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Oct 24, 2016 >> Saved by the Max Malt Recipe [VIDEO]


Saved by the Bell marked the end of ‘80s, and we would be doing our Totally ‘80s Glossed & Found Halloween a disservice without giving a shout out to Bayside High’s favorite hangout spot, The Max. SAVED BY THE MAX diner in Wicker Park is showing us how to whip up an All in the Malt cocktail. This spiked shake may look complicated, but the recipe is definitely more treat than trick. With a little chocolate ice cream and a splash of espresso liqueur, Saved by the Max is taking your Halloween sweets to the next level this year.

Follow along with the video below to make your own All in the Malt. Just garnish the rim of a  glass with chocolate syrup—sprinkled malt-powder on top optional!—then mix together 1.5 oz. almond-infused Jameson Whisky, 0.5 oz. Avion Espresso and 2 scoops chocolate ice cream.


And just in time for Halloween, die hard Saved by the Bell fans have the chance to explore another part of the Bayside universe. Don’t tell Zack’s mom, but The Attic is opening for one night only on Friday, October 28. The underage gang crashed the infamous nightclub in season three, and now you can join the gang as they venture off campus to 1575 N. Milwaukee Avenue in the heart of Wicker Park for a very special Halloween party.

The Attic will showcase a brand new Bayside-inspired cocktail menu, Bayside Halloween photo booths, individual and group costume contests, the best hits of the 80’s and 90’s, special guest  and maybe even a few surprises—all before curfew! And if you catch Jeff on the dance floor with another girl, please don’t keep it from Kelly.

Saved by the Max, 1941 W North Ave + 773.687.9824. Visit to learn more. Want more G&F Halloween? See all our Totally 80’s Halloween fun here.