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Jun 8, 2017 >> Modern meets the Mix at The Savoy Flea

We visited our favorite vintage studio in Chicago, THE SAVOY FLEA, to take antique granny goods from frump to fabulous. Owner and proprietress MARIANNE DE LEY takes us step-by-step—and sip-by-sip!—through an easy Jackson Pollock-esque painting DIY with an antique frame finish. Just relax, have fun and pour a little glass of something to loosen up and start splattering.

Marianne opened The Savoy Flea in West Town in 2011. Her love for Parisian antiquing and estate sale foraging is oh-so-apparent the moment you step foot into her dreamy, eclectic space. From a tiny brass genie incense burner from Morocco, a modern lucite table, to a pair of huge 1890’s brass wall sconces taken out of a Belle Epoque Theater, the studio’s brimming with goods. Her philosophy is all about buying what you love and putting it where you love so your home reflects you to the core. And no doubt, Marianne’s genuine positivity fills up her space and covers her treasures, too.



And since our summer issue is about spiritual well-being and personal goodness, we asked Marianne what meditative practices prepare her for the junk gods. “I make sure I have my Corno, an Italian horn amulet necklace that protects me from the evil eye because people will knock over a grandma to get to that lucite table,” explains Marianne. “I like to crank my favorite songs in the car on my way there to put me in the mood. Most important after a good haul, I thank the gods of junk and my grandpa Jake in heaven, who used to give me $5 to shop at the thrift store across the street to get me out of his hair.”

And if you’re thinking about incorporating vintage into your home, Marianne suggests tossing an old chair into the mix to instantly add character and style wherever it lands. “If furniture’s too much a commitment hang some old art or place an interesting object on your coffee table or shelf,” says Marianne. We can’t get enough of this treasure queen and vignette savant, so follow along and get inspired by The Savoy Flea as Marianne shows us a way to add a little modern touch to old goods with this splatter paint DIY. All you need is a vintage frame, blank or painted over canvas and paint—and an open mind!   

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Text by Alaina Africano