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Jun 8, 2017 >> The Simple Art of Flower Pressing

We went Full Bloom in our Summer Beauty shoot to celebrate the rebirth of the season—you know, since we rarely get Spring in Chicago, it’s all about Summertime Chi. Our beauty shoot included dreamy butterflies and romantic flora galore, and one of our favorite accoutrements were pretty PRESSED FLOWER tattoos. Inspired by this nostalgic summer accessory, we asked CHRISTINE NOELLE of namesake Christine Noelle Design to teach us how to transform precious petals and blooms into a mandala masterpiece that can be framed into forever art.  

We stopped by Christine’s whimsical studio to freshen up our pressed flower skills—an activity that makes us reminiscent of childhood crafting during summer breaks. Christine recommends capturing your story in a Mandala, a geometric pattern representing the metaphysical universe, if you have many blooms to preserve. A Mandala also creates a sort of meditative and mindful practice to this DIY, crafting with good vibes and positive intentions creates an art piece that communicates the same. And don’t worry if you’re not doing it right. It’s all about experimenting, trial and error. But Christine notes: “Some of our fatter blooms left markings of the paper, making the prettiest negative images of themselves. Frame worthy, for sure!”



“Beauty is sometimes fleeting,” explains Christine. “So if you want it to last a little longer, try pressing flowers. Capture the beauty of your garden in bloom or preserve a blossom from an arrangement or a sentimental bouquet that you’ve received. Even if it just sits between the pages until that unsuspecting day that you happen upon it again. It is so sweet, like hidden love notes.”

We love this DIY not only because of the end product, but the process of placing petals captures a mindful moment, memory and story. Christine created one of her pressed creations with a Mandala design taking a rose that was given to her by a loved one, breaking it apart into a spiral design. She also creates the loveliest composition with Purple Hydrangeas, Hybrid Delphinium and Bleeding Hearts. Watch and learn the art of flower pressing with this feel good, summertime DIY courtesy of Christine Noelle Design.   

HOW-TO FLOWER PRESS by Christine Noelle

  • Pick blooms that are at their peak of life and without blemishes. Wet blooms can turn brown while being pressed, so it is best to gather them after the morning dew has dried.
  • Choose paper that will absorb the moisture, like parchment paper or common printer paper.
  • The moisture of the flower will be absorbed into the paper. For fatter blooms change the paper every couple days.
  • Lay the blooms out between two sheets of paper and then place them in between the pages of a heavy book (caution on using your favorite book as the pages may absorb some of the moisture and ripple).
  • For good measure stacks few books on top and set aside for a week to ten days (up to 4 weeks may be needed for thicker blooms).
  • Pressed flowers are more fragile so take care when peeling back the pages and handle with care.

Christine Noelle Design, 106 West Oak Street, 312.475.1500
See more beauty at + follow @ChristineNoelleDesign

Text by Alaina Africano