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Aug 23, 2016 >> Wansas Tequila Serves Up Fall

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With summer in full swing and fall nipping closely at our heels, we’re gearing up for a change in our daily regimen. Namely: Happy Hour. After cutting our teeth on al fresco sips all summer long, we’ve found a few favorite things to carry over into the next season. Meet WANSAS TEQUILA. The award winning, hand-crafted tequila is a spirit lovers dream: smooth finish, distinct personality and beautifully designed bottles. Is there more that you could ask for?

We recently asked Wansas to come set up shop at our #DesignerLaunchEvent with Mario Tricoci. The result? A packed bar, naturally! If you weren’t able to come sip with us, we employed Wansas resident mixologist Alex Gonzalez to wax poetic and whip up a few cocktails worth sharing for the coming of fall.

“The fall season captivates all of the senses and inspires people to explore new combinations and flavors including fall staples such as sweet, salty, savory, herbal and spicy,” says Alex.

The master mixologist shares two fall faves that we can’t wait to try. While Alex urges that the Pomegranate Margarita pairs well with a daytime fall BBQ and A Pear in Thyme is better suited for pre-dinner, he also notes that these cocktails are good anytime, anywhere. We like the way he thinks.

A Pear in Thyme
2 oz. Tequila (Reposado)
1 oz. Lime Juice
1 oz. Simple Syrup

Muddle a slice of pear with 2 small branches of thyme. 
Add ingredients + shake with ice.
Garnish with Pear and Thyme sprig.

Pomegranate Margarita
2 oz. Tequila (Silver)
1 oz. Pomegranate Juice
1 oz. Lime Juice
1 oz. Ancho Syrup

Add ingredients + shake with ice.
Garnish with Salt Rim + Lime Wheel

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