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Mar 2, 2017 >> Let’s Get Burrito Loco! [VIDEO]

We’re making a case for the all-inclusive resort this G&F Travel Issue. We headed south to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico where we shacked up at the Sandos Caracol Eco Resort for some serious fun in the sun. At Sandos Caracol, they’re all about putting their own spin on things. Cue the Burrito Loco. A redux of a traditional Mexican cocktail named Jarrito Loco, this sweet and tangy drink gets a fun makeover with the literal translation carved into fruit. Follow along with this wacky drink recipe and get a little cheesy with us at this all-inclusive gem.


Did you know the direct translation of burrito in Spanish is little donkey? The Burrito Loco cocktail consists of tequila, mezcal, lime juice, orange juice, grapefruit soda and chamoy placed within a donkey head fruit sculpture. Wacky, weird and fun—yes! And that’s kind of what an all-inclusive is all about. It’s a reminder that sometimes just showing up with an open mind can be the best type of getaway. 

We suited up with Sandos Caracol Beverage Director Jesus Puc to carve a head of a donkey entirely out of fruit!—proving to be the perfect vessel to enjoy the Burrito Loco cocktail. It takes a lot of precision and a little sweat to transform your everyday fruit into a fresh piece of edible art, but we’re all about putting in a little work for a boozy treat. Watch along and get inspired to craft your own fruit sculpture, or simply have a toast and drink with us saluting good times and sunshine.

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Text by Alaina Africano