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Jun 8, 2017 >> Creating your own Spiritual Orb

Energy is sometimes hard to imagine, hard to quantify and even harder to make tangible. But our Summer Issue is all about what you can do for your spiritual wellness to send positive vibes to yourself and the world around you. We met up with YOLY ROJAS of MARGRAUX ARTISAN TERRARIUMS  to create a tiny terrarium (a.k.a your energy orb). Yoly walks us through the process of building a terrarium by adding crystals to help cleanse energy and making a space that fosters creative and emotional growth.

Yoly brings her centered attitude and mindfulness to every little petite plant and succulent she makes a home for. Her adorable terrariums make a perfect companion for your home, while harnessing the healing powers of nature to help bring out your best self. And we love Yoly’s “Believe in Something Weird” philosophy that’s all about keeping an open mind and an open heart.



There’s only so much you can fit into a tiny terrarium, so Yoly recommends placing in crystals that speak to you and your well being. Her favorites? Rose quartz for its calming, gentle and compassionate energy. It’s a stone of love. Citrine is for the creative mind. If you feel stuck, emotionally or mentally, grab a citrine crystal and take it to some natural light and meditate on its warm, yellow glow. And Amethyst is super calming and soothing—perfect for the bedroom to promote tranquility.

Watch our video and get inspired to make your very own little spiritual orb. While Yoly suggests a good amount of charcoal and rocks at the bottom of your pot for proper drainage, the rest is super simple and there’s only one right way to do it—your way!

Follow Yoly at @Mar_Graux for more inspiration and beauty

Text by Alaina Africano