create pronounced nostrils by contouring half moons around nostrils. Highlight middle of the forehead shadow anything more recessed, like temples. Blend and set with powder.


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Oct 24, 2016 >> Want to make the Iconic Madonna Bra? [VIDEO]


Last minute costume needed? We’re bringing you another episode of our Totally ‘80s Glossed and Found Halloween with an easy DIY dedicated to our one and only Lucky Star. Madonna’s most beloved accessory, without a doubt, is the Jean Paul Gaultier cone bra. We asked designer Nicole Marét of THE ORDER to help us get into the groove recreating Madge’s iconic-shaped lingerie. Pull on some fingerless gloves and dot on that beauty mark as we unveil our inner material girls at Nicole’s studio.

This no-sew project only requires only a handful of items from your local craft store. Make sure to pick up adhesive paper, hot glue and ribbons of your choice—black tooth paint optional. Follow along in the video for a step-by-step in creating Madonna’s cone bra and maybe even learn a move or two.



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Oct 24, 2016 >> #5MinutesWith The Windy City Ghostbusters


For our Totally ‘80s Glossed & Found Halloween special, we found a group of Chicago Ghostbuster enthusiasts who make and wear their own movie-accurate costumes, raise money for local charity groups and ain’t afraid of no ghosts. THE WINDY CITY GHOSTBUSTERS don’t just get suited up for Halloween—with 44 members strong!—the group is part of a global network of Ghostbusters who are doing good and are on call for all of your spectral elimination needs. We caught up with WCGB founder Chris O. Biddle to give us all the spooky deets on Chicago’s very own gang of Ghostbusters.

When Chris started WCGB in 2012 he never imagined how many active Ghostbusters exist around the world. With GBs in Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom, each franchise is unique in how they custom create their gear and go about procuring Ectomobiles. The WCGB almost all have some variation of the accurate uniform—including about 30 proton packs, 2 Ectomobiles and a handful of slime blowers. One member exclusively does nothing but Slimer. There’s a Gatekeeper. A Janine Melnitz. A Gozer. A Keymaster. And even a cute Lady Stay-Puft. And they’re the only franchise with a stilt-walking Statue of Liberty. READ MORE >>

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Oct 24, 2016 >> Who You Gunna Call? Ghostbakers! [VIDEO]


What would Halloween be without the treat? For our Totally ‘80s Glossed & Found Halloween special we’re paying homage to the 1984 classic Ghostbusters with baking extraordinaire Emily Nejad of BON VIVANT CAKES. We’re creating a paranormal-themed cake with all sort of goodies, including green slime ganache and ghostly-looking meringue. With proton packs in tow, Emily gives us some great kitchen tips on baking techniques to elevate our own baking chops—but sometimes you just have to call in the professionals! Watch along as we gear up for some ghostbustin’ bakin’ fun, and we even get a surprise visit from Chicago’s own Parapsychologists.


Emily Nejad is known for her eclectic cake designs—many have that electric ‘80s flair!—and her vibrant approach to creating these custom edibles. Emily explains, when you order a cake from her, she wants to know your hobbies, your passions, and your favorite band so she can blast it in my kitchen while baking for you. Her vivacious attitude makes us want to bake all day with her. Get into to Halloween spirit as Emily dishes on the magic of Fall’s favorite holiday, and even gives us a quick DIY for those googly-eyed chocolate pieces on our Ghostbusters cake.

Your cakes are serious works of art! Where do you get your best cake-spiration from?
My instagram feed is a constant stream of inspiration for me. I follow lots of nail artists, florists, funky jewelry and fashion designers, textile artists (like Kilim rug designers and fiber artists), and of course, a ton of food accounts.  READ MORE >>

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Oct 6, 2016 >> Meet D-Town Darling: Roslyn Karamoko


Roslyn Karamoko is bringing a new mantra to the Motor City: DÉTROIT IS THE NEW BLACK. And she wants you to wear it with pride! Roslyn’s locally-made clothing line Détroit is the New Black (DITNB) is all about capturing facets of the history and the modern renaissance happening within Detroit. After several years as a retail buyer, Roslyn founded her line to bring a localized, high end retail experience to a predominantly commercial retail district—and to more importantly start a conversation. Her brick-and-mortar location puts a spin on a traditional retail environment, featuring a gallery and event space that allows the community to interact with the locale. It’s a cooperative concept that can be seen spreading throughout the city.