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Sep 8, 2016 >> Back to the Future with Angie Banicki [VIDEO]


If you would have asked a young ANGIE BANICKI if she would grow up to be a celebrity tarot card reader, she just might have said yes. After all, it takes a certain level of psychic ability to master the art of the tarot. Master it she did—and then some! And quite by accident, too. A natural born explorer, Angie traversed the globe in search of adventure. When her travel check-list was nearly checked, she turned inward on a more spiritual journey to center herself and find her next path. After casually reading cards for friends and family and leading each to a level of discovery and knowledge unbeknownst to them, Angie found a serious calling.

And now, Angie finds herself reading cards for a very impressive clientele. From Nintendo to Usher and Budweiser to Gwyneth—yes, that Gwyneth—Angie offers the A-list a unique life map guided by her trusted tarot and a seriously tuned-in music set. With a shuffling playlist of 1,600 songs, she asks the powers that be to offer up guidance and direction by way songs. Between her cards and a divinely led Spotify, Angie delivers a whole bunch of information that is totally out of this world. Add her readings to a new practice of mixing yoga and tarot and Angie’s holistic approach to incorporating the cards in your life is awe-inspiring.


We sit down with this star child to learn a little more about harnessing the tarot’s power and what exactly you can do to begin to unlock the secrets of the future and the paths that will take you there. While she gave us a thorough reading off camera—We’ve got some fun things in store in the future, people!—she also gave us a quick tutorial on how to begin to access the tarot’s power. Her biggest piece of advice: don’t be afraid! Grab a deck, pull cards and be open to the possibilities of where they’ll take you. If it’s anything similar to the clientele she serves, you’re in for a star-studded future.

Learn more about Angie, including her upcoming Yoga + Tarot events, by visiting