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Oct 6, 2016 >> Meet D-Town Darling: Roslyn Karamoko


Roslyn Karamoko is bringing a new mantra to the Motor City: DÉTROIT IS THE NEW BLACK. And she wants you to wear it with pride! Roslyn’s locally-made clothing line Détroit is the New Black (DITNB) is all about capturing facets of the history and the modern renaissance happening within Detroit. After several years as a retail buyer, Roslyn founded her line to bring a localized, high end retail experience to a predominantly commercial retail district—and to more importantly start a conversation. Her brick-and-mortar location puts a spin on a traditional retail environment, featuring a gallery and event space that allows the community to interact with the locale. It’s a cooperative concept that can be seen spreading throughout the city.


Her logo takes center stage across classic streetwear silhouettes, proclaiming the mantra. Roslyn’s other pieces have a minimalist but luxury athletic aesthetic. Together, the garments begin to assemble an urban uniform that perfectly captures the spirit of Detroit. The style feels right for a city so heavily rooted in community and identity. For Roslyn, DITNB almost serves as a reminder that it’s all going to be alright. That no matter what happens, Detroit will always be a city where unique voices and resilient minds are celebrated. And for Roslyn, she’s challenged herself to change the fabric of the city. Quite literally.

Détroit Is The New Black, 1426 Woodward Avenue, Detroit + 313.355.2201

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