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Mar 2, 2017 >> Go South of the Border with G&F!

Viva the All-Inclusive! We packed our bags and hopped the proverbial wall to visit our friendly neighbors in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Staking claim at the uber-lush SANDOS CARACOL ECO RESORT, we unpacked our bags, throwing ourselves head-first into fun in the sun. Speaking for the jet-set, ‘grammin’ travelers out there, many people feel trapped at the all-inclusive resorts, but Sandos Caracol is a getaway into the local culture of Playa and beyond.

From eco-minded grounds home to wild and rescue animals to countless activities, Sandos’ offers a little something off-the-beaten path for everyone. Oh, and super fun, too! And that’s kind of what an all-inclusive is all about. It’s a reminder that sometimes just showing up with a try-anything attitude can be the most rewarding getaway. See the full story here.